13 Interview Questions and Answers for Graphic Designers

13 Interview Questions and Answers for Graphic Designers

You have submitted your cover letter and resume, and they worked.

You have been called in for an interview in the graphic design field.

While interviews can be daunting, there are some questions and answers you can practice before you get to the actual meeting.

You should enlist the help of family and friends to do mock interviews with you, so you are prepared when the day arrives.

Practice some stress-free breathing and focus on pleasant thoughts.

If you do this, you will enter the interview with the confidence you need to tell the interviewer why you should be working for their company.

Practice will help you transition right to the actual interview stress-free.

Here are 13 interview tips for graphic designers that will help you prepare for your interview.

1 – What are some of the current trends in graphic design?

Mobile Friendly Web Design Trends

This question will show if you have done your research for the position.

You should see what designs the company incorporates into its own company.

How old is their logo? What type of design did they use?

Research into the latest design trends will help you prepare to answer this question.

Be sure to look online and at industry magazine and periodicals to have the correct answer to the trend question.

2 – Why do you want to work here?

This question will also show if you have thoroughly researched the company.

The hiring manager does not want generic answers.

They are looking for someone who will fit into their company.

Once you have researched the company, you can show the hiring manager that you are familiar with them.

If it is a large company in a city environment tell them you want to work in a fast-moving industry.

Likewise, if it is a smaller rural business let them know that you like the camaraderie of a small business atmosphere.

Give them specifics as to why you would make a good fit there.

3 – How do you react to criticism of your designs?

Customer Feedback Brand Value

The hiring manager is asking you this question to see how you react to people judging your design.

They want to make sure you are flexible and adaptable to different ideas.

Let them know you are willing to listen to constructive criticism and adapt your design as needed.

Show them that you are adaptable and flexible to new ideas and opinions.

4 – Tell me about your current projects

Here the hiring manager wants to know if your designs produce results.

It would help if you linked to your website with your current projects on your resume.

You can find resume examples with links online.

If you did link your website, you could discuss what you are working on.

If you did not, you would want to have examples of your work available to the hiring manager.

Let them know how your designs increased brand recognition and sales for your previous company.

Tell the hiring manager what your thought processes were when you created your design.

If you worked with a team, explain how you adapted your design according to the wants and needs of the company.

You can never stress adaptability too much.

5 – Tell me about yourself.

Creative Resume Design

This statement can be daunting to you if you have not taken the time to prepare for your interview.

Prepare a response that is succinct and direct.

Tell the hiring manager about your abilities that relate directly to their company.

You can talk about your strengths and successes.

Try and memorise a few lines about yourself, so you are prepared when you need to answer this statement.

6 – What is a typical day at work like for you?

It would help if you told the hiring manager that you like to stay busy.

They do not want to hire someone who has not read the advertisement or who will not be able to be busy all day.

Let them know your tasks and responsibilities and add on that you always look for things to do.

This will show them that you are productive and will not need to be watched all the time.

Design your answer around the help wanted advertisement that they posted.

Make sure you hit as many points as you can that they list in the ad.

This will show the hiring manager that you are genuinely interested in this position.

7 – Describe a recent collaborative effort.

Art Director Job

Your hiring manager would like to know if you work well with others.

This is an important skill to have in today’s marketplace.

If you can tell the hiring manager about a time you worked with another department and discussed ways to shape your creation to fit what they wanted and needed.

Show them you are a team player who is willing to compromise. That is what they are looking for when they ask you to describe a collaborative effort.

8 – How did you respond to a recent work conflict?

Everyone has conflicts at work.

The hiring manager wants to know how you individually will react to conflict.

Tell them about the situation, explain the approach you used when dealing with the person causing the conflict, and then tell the hiring manager about the results.

Do not ever say bad things about a previous employer or coworker.

That will put you in a bad light with the hiring manager.

You want to tell them about positive results to conflicts and how you managed to achieve them.

9 – What is colour theory?

Design Principle Color

This question will show the hiring manager what you know about necessary graphic design skills.

They want to see your visual communication skills.

The use of colour in your designs. Why you chose a specific colour.

You can also go into basic colour design theory which will let them know that you are aware of the fundamentals of graphic design.

The hiring manager is using this question to weed out the people that slipped through into the interview stage that should not be there.

Show them you belong not only in the interview but working alongside them in the company.

10 – What metrics do you use to track your success?

The hiring manager wants to know what specific metrics you have used and how familiar you are with them.

They also want to know if you have made adjustments to your designs as a result of the data you have accumulated.

Were you willing to tweak the design to increase your success?

The hiring manager also wants to know if you’re going to improve your return on investment.

They do not want to invest in a graphic designer that will not be persuaded by data and research.

They will want a graphic designer who is willing to be flexible and work with findings.

11 – Do you prefer working with others or working alone?

Designer Project Management

You should be in the middle with your answer to this question.

The hiring manager is looking for someone who can work on their own and also work with others to get the design completed.

It would help if you showed that you are willing to listen to others input into your designs and will use the input to create a plan that will benefit the company.

They also need to know that they can trust you to focus and work on your own if need be.

12 – What type of software would you use to design this specific item and why?

This question will tell the hiring manager your skills with software.

You want to be aware of different software and how they work because you will have to be familiar with the software the company is using.

Be sure to brush up on standard design software and their uses in an office environment.

You want to impress the hiring manager with your software skill set.

Your hiring manager wants to know how efficient you are when you are working on a project and what steps and software you would use along the way.

13 – What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Stress Web Designers

This question could be a curveball for someone who is not prepared for the interview.

Before the interview write a list of your strengths and weaknesses and practice discussing them with someone else.

Some of your strengths may be technical, and some may be personal.

Describe how your strengths have helped lift you and others in your career.

It would help if you were honest about your weaknesses, but you may also share with the interviewer how you are working to improve your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Interviews can be very intimidating at first, but with practice at home, you will be able to knock the discussion out of the park.

Remember to be honest and show yourself in your best light.

Let them know why they should hire you.

Use your research to show them that you are not only interested in the job, but also the company you will be working for.

Take a few deep breaths before the interview and set your mind at ease.

If you have practised these and other interview questions enough, you will face the meeting with confidence and grace.

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