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Top 10 Most Iconic Motorcycle Logos of All Time

Top 10 Most Iconic Motorcycle Logos of All Time

You understand what people say – a picture is worth one thousand words. However, do you know what a great logo is? It's a whole novel compressed into one incredible symbol.

Moreover, those little emblems are more than branding in the context of motorcycles. They are also storytellers, legacy carriers and icons woven into the fabric of riding culture. From famous brands to boutique names, each holds meaning, history, and a lot of gasoline charm.

Therefore, take a break from driving down highways or cruising back roads for once. Instead, stop somewhere safe with this cold drink in your hand while we head out on an epic journey through some of the most memorable motorcycle logos ever designed over these past years. This is intended as your official rider's guidebook to top-of-the-line two-wheeled icons today!

Harley-Davidson – The Icon That Started It All

Harley Davidson Logo Design

Ah, the Bar & Shield is a classic. Simple, refreshing and satisfying, like a cold beer after a long ride.

It was born in 1910 (yeah, this one's an antique!), making it among the oldest logos in the bike biz — and one of the few to have survived over a century's worth of ups and downs for its Milwaukee makers. 

That bar is the untamed road ahead; that shield protects you from wind, rain, and whatever gets in your way. It's grit plus defence — the true spirit of a Hog.

The best logos let you fill in the blanks yourself, and Bar & Shield has spun enough campfire tales to make any rider starve-eyed with dreams of freedom, rebellion and hitting that open road. It's simple storytelling at its finest.

The Origins: A Study In Cool Understatement

Like many of history's greatest hits, our logo wasn't born out of overthinking — just necessity and understatement. In the early 1900s, Walter Davidson (one of our OG Harley heads) was thinking up easy ways to mark the parts of their bikes.

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He came up with this soon-to-be iconic image: drew it with pen and ink … then chrome-plated history. Talking about the right place and amount of caffeine meets the Coca-Cola logo-level emblem for motorcycles.

Why It Works: Resonating With The Masses

Let's be honest: We're not selling toaster ovens here. These bikes are all about freedom, power and carefree coolness that every rider wants — nay needs — more of.

And another cool thing? Not trying so hard.

That Bar & Shield doesn't need flames, skulls, or naked cherubs straddling V-twin engines (though some guys get wild). No — it's like that strong, silent type who doesn't need to shout from the rooftops to be respected.

Its clean lines and no-fuss vibes hit you right in the gut. You get it without thinking about it too much — which is the hallmark of any tremendous minimalist art or branding worth its weight.

You know exactly what's in store when you see that Bar & Shield gleaming on some big, burly machine. It's a universal rough rider stamp of approval, and we can't help but tip our biker helmets to that kind of bad@$$ery.

Triumph – Majestically Old-School British Cool

Triumph Motorcycle Logo Design

We've all dreamed of being a dashing British lad or lass at some point. Swirling that snifter of scotch while donning our finest tweed riding jackets as we gaze wistfully out at the misty English countryside. With Triumph's legendary crest logo, you can inject a bit of old-world motorcycling majesty into your modern rides!

This iconic emblem harkens back to the brand's origins in 1885, with that classic winged crest design that oozes British heraldic vibes. Each carefully illustrated element, from the twin detailing to that Union Jack shield, bursts with nostalgic panache and British pride.

While sleek and minimalist modern logos are all the rage, Triumph's finely etched badge is just so charming. It transforms even their wildest new models, like the Rocket III muscle cruiser or Speed Triple streetfighter, into bastions of old-school cool.

Just picture that regal winged logo adorning the gas tank of your gleaming Triumph modern classic as you tour through the Cotswolds. It's a sublime badge worthy of a Shakespearean soliloquy! Rule Britannia and all that, old chap.

BMW – Putting the Spin on Innovation

New Bmw Logo Design

Timeless, striking, and, honestly, just downright fun to stare at and dissect, the BMW Roundel stands out as much for its mesmerising design as for the reputation of the machines it represents.

While many Moto logos hit you over the head with their toughness or performance pedigree, the roundel draws you in with its elegance, almost inviting you to come a little closer and get hypnotised by those curvaceous Bavarian swirls.

Reading the Roundel: Cracking the Code

Of all the Moto logos, this one's got to rank among the most deliciously cryptic and detail-rich, packed with enough subtle symbolism to make any world-class graphic designer weak at the knees.

Those contrasting blue and white panels in the middle? They pay homage to Bavaria's official colours and the brand's proud origins. Is that funky pattern ringing the edge? It's all about aerial movement – a tiny hat-tip to BMW's early forays into aeroplane engines before their two-wheeled takeover.

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And we must remember the actual letters themselves. While B stands for “Bayern” (aka Bavaria) and M for “Motoren” (not to be confused with “Mmmm, doughnuts”), that teasing little slash between them can be interpreted in two ways:

First, it acts as a visual division separating the two abbreviations. However, for design wonks, it's also a nod to the tolerance or variation allowed during the manufacturing process. Could those sly Germans have crafted a more perfect metaphor for “precision engineering?” I think not.

The Power of Curves and Eternal Cool

For all its intricate details, the true power of this roundel lies in its dynamically curved canvas. Unlike hard angles and linear shapes, those soft ellipses and flowing forms practically beget a sense of momentum and smooth movement – precisely what you'd want from a brand rooted in finely tuned performance and luxury machines built to devour the blacktop.

Seriously, can you imagine this logo any other way? Those curves give it an eternal coolness and elegance that slick modern wordmarks or over-designed symbols could never capture.

After nearly a century, BMW's perfectly imperfect emblem remains the roundest, most mesmerising logo in the motorcycle realm. It walks that razor-thin line of prestige, heritage, and subtle rebel spirit like no other crest or wordmark can.

While the bar & shield and Triumph's bullseye revive our engines, the roundel channels pure velocity and sophistication into one hypnotic package. Talk about a logo that lives up to the “Ultimate Driving Machine” philosophy in the most fittingly modern yet timelessly classy way possible.

Suzuki – Infinite Road Possibilities

Suzuki Logo Design

Sleek, simple, and born ready to shred the racetrack or gnarliest of off-road trails, Suzuki's signature “S” mark is a masterclass in transforming a single letter into a dynamic icon seared into every gearhead's brainwaves.

With its sharp angles emulating forward thrust, that signature slashed “S” cuts like an ornery little switchblade of a logo, injecting some seriously spicy Japanese flavour into the drab logo landscape. Crouched and ready to pounce like a hungry tiger, this emblem was built for speed and killer instincts from Day 1.

And that stunning red sun-kissed backdrop? It's more than just a striking colour scheme – a direct link to the automaker's Land of the Rising Sun heritage and reverence for their culture's ancient emblem for discipline, vigour, and excellence. With one glance, this logo promises the precision of a samurai sword and the hot-blooded vitality of a coiled snake ready to strike at a moment's notice.

It may be minimal on the surface, but Suzuki's mark is brimming with dynamic energy and symbolism ripped straight from the legends. Tread carefully, rider – this logo's got some bite behind that bark!

Honda – Born on the Wings of Dreams

Honda Motorcycle Logos

Widely considered one of the all-time great emblems for bikes and beyond, Honda's iconic wing badge has been the mark burned into millions of dashboards, tanks, and hearts of dedicated fans across decades of defying convention and dreaming more significant than any fledgling company had a right to.

At first glance, it's one of the simplest yet boldest logos in the moto game – a clean letter “H” encircled by a trim wing crest, commanding attention like an emperor in its squared lines and jet-black gravitas. But dig deeper into that wing's tale, and you'll find a rich backstory of ambition, imagination, and straight-up barnstorming badassery that makes this mark utterly unforgettable.

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Like many of history's proudest logos, the wing was born of a classic underdog tale. When Soichiro Honda was first getting his tiny operation off the ground in the late 1940s, he was willing to slap his company's name on anything to make a buck – motorised bicycles, portable generators, you name it. But once his little band of misfits started dreaming up their first actual motorcycle prototypes, he needed a brand identity to match their limitless aspirations.

And where did he find that inspiration? By gazing skywards at the majestic freedom of winged creatures, of course. The rest was history as Honda's wings took glorious flight on the backs of millions of satisfied customers all across the globe.

Seamlessly blending the kanji character for “win” and the upward soar of eagles and falcons, that wing mark became an unforgettable promise of elevation, empowerment, and the pure euphoria of unbridled adventure waiting around every curve in the road.

To this day, few logos conjure such a palpable sense of release and possibility in the hearts of riders worldwide. At a glance, it's bold yet calming, substantial yet ethereal, the perfect spirit of hitting those unlimited skies while staying grounded in Honda's longstanding quest for quality and progress.

MV Agusta – Pushing the Otherworldly Visuals

Mv Agusta Logo Design

You can't discuss modern motorcycle insignias without giving props to the vibrant, cosmic battle crest of Italy's MV Agusta. With its blazing streak and twin pterodactyl wings locked in glorious aerial combat, this avant-garde emblem looks like it was ripped straight out of the mind of a Renaissance artist tripping on old-world absinthe and dreams of fighter jets.

Born from the ashes of the legendary Agusta aviation company and the eclectic vision of young Count Domenico Agusta, MV's logo is the jet-fueled passion project of an artist who lived, ate, and breathed the world of flight and speed.

With its vivid red hues evoking pure adrenaline and those striking hawk-like wings suggesting grace and ferocity all at once, this emblem is a work of modern avant-garde branding at its finest. Every curve and slash speaks to the beautifully excessive performance and eye-catching Italian flair packed into MV's legendary race bikes.

While some old-school enthusiasts might baulk at this crest's bold, almost aggressive audacity, you can't deny its sheer power to turn heads and burn itself into your retinas as few logos can. Much like the Count's fearless designs that forever changed the superbike game, the MV badge goes big and swings for the fences.

And really, would you want it any other way?

Ducati – Scrapping Its Way to Glory

Ducati Logo Design

Speaking of Italian thunder, we'd be remiss not to show some more to Ducati's devilishly cool “Monster” emblem. On two wheels or not, something about that snarling red beast brings out everyone's inner Diablo.

Like all great logos, this one perfectly encapsulates the brand's ethos in one powerful, imposing image. Those clenched teeth and flared nostrils immediately tell you this is one spirited machine not to be trifled with. The brilliant red colourway hints at the untamed power simmering below the surface.

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Then you've got those sharp, almost spiny accents radiating outwards, giving the distinct impression of volcanic intensity and pure fury on the verge of erupting. Old-school heraldry meets new-school aggression – ferocity has never looked so refined and purposeful.

Of course, we can't ignore those menacing eyes boring right through you, either. One look at that penetrating glare, and you know this iron stallion won't be easily tamed or saddled by convention. Its logo stakes an unapologetic claim on dominance, passion, and pursuing perfection through aggression – quintessential Ducati to the core.

For many, the Monster will always be the gold standard for how much raw personality and attitude can howl from one compact badge. Fittingly, it's branded the searing soul of some of history's most lusted-after sport bikes.

Indian Motorcycle – Channeling Native Pride

Indian Motorcycle Logos

All right, enough Euro flair for now – time to show some big ol' Yankee Doodle love with one of America's proudest, most patriotically prestigious motorcycle logos: the iconic Indian Motorcycle crest.

With its stoic Native American chief gazing off in quiet determination, arms folded across his chest in serene defiance, it's one of the most instantly identifiable emblems in the moto-sphere and beyond. Whether inked onto brawny tanks in brilliant shades of red or gold or gleaming on the flanks of some massive highway cruiser, that proud chief cuts a figure that demands, nay commands, your respect and attention.

And really, how can it not? The evocative imagery of a dignified warrior on the verge of battle draws you into Indian's long, tumultuous history of passion, grit, and resurrection from the ashes. It's a poignant, profoundly American reminder that behind every rumbling V-twin engine is a legacy of perseverance against all odds.

Dive deeper into the crest's hidden symbolism, and you'll discover even more layers of meaning. From the peerless headdress suggesting Indian's claim as “chief among motorcycles” to the deep thundercloud palette foreshadowing the storm those big bikes are capable of unleashing, it's pure Americana distilled into one stunningly powerful work of graphic art that sells both the sizzle and the steak.

Plus, let's give credit where credit's due – Indian's branding team has outstanding taste in typefaces to round out that warrior figure. The no-nonsense slab serif font radiates strength, stability, and an inherent toughness, perfectly complementing their bikes' reputations as royally brawny yet highly refined road titans.

Love it or hate it, this logo will forever reign as a true chief of crests in the riding world – the embodiment of patriotic passion, legacy craftsmanship, and the unstoppable American spirit in two-wheeled form.

Aprilia: Italian Pizzazz in Three Ways

Aprilia Motorcycles Logo Design

When you look at the logo of this famous mark, it may seem very simple, but it is a big mistake to consider it as such. This badge represents a classic example of minimalism and carries a deep meaning that reflects the company's core value system.

Three rhombuses leaning against each other stand for three things dear to Aprilia – Design, Technology, and Racing Spirit. The design is eye-catching because it shows their commitment to breaking limits by creating visually appealing, powerful machines.

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The most outstanding thing about the Aprilia emblem is its red colour. It's not just red; it's a alive red full of passion, energy and that Italian touch we know too well. Like their bikes, this mark demands attention and, once seen, is always remembered.

Two-wheeled la Dolce Vita

In terms of age or size, there might be others who have been around longer or have more significant numbers than them, but what these guys lack in years is that they make up for with heart and soul expressed through craftsmanship that turns every bike into a masterpiece. So, if carving through canyons or cruising down the main street, remember those three diamonds mean you're living life on two wheels la dolce vita.

Kawasaki – Roaring Anime Robot Style

Kawasaki Logo Design K

For all you anime fans and robot geeks out there, you will go gaga over Kawasaki's in-your-face, almost Gundam-esque logo. This emblem is the two-wheeled equivalent of an epic mecha fight scene!

The crisscross design looks ripped straight from a Japanese anime's futuristic cityscape. Those sharp angles and pointed edges give the distinct impression of a robotic warrior ready to spit in blasters and missiles immediately.

You'll notice that the sharply defined “K” seemingly explodes outward with power and energy. It makes you want to shout, “Kishidan kikannu baka!” while doing a dramatic hair flip, am I right?

Slap that logo on the plastics of a radical Ninja sportbike or insane Z1000 super naked, and you've got a rolling neon genesis of pure badassery. With that much attitude and anime flair, the Kawasaki logo might be the most uniquely styled of the Japanese Big Four. It's like a green Franken-mech of fury!

The Art of a Great Moto Emblem

How To Start A Brand Harley Davidson

Whew, what a wild ride! From the old classics to the new kids on the tank, there's no shortage of iconic motorcycle logos inspiring lust, reverence, and envious stares on the roads and highways worldwide.

But what is it that makes these symbols so unique? Why do certain logos seem to burn themselves into our psyches while others sputter like a misfiring tailpipe?

In my humble opinion, as both a lifelong rider and design geek, it all boils down to three essential ingredients:

Telling a Powerful Story

Behind every unforgettable logo, a captivating origin tale and more profound meaning are embedded into those lines, shapes, and colours that immediately intrigue the viewer. Whether it's Triumph's heritage as a British motoring icon or Indian's nod to American perseverance and the mighty spirit of the First Nations, the most covetable badges are the ones that spin an entire mythology with just one glance.

At their core, all great moto crests are master storytellers, inviting you to jump down the proverbial rabbit hole into the brand's world and philosophies. The Harley bar and shield alone recalls many tales of open roads, brotherhood, and hard-won freedom under the sun. Logos like those plant irresistible seeds of wanderlust, rebellion, and curiosity every single time – the hallmark of any compelling graphic.

Emotional Resonance for Enthusiasts and Newcomers Alike

Of course, spinning a good yarn is one thing. But the most legendary logos, the true heavy hitters that make millions of riders nerd out for posters, stickers, and fully-sleeved tattoos? They're the ones that stir up a deep, unshakeable sense of emotional resonance and feeling in your core.

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Whether it's the heart-pounding rise you get from Suzuki's fierce racetrack predator or the tranquil yet empowering zen channelled by Honda's wings, these marks forge an undeniable human connection beyond looks alone. One glimpse at MV Agusta's furious pterodactyl warriors in flight, and even the most casual observer has to feel a tiny shot of nitrous-fueled adrenaline just from those visual fireworks.

These elite logos operate on the same level as great mascots and animated icons – they have a living, breathing personality that lets your imagination run wild. Combined with the motorcycles' innate mechanical beauty and power, these insignias become intrinsic extensions of the rider's psyche and thrill-seeking spirit, the ultimate hook that builds diehards for life.

Fearless Creativity and Pushing Boundaries

Last but certainly not least, the most respected motorcycle logos are the ones that take risks and buck trends with their bold, even brazen designs. So much of riding culture is rooted in nonconformity, rejecting the bland and embracing a bold, individualistic attitude.

Naturally, the most memorable emblems have to channel those same renegade vibes and push the graphic boundaries of what we've come to expect. Just look at how Ducati's snarling red monster stands out so ferociously in the arena or Indian's upright Chief cuts such a confident, assertive figure in the brand's imagery.

Meanwhile, unconventional left-field mashups like MV Agusta's winged warhorse emblem or BMW's spinning roundel completely redefine what a bike badge can and should be. That unapologetic fearlessness to colour outside the lines and ignore all the corporate rules ultimately makes those cult-favourite logos irresistibly cool.

But surprise and boundary-pushing have always been the spark that keeps the moto world exciting and evolving. Without the courage to take big stylistic swings and blur the lines of what's expected, we'd still be stuck with boring text-based wordmarks or staid family crests.


Instead, the most respected and revered motorcycle logos are the ones that ooze an infectious sense of energy, imagination, and devil-may-care attitude – the same audacious spirit we all crave when hitting the throttle and tearing up the tarmac.

So, as cliche as it may sound, the most transcendent motorcycle insignias are indeed labours of love – ones penned by artists, designers, and brand stewards who eat, sleep, and breathe the pure rush of riding itself. You can feel that lifeblood passion pulsing through every lavish detail and stylistic flourish.

Whether it's the handcrafted character of Harley's original 1910 pen and ink or the untamed ferocity of Ducati's raging beast, the magic is in how these marks transport you right into the developer's moto-mad psyche. And let's be honest – that's the closest any of us can get to immortalising our pursuit of speed, freedom, and the road's siren song on the grandest of stages.

The Mystique and Magnetism of Two-Wheeled Branding

Harley Davidson Website Design

When you peel back the layers, the most legendary motorcycle badges share one thing: they effortlessly capture the primal, intoxicating romance of riding itself in one condensed, high-octane emblem.

From the very first time, our youthful eyes gazed upon those hypnotic Harley bars or BMW's whirlpool of flawless curves, a lifelong obsession was born – an unshakeable pursuit of that indescribable feeling of power, independence, and unrestrained joy that only a throttle can provide.

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The most outstanding motorcycle logos don't just represent brands or products – they give vividly inked life to every velvet-wrapped daydream of twisting that grip to the stop and disappearing over the horizon into a realm of beauty and freedom. They constantly remind us to reject the bland and expected, to rage gloriously against the soulless machine of conformity until our dying days.

Most of all, though, these elite insignias symbolise more than just a means of transportation. They represent a way of life, one soaked in gasoline fumes and rooted in the endless pursuit of getting as close to the heavens as humanly possible on two wheels. So whether you're gazing lovestruck at that Triumph bullseye or hypnotised by Suzuki's venomous “S”, always remember:

Those logos aren't just branding exercises or fancy trademarks. They're banners waving you forward to the purest, most adrenaline-soaked adventures. They're bold testaments to lives lived wide-open and full of velocity verve.

They're eternal promises that as long as you've got a rumbling engine kicking, the roads to glory and tranquillity are still yours for the taking. See you out there, riders – and revel in the mystique.

Motorcycle Logos FAQs

What is the oldest logo still in use for a motorcycle brand?

Harley Davidson's Bar & Shield emblem, created in 1910, is considered the longest-living and continuously used logo in any motorcycling company worldwide.

Which logos are the most valuable or expensive to lease?

Although their monetary values remain guarded secrets, it is believed that Harley-Davidson, BMW Motorrad, and Honda have some of the most highly-priced licensed brands and trademarks around.

How many colours are in the Indian Motorcycle logo?

The current Indian Motorcycle logo has three colours – red, gold (or yellow), and black.

What does the BMW roundel symbolise?

The blue and white panels on BMW's roundel represent the Bavarian flag colours where it was established; outer quadrants resemble an aeroplane propeller blade as a nod towards the aviation beginnings of this brand.

What hidden meaning does Triumph's logo hold?

The Triumph emblem consists of a stylised bullseye divided into three sections, subtly hinting at or depicting its name's “Tri” part.

Why is Ducati's oft-called “Monster” logo named such?

Ducati's snarling red creature badge adorned their naked sport bike range known as Monsters, so fans started referring to it as an instantly recognisable Monster Logo.

What does the Harley “Bar & Shield” logo symbolise?

The Bar represents forward motion, while the Shield acts as protection against elements for riders

Whose corporate insignia showcases an image of a Native American chieftain?

Indian Motorcycle's iconic branding proudly depicts a Native American chief or warrior.

What do the wings on the Hondas logo represent?

The wings suggest elevation, freedom, and soaring ambition, perfectly encapsulating Honda's innovative drive and future-focused ethos.

Where did Suzuki get inspiration for their “S” logo?

The sharp, dynamic calligraphic ‘S' was designed with a predatory animal about to pounce in mind. This was done to reflect Suzuki's sporty performance heritage.

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