New Business Cards From Moo

New Business Cards From Moo

Some new business cards arrived today, ordered from exactly a week ago. I went for the “Moo Green” cards, which are 352gsm thick paper, 100% recycled and non-reflective. The thickness is obviously important as you don’t want something flimsy and generally 350-400 is about right for business cards. The last business cards I had were a matte laminate and mildly reflective which I thought looked a little cheap, possibly due to the colours appearing dull and flat. Also, being 100% key black, the edges where it was trimmed ended up white which made them look very DIY.

With my new ones, I was going for the ‘less is more’ approach and I think they turned out nicely. The type and lines are very crisp (all vector) and the black is fairly deep in tone (C70 / M50 / Y30 / K100). These were ordered as a ‘test’ pack – I only went for 50 which came to £16.81 in total inc. postage – but I will definitely be ordering from Moo again in the future.


New Business Cards from Moo


As for my details on the back, I decided to omit my phone number. This would have been thought of as ridiculous even a couple of years ago, but I call it ‘forward thinking’. I rarely use my phone for business so why bother including it on a business card. I can if necessary write it on if someone I meet in person asks – another advantage of the matte paper. Graham Smith’s ‘minimal logo cards’ are a similar take on this, albeit specifically for writing on. My twitter handle @stuartlcrawford is there which is going to be just as rapid thanks to push messages on the iPhone. The job title of “designer / illustrator” seems appropriate as it’s all-encompassing, so it shouldn’t put anyone off.

If you are intending to sign up you can get 10% off your purchase via this link:

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I have no affiliation with this company, but I would recommend at least checking them out if you are looking to get any new business cards, postcards or stickers printed.


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Update 2015: New Business Cards from Moo


Updated my new business cards for 2015, mainly since I’d run out. My focus on the minimal is retained, with the reverse stating only name and job title, email, web and Twitter/Skype handle. The Luxe cards from Moo are still solid quality, this time I went for the black striped sides instead of the white, which I feel add interest.


New Business Cards from Moo

Moo Business Cards Inkbot Design



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  • Joshua Turner says:

    Love your work!! Keep it up

  • Christopher R Wills says:

    They look very smart indeed and the brand has an excellent reputation

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