Learning Web Design: Where To Start And How To Keep Going?

Learning Web Design: Where To Start And How To Keep Going?

The wide range of possibilities provided by the digital era we live in motivates us to learn new skills and master new spheres.

Have you always dreamt of becoming one of those professional writers, who compose amazing text and post them on their resources gathering tons of comments and likes?

Alternatively, maybe you have always wanted to master JavaScript and learn to code?

Moreover, if you are that creative type, the chances are that you have been dreaming of becoming a designer.

Then this article is written for you.

Learning web design is fantastic and opens an extensive path to your professional career.

The most complicated thing here is to start.

However, most people who pass this first obstacle abandon their idea in a month.

We want you to get more self-confidence and useful sources to stay on track.

So read the recommendations we have prepared for you and get inspired while learning web design.

Web design is a broad sphere

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There are so many segments of web design, and they differ dramatically.

So before you start your journey, make sure that you have a clear picture of what exactly you want.

The wide variety of tools and principles you will undoubtedly find online can be confusing.

When having so many things available, most people simply have a lack of knowledge to stop on something particular and choose to do nothing.

This is a psychological barrier, and all of us have been there.

What is the first program you have to master?

Is it Photoshop? InDesign? Sketch?

Do you need any basic programming skills?

There are so many web design books and courses out there, and you may feel overwhelmed with all that stuff from the very beginning.

The following recommendations will show you the correct path!

HTML and CSS first

Web Design Development

Photoshop is great, and you will need to learn it, too.

However, you have to start with basic code stuff just because 99.9% of modern websites use HTML.

While HTML is a structure, CSS is something that arranges a website and gives it a nice look.

Without CSS any web page looks like lines of text written in the Word document.

We believe that it is crucial to know these simplest languages if you want to grasp web design.

No worries, both HTML and CSS are not like those complicated languages C++, PHP or Java.

The complexities of these two groups can be compared to riding a bike and controlling a spaceship.

If you can ride a bike, then you will find learning web design no problem.

Starting with basic languages

If you decide to learn HTML or CSS, the first obstacle you will meet on your way is a necessity to choose the right literature.

To be honest, choosing a good book is very important because a bad one can kick you out of track.

Good books are not only comprehensible but also engaging.

The first one is HTML and CSS QuickStart Guide.

HTML and CSS QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginners Guide to Developing a Strong Coding Foundation, Building Responsive Websites, and Mastering ... of Modern Web Design (QuickStart Guides)
  • DuRocher, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 361 Pages - 01/22/2021 (Publication Date) - ClydeBank Media LLC (Publisher)

This one focuses on your personal experience of learning web design code.

Therefore, you will quickly grasp the principles and understand the logic.

What is more, you will stay motivated and have a feeling that you are moving forward.

The text has some elements that will help you make progress and check your knowledge while you proceed.

When you take a book to your hands, and soon you realise that you couldn’t grasp it, that’s okay.

The chances are that you are just reading the wrong one.

Try rereading some passages and don’t be afraid to leave it if nothing changes.

There is no need to waste your time on books that lack explanation, especially when you make your first steps.

Choosing a suitable book that appeals to you and seems comprehensible is very important!

Some resources you should try

Today’s online industry of learning is pretty extensive.

Gladly, you can find a bunch of handy resources on the web.

To save your precious time, we have already done it for you:

Mozilla Developer Network

Keep up with new technologies

Medical Website Design

As you may already know, web design, as well as all spheres that relate to programming, is developing rapidly.

What was a trend today can become outdated and useless tomorrow.

Therefore, you should always be aware of everything that happens in the world of technologies and software.

Track them regularly and start with those that are closely related to your particular sphere of activity.

As we have already written before, it is crucial to know what kind of web designer you want to be.

The direction you choose will trace different technologies to track.

What is more, you need to be aware of other elements that are connected with web designing and building as a whole.

For instance, augmented reality and artificial intellect are most likely to sneak into the website design very soon.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should become a scientist and devote your life to these discoveries.

At the same time, you should be aware of them, their functions, and their potential uses.

Find a professional advisor

Ux Designer Tips

If you have any friends or colleagues who work as web designers and you admire their level of expertise, then make sure that you have them near.

Why don’t you take them to a cafeteria and ask a branch of essential questions?

Don’t be shy, talking to people who are already well-versed in the sphere of your interest is important because they know the process and the niche from within.

In most cases, they will be able to tell you something precious that you cannot find anywhere in the books, articles, or lectures.

If you are lucky and communicative enough, you can make them your mentors.

Of course, if you don’t have any professional web designers by your side or they don’t have enough time to help you, there is an online community where you can find a person to cooperate with.

However, meeting a person face-to-face in a live conversation is always better, so think about it carefully.

Now let’s get to practice

Hire A Graphic Designer

Once you have looked through the books and courses, you should move on to practice.

The best starting point here is WordPress.

This is a simple resource for newcomers, and you will quickly understand the site-building basics with its help.

WordPress can make your life easier, so don’t ignore this tool.

Learning web design strategies is important

Colour Web Design Elements

Getting yourself enough books and articles is excellent, but this is not all.

It would help if you had a learning web design strategy that fits your personal needs.

At the same time, it is important to make your learning a regular practice.

You should spend at least a couple of hours every day learning something new.

If you are not sure that you have grasped a concept or a theme, make sure that you come back to it.

Consistency is everything.

However, how can you make sure that you do everything correctly? We have some tips for you.


Consistent Web Design Elements

Active learning is all about planning.

At the same time, you should plan rigorously.

When you decide to learn something, you should have a clear picture of that.

It means that you need to know what exactly you are going to learn today, when and where you are going to do that.

Also, having a to-do list is a perfect idea.

This will help you be specific with your actions and track your progress.

This way, you will also find out what your most productive hours are.

Also, this is another way to track your progress and stay motivated.

Nothing is more motivating than realising that you are moving forward.

Motivate yourself

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Keep yourself motivated to do more, better, and faster.

Find the materials related to your activity that motivate you most.

For instance, you can watch videos about successful young designers or start-up projects bought for thousands of dollars.

Watch something that proves that achieving your goals is more straightforward than it seems and this will bring you some inner courage.

Start right now

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If you are feeling nervous about starting your web design education and cannot stop surfing the web looking for some articles that can push you forward, then relax and stop right now.

No rush, you already have everything that you need to start.

Just think for a while: can you promise yourself that you will get up tomorrow and start learning web design?

Will you open the book we have recommended this evening?

Can you come up with a particular time when you will do it?

Remember that it is you to decide.

Can you start right now?

Then what are you waiting for? Do it!

Now when you have advice and useful resources at hand, there are significantly fewer obstacles on your way to the career of your dreams.

The challenges in learning web design are non-avoidable, but remember that they will make you even stronger!

So fight with difficulties, read books, go for some courses, and good luck!

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