Should Startups Invest in Logo Design?

Should Startups Invest in Logo Design?

Little needs to be said about the importance of logos for businesses. 

A logo is practically the very thing that people notice about a brand or business. 

What your products and services are and how brilliant the quality is of the same are things that come to people’s notice much later. 

Without a good and creative logo, you shall never be able to grab eyeballs for your business, let alone sell your products and services and make a profit. 

However, outsourcing the logo design to a decent graphic designing team or investing in an in-house design team to get the job done can cost you a fortune. 

Most businesses, especially in their early stages, do not have unlimited access to funds. 

That is why they need to carefully choose where they need to invest and how much they can invest. 

Splurging on logo design then usually takes a backseat. 

It then becomes vital for startup entrepreneurs to decide where a logo design fall in their long list of priorities! 

With limited access to funds, hiring a team for logo design might seem like a challenge. 

However, all that said, there is no way to refute that logo designs are essential for a brand’s success. 

If startups are to expand, grow and reach out to their target audience, they might do well to spruce up their existing logos or invest in a fresh and unique design with the help of the right graphic designers.

Before we attempt to answer this vital question – if startups should invest in logo design – let us look into why logos are vital to any business, especially a startup.

Why Do Most Startups Invest in Logo Design?

Startups, especially in their early stages, need to garner the proper attention to themselves. 

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Unless they can pique people’s interest in their brand, it is improbable that they shall sell their products and services. 

Therefore, a good, creative and unique logo is essential for startups to scale their growth. 

That said, let us look at a few more reasons why startups tend to invest in logo design.

To Create a Unique Brand Identity

Brand Logo Design Questionnaire Inkbot

Startups need to turn heads and stand apart from the rest to make it big in the business. 

They at least need to be recognised by people to cement their position in the market. 

Brand identity plays a vital role in enabling startups to be recognisable and connect with their target audience. 

One of the most important and easiest ways to achieve this brand identity is by having a distinguishable logo that people can understand and relate to.

To Lend Professionalism to the Business

You are more likely to make a purchase from a business with a professional logo than the one with a clip-art for a logo. 

This is because professional logos mean that a business has authenticity and credibility. 

Furthermore, having your logos designed by a professional logo design service like Graphically, which is worth its salt, lends seriousness to your business and helps your target audience take you seriously as well.

To Outrank Competition

Everyone in business intends to make money, enjoy profit and stay ahead of their competition. 

It is thus vital that you can outrank and outshine your competitors to grow and expand. 

Logos help startups to stand out and catch people’s attention more than any other marketing strategy. 

Therefore, startups can save up on tons just by investing in a good logo design and eliminating their competitors from the market.

But Do All Startups Need to Invest in a Good Logo Right at the Beginning?

Logo Design Prices Budget

The points that we laid down in the previous section were why startups, even with their limited funds, like to invest in logo design. 

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However, just because most startups are doing so does not mean that you have to splurge on a good logo design.

As we mentioned earlier, startups have financial constraints, and only you are the best judge of your financial situation. 

Therefore, now that we have enlisted a few solid reasons why startups must invest in logo design, let us analyse how this investment decision shall pan out for startups at their different stages.

Startups in their Nascent Stages and Bootstraps

This is the stage where startups are barely making enough to get through each day and scraping by with minimal funds at their disposal. 

Therefore, spending a fortune on logo design is not a wise decision at this stage.

However, does that mean that bootstraps and early-stage startups should ditch the idea of a logo? 

Not having a logo could cost you your customers, and that is a heavy price to bear. 

The alternate and frugal option is to invest in a logo design that shall not cost you much, and several platforms can help you with this for a fractional cost.

Startups Aiming to Scale their Business

Custom Logo Design Services From A Logos Designer

Funds might not restrict startups in their more advanced stages, and thus, it might be a good idea to hire professionals who can design an excellent logo for your business. 

Startups who have been in business for more than a year and making enough revenue to reinvest the same back into business might want to spruce up their logo. 

You are likely to outgrow your old logo once you start developing your infrastructure and branch out in different directions. 

Therefore, it is now time to invest a decent amount in hiring professional designers and stepping up your logo game.

Summing Up

It is essential to understand that there is no blueprint that startups can follow when investing in logo design. 

In its very early stage, your startup might be making more money by the hour than its other counterparts. 

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In that case, you are always free to hire professionals right at the beginning. 

Therefore, analyse your situation and constraints, and let this article serve as a guide to taking a step in the right direction while deciding to spend on logo design.

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