8 Ways To Optimise Your Brand Logo For Better Marketing

8 Ways To Optimise Your Brand Logo For Better Marketing

Branding is crucial to any business today, and you can’t just rely on great products and feedback. 

With the digital age, there is a specific branding strategy needed to rake up the business. 

In 2020, one thing is sure; what you see, you will buy! In the business world, visibility is all that counts.

A brand is a personality. It defines a relationship between the product with its customers. A brand logo is a symbol of vision that any business wants its consumers to believe in. 

Branding on different channels is also quite essential to your branding plans. 

On average, revenue increase attributed to the constant representation of the brand across all channels or platforms is 23%

If you think like a marketer’s perspective, branding across all the platform becomes relatively easy with a logo design

As it induces consistency across all the platforms, conforming to the mindset of consumers.

So, how would you design a logo that can help you market better?

Let us discover some essential factors that will determine the logo design along with the steps to make it more marketable. 

1 – Identity and the Vision

Brand Logo Identity Vision

A brand’s identity is everything; the logo of a brand brings that identity and vision to be realised by the consumers. 

The symbol of your logo should be in that zone, where it clearly defines the concept of your business. 

The identity of the logo should be specific and enhanced to the uniqueness of your business.

Let us take an example to understand the importance of the logo’s identity and vision for brand marketing

Think of the biggest technology brand ever that is “Apple,” yes! They put an apple there in the logo! But, how they came up with this logo design is an exciting affair!

Apple started with a logo where Sir Isaac Newton was sitting beneath a tree with an apple falling on the head. 

Apple Logo Redesign

But, then this elaborate symbol was not that sleeky technical progressiveness that Apple intended to conceptualise with the customers. 

So, they came up with a logo design that was more sleekier than an apple on the head – yes, an apple with a missing bite!

The logo had seen much colouring and re-colouring over the years. Still, the essential identity of the logo remained the same, and yet it became the most influential design of the brand logo, ever seen in the market.

2 – The WordArt

Coca Cola First Registered Logo

Your company’s name is your real identity. It symbolises who you are and what you stand for. 

The word art or wordmark keeps the name recognisable for consumers and stakeholders. The wordmark also affirms the registered name by which business is handled.

A soft drink brand that has been there before many of us were even born has the best wordmark. Coca-Cola, with its famous wordmark, has been engraved on the minds of consumers and will never be eroded off. 

Designed or instead penned down by Frank Robinson, the company’s first bookkeeper, the Coca-cola wordmark is written in the popular Spencerian script.

Your custom word-art or wordmark can be your ultimate design without much of a flash, as it is the name of your organisation with an artistic enthusiasm to provide the real concept of value and vision.

3 – Colour

Dropbox Logo Colours

One of the most influential factors in a logo design for any brand is colour. We saw it with Apple when Steve Jobs tried a colourful striped logo with the vision to show the bright and fun side of personal computers. 

But, many firms refrain from multiple colouring patterns and stick to one colour, and of that, black seems to be the most basic and widely used colour for at least the initial logo designs.

Then it comes to blue- the most favoured colour in marketing, with 33% of companies around the world using blue in their logo.

Blue remains to be among the top colours to be used in logo design. Take an example of the two social media giants Facebook and Twitter, and both have their logos with the blue tones.

It is simple to understand that your logo colour can be the thing that clings to customer’s minds. 

For this matter, blue is famous due to its overall feel of coolness. Another essential colour is green, as it is scientifically proven that green shades can reduce eye strain.

4 – Design

Google G Logo Design

The design of the logo should be kept minimalistic and yet according to the strategy of your marketing. 

If you think of marketing your brand’s logo on multiple facets and as product labels, you need to have a minimalistic approach and colour that suits all aspects.

Popularly known as brand merchandising, this marketing paradigm makes your logo to be designed in a one size fits all design to capitalise on different platforms. 

Whether your brand logo is on a coffee mug or an airline jet, it should be the best and consistent across all platforms.

5 – Creative Eye

Hidden Messages In Logos

It is imperative to look towards your brand’s logo with a creative eye. It will provide it with the much-needed uniqueness in your design that will make your logo stand apart. 

If you can take up the simplest of design shapes and make them unique. There are some essential points to be considered while you get creative:

  • Be consistent in your design, whatever design that might be.
  • Keep the design flexible for variations and colour schemes for a range of products.
  • Know your audience before the conceptual framework.
  • Keep a hold on the company’s vision.
  • If there is an existing business process, keep the colour scheme accordingly.

Once you create a design with a creative eye, it will be the unique and best representative of your brands’ vision.

6 – Social Inspiration

Snapchat Social Media

Social Media marketing has been useful for a while now. There is no denying its effectiveness in marketing a brand. 

With 90% of marketers believing in increased traffic and leads due to Social Media marketing, this is a statistic that can be of help in the brand logo design too.

Know the social circle and social buzz on the brand to gauge the audience’s liking. 

You can also gather data regarding the taste of the consumers through the DIY type of design. You can allow your consumers to design a logo for your company

It will help you gather data on the most common perception of your brand among Social media users.

Data gathered through such campaigns can help you with a design that will enhance the Social Media presence of your brand.

7 – Advertising the Brand

Logo Brand Advertising

Today, brands use their logo for advertising across several platforms. Sports jerseys, sponsor logos, and event sponsorship like activities keep the logo of brand visible among consumers. 

These advertising activities are effective in branding campaigns. Thus, your brand logo should be visually appealing to become the centre of attraction among others joining the advertising campaigns.

Another essential part is the minimalistic approach. 

As we discussed a little on the subject earlier when you are thinking of using your brand’s logo as a face of an app built by a mobile app development company or as an icon on the website, it is essential to keep it minimalistic.

Paypal Rebranding

There is no doubt to the fact that many companies tend to keep a logo forever and unchanged to keep the identity of the brand intact. 

But, as time changes, so, is the tastes of consumers. You need to revamp your logo each time the taste of your consumers change to keep up with the trends and keep your consumers engaged.

It is popularly known as rebranding. Where a company would adopt a new name, symbol, or change in design for an already-established brand to achieve better engagement. There are two basic types of rebranding:

Proactive Rebranding:

Proactive rebranding is a process in which a company recognises an opportunity for growth, innovation, or to tap into new businesses or customers and to reconnect with its users by revamping the logo of the brand.

Reactive Rebranding:

Reactive rebranding is a situation when the existing brand has been discontinued or changed. There can be several reasons for such action as mergers, legal issues, negative publicity such as fraud, aiming to beat the competition or create your niche, and many more.

Both these rebranding techniques involve revamping the existing logo of the brand into something more exciting and unique. 

It also allows organisations to induce new life into their idle marketing campaigns. 

The rebranding also needs you to have sound knowledge of market trends and consumer tastes.


If you are up to branding or you want your campaigns to rebrand your products, the logo can change the course of your business. 

Creativity may not be a revenue generator in normal circumstances. But, when it comes to logo design, it certainly makes inroads for several brands and businesses.

So, start designing your logo that represents its brand in the best unique way and achieve greater visibility for your brand.

Author Bio: Manoj Rupareliya is the Online Marketing Expert and Blogger. He is an experienced writer with expertise in the field of technology, blockchain, crypto, AI, Digital Marketing and SEO. All the blogs he writes are aimed at providing credible help and insights for readers who want to stay updated all the time.

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