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The Top 10 Esports Logos: Competitive Branding

The Top 10 Esports Logos: Competitive Branding

You know that feeling when you see the Nike “Swoosh” and instantly recognise the iconic brand? That same power is at play in the esports world with team logos. These vivid designs pack a punch, representing entire organisations and the passion of millions of fans worldwide.

We're not just talking about random graphics here, folks. Elite esports logos combine creativity, meaning, and pure electric energy into compact visual symbols. They rally fans, represent massive teams and players, and become digital icons in their own right.

You may be already an esports fanatic, or you may be getting into this electrifying scene. Either way, grasping the importance and artistry behind top esports logos opens up a whole new level of appreciation for this booming industry and its teams.

So, let's dive into the vibrant world of esports logos, where art meets competition at the highest levels. Get ready to be wowed by badass designs that are more than just pretty pictures!

Ranking the Top 10 Esports Logos of All Time

Buckle up because we're about to countdown the ten most insane, jaw-dropping esports logos ever created. Yeah, this is the real deal – the cream of the crop in a chaotic sea of digital iconography.

I'm talking about designs that are so fresh they'll sear your eyeballs, but in a good way. Logos packed with deeper meanings and artistic flare. The kind of visual symbols that make your heart race just by looking at them.

These elite-level designs represent some of the most prominent esports teams, players, and organisations around the globe. They're recognised by millions as virtual battlefield insignias, igniting fans with pure hype and adrenaline.

So, let's get into it! I've poured over analysis from designers, artists, critics and fans to handpick this definitive top 10 ranking. Study up because these bad-ass logos are iconic pieces of digital culture that every gamer should recognise.

10. FaZe Clan

Faze Clan Esports Logo Design

Starting our countdown at number ten is the blazing logo of a notable esports organisation named FaZe Clan. This iconic design was created in 2010 but still looks incredibly modern and relaxed after over a decade.

Sharp angles and a fiery hue make the flaming red “F” letter hard to miss. However, on closer inspection, one may notice a “Z” monogram hidden within the negative space of this symbol. Such an element adds intricacy to the overall look without drawing too much attention.

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Regarding pure graphic design aesthetics, few things can beat the FaZe logo's visual impact combined with simplicity achieved through negative space utilisation. It manages to be both fierce-looking and inviting – quite an achievement indeed.

What sets this brand apart is how well its visual identity reflects its dynamic youth-driven culture centred around pushing boundaries through gaming. You could almost hear it shouting, “Let’s get wild!” just by looking at those glowing embers.

9. SK Gaming

Sk Gaming Esports Logo

For the #9 spot, I'm giving props to the iconic SK Gaming winged logo. This is a long-standing classic in the esports scene, dating back to 1997 when these guys were gaming pioneers.

The SK design is elegant and understated compared to some showier logos on this list—a simple white text treatment on a black background. But whoa, those winged flourishes on each side ultimately elevate this thing!

The wings add so much dramatic flair and energy to the letters. The wings are ushering in a new era of esports…and it also makes me think of Red Bull for some reason. That may be why this brand looks so intense and powerful.

Either way, the SK Gaming winged logo has stood the test of time as a clean, confident emblem representing one of the oldest multigame esports teams. Long Live the wings!

8. Natus Vincere (Na'Vi)

Natus Vincere Navi Logo Design

Weighing in at #8, we've got the menacing logo for Ukrainian esports juggernaut Natus Vincere – or just Na'Vi for short. This beast of a design looks like it was forged from pure flames and brimstone down in the pits of esports hell itself.

The Na'Vi logo shreds, with those gnarly shapes creating an intense, almost tribal vibe. I see hints of savage animals and maybe an alien monster face in the abstract letterforms. Either way, the deep black and burning yellow/orange scheme is downright ferocious.

From an artistic perspective, huge props to the designer for creating so much dynamic energy and movement out of just basic shapes and colours. It fits with Na'Vi's reputation as a relentless esports force that shows no mercy to opponents.

Fair warning, though – you might need to shield your eyes when this logo flashes across the screen during a tournament. The sheer intensity of those fiery designs could potentially burn your retinas into smithereens. But it'd be so worth it.

7. Team Liquid

Team Liquid Logo Design

Okay, let's cool down with the #7 entry – the mesmerising horse-inspired logo from legendary Team Liquid. This unique emblem perfectly combines ferocity, grace, and many slick graphic design skills.

The concept of a striking horse figurine immediately conveys power, athleticism and, well…liquidity. It aptly represents one of the most accomplished esports pro teams that flows between games like a raging river.

But the best part is how designers updated the classic horse logo with those hypnotic gradient waves and colours. The deep blues flow into the rich pinks and purples in an almost psychedelic manner. It's like this beast has evaporated into pure liquid form.

I also love the minimalism and balance at play here. Despite the trippy colour shifts and abstract splashes, there's still a clear focus on that core horse icon at the centre. Emblematic of Team Liquid's precise, strategic mindset amidst the chaos of esports warfare.

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6. OpTic Gaming

Optic Gaming Logo Design

Powering in at #6, we've got the slick, jagged logo from OpTic Gaming. This bad boy screams pure speed and aggression from the moment it blasts onto the screen. You can sense it wants to dominate the entire battlefield completely.

Right off the bat, those blazing green streaks feel like brilliant shards of radioactive energy piercing forward. The vibrant neon tone is a power move – instantly searing itself into your eyeballs and memory.

Then you've got the custom “OG” letterforms, which create another layer of jagged edges and shapes. The overlapping outlines add wicked depth and intensity. Overall, it feels rugged and masculine enough to fit the OpTic brand persona.

Speaking of which, it's crazy how this abstract design still clearly evokes the scope optics and flaming muzzles of military weaponry…you know, for all your gaming warfare purposes. The negative spaces leave just enough to the imagination, too.

So, in summary, the OpTic Gaming logo is the Incredible Hulk of esports symbols – muscular, glowing with radioactive energy, and ready to smash everything in its path. You've been warned.

5. G2 Esports

G2 Esports Logo Design

Let's pause momentarily with the #5 pick to appreciate the stylish simplicity of G2 Esports' emblem. This minimalist gem practically oozes Euro swagger and eSports “cool factor” from every angle.

I'm talking about buttery smooth curves and letter shapes. That sleek sans-serif font choice. A monochromatic black-and-white colour scheme that never goes out of style. It all comes together in a clean, unfussy way that feels modern and timelessly vintage.

It is impressive how the G2 logo says SO much with such little visual information. Those tight letter counters create a lowkey arrowhead shape, suggesting precision and power. And that subtle sideways angle gives it a nonchalant, kicked-back edginess.

At the same time, there's a surprising amount of dimensionality for such a flat, typographic design. The unique letter outlines have an almost robotic or mechanical quality that hints at gaming's digital roots.

However, the G2 emblem is highly versatile for merchandising and looks sexy printed on anything. Esports has evolved into a high-fashion phenomenon, and this sophisticated logo reflects that stylish transition.

4. Cloud9

Cloud9 Esports Logo Design

Get ready for inter-dimensional mind-warping with Cloud9's iconic logo at #4! This far-out design bombards your senses with abstract shapes and ethereal blue colouring that beckons you into…the clouds?

Upon first glance, this emblem is a tangled mess of intersecting lines and forms. But let your eyes soak it in, and you'll start detecting images within images – like some sort of cosmic Rorschach test.

The negative spaces create a striking symbol that depicts a snarling beast's side profile…AND the numeral nine swirling through misty cloud layers. Mind = blown, right?

The Cloud9 logo embodies the team's “blueshifting” mantra of limitless possibility. It twists your perceptions as you try deciphering the hidden meanings contained in those seemingly chaotic azure streaks.

And let's talk about that colour for a second. The glowing, almost fluorescent blue tone is borderline supernatural – like a portal swirling open into another dimension of raw competitive energy. It's simultaneously bold yet calming, much like the team's playstyle.

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So, while it may appear convoluted, Cloud9's wildly inventive emblem is a masterclass in compact visual storytelling. It's the sign you've entered a higher metaphysical plane of esports, far beyond the normal realms of existence.

3. FunPlus Phoenix (FPX)

Funplus Phoenix Fpx Logo Design

Emerging from the scorching fires, our #3 pick goes to FunPlus Phoenix's majestic bird of paradise logo. This exotic creature is equal parts elegant and ferocious – a combo as unique as the FPX brand itself.

Let's start with the obvious: does this falcon/phoenix figure look highly detailed? The textured feather layers and patterns are intricate, creating wicked depth and shading. It appears ready to burst forth from a towering blaze in radiant high-def.

But beyond the photorealistic stylings, you've got to appreciate the sheer triumphant presence of this mighty bird stretching its wings. The FPX emblem calls to mind imagery of an undaunted mythological force rising from the ashes more glorious than before. Talk about an excellent metaphor for the competitive fighting spirit!

Speaking of fighting, notice how the bird's intense eyes, beak, and talons are slightly angled to the side – giving it a sense of forward momentum and aggression. Yet the overall posture is one of regal glory and confidence.

So, in one compact icon, the FunPlus Phoenix deftly captures opposing themes of beauty/danger, rebirth/victory, and ancient lore/modern gaming. It's the type of awe-inspiring logo you'd expect adorning castle gates or megachurch stained glass. Esports has genuinely ascended to an art form.

2. Fnatic

Fnatic Esports Logos

Climbing up to the #2 spot, we've got the sinister logo from esports titans Fnatic. This Vector-inspired hellscape is a masterwork of brutal, graphic design – merging the ancient with the modern in one apocalyptic punch.

Let's start with that savage “F” letterform. The angular, forceful strokes immediately put you in a fighting mind. But there's also an unmistakable medieval flare like the mark of some demonic blacksmith cult is branding you.

Now, focus on that snarling monster face ingrained in the negative space behind the letter. That's one pissed-off ancient creature staring back at you! Glowing yellow eyes, vicious fangs, and horns of fury – this thing is the real deal.

You have a gnarly dichotomy between the raw letterform and monstrous iconography that raises many epic questions. Is the “F” controlling the beast or becoming the beast itself? Is this a holy symbol from the future or an unholy insignia dredged up from medieval hell?

And that's precisely why I love the Fnatic logo so damn much. It blends hyper-modern gaming fearlessness with ferocious mystical lore. You can practically smell the fire, brimstone, and shards of broken keyboards every time it flashes on screen.

1. TSM (Original/Classic)

Tsm Esports Logo Designs

After an insane battle across multiple dimensions, there can only be one logo ruling them all: the original, iconic, and undefeated crest representing the legendary TSM brand!

I'm talking about the classic Team SoloMid badge from back in the day – not their current design. This OG emblem was ingrained into our eyeballs as one of the first truly iconic symbols of competitive esports glory.

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Let's start with the raw craftsmanship and artistry behind the image. That brilliant, almost neon red and black colour scheme perfectly balances aggressiveness and sophistication. The illustrative details on the warlord character and dramatic crossguard swords show accurate painterly skills.

And let's not overlook how those two letters, “TSM”, are ingeniously woven into the negative spaces between the swords and warlord silhouette. It's an optical illusion that only reveals itself after studying the shapes – a clever nod to the strategic esports mindset.

More than any other logo, though, TSM's original crest masterfully captured the raw emotion and intensity surrounding early competitive gaming. The dramatic imagery channelled those adrenaline-fueled battles and the glory of being crowned a true esports champion.

So, while many incredible logos have emerged over the years, none will quite replicate that iconic trailblazing spirit of the classic TSM design. It was the first rallying sign heralding esports's arrival as the next extraordinary cultural phenomenon.

Wrapping Up: Why Esports Logos Matter More Than You Think

Behind every unforgettable esports highlight, nail-biting matchup, and legendary player, you'll find an iconic logo rallying that entire fan base. These compact visual emblems have become digital sigils representing the very soul of each team and its gaming universe.

The best esports logos transcend just being excellent graphics or marketing ploys. Like the teams, they're unique works of highly expressive digital art that communicate a brand's philosophy and attitude through purposeful design elements.

This countdown highlighted how artistic mastery, keen conceptual thinking, and sheer creativity converge in elite esports iconography, from the OG trailblazers to modern design mavens. These logos stop you dead in your tracks and make an unforgettable impression – for better or worse.

So the next time you see FaZe Clan's fiery “F” or Fnatic's menacing cult insignia flash across the screen, pay damn close attention. That seemingly simple glowing image could be concealing profound, deeper meanings and channelling the raw spirits of an entire esports civilisation.

Esports logos have arrived as contemporary cultural icons etched into our digital consciousness. What will the next generation of emblems and crests have in store? Only time will tell as this boundary-shattering industry continues dominating the virtual arena.

FAQs About Esports Logos

What makes an excellent esports logo?

The best esports logos blend strong artistic skills with powerful conceptual thinking. They use design elements like colour, shapes, icons and typography to convey the brand's core identity and attitude in a compact visual symbol.

Why are logos so crucial for esports teams?

An iconic logo creates an instantly recognisable brand image and rallies fans – representing that particular esports organisation's entire spirit and philosophies.

How much do top esports logos cost?

Prices vary wildly from a few hundred dollars to over $100,000+ for elite custom designs by renowned agencies. But a great logo is a priceless long-term investment for building brand equity.

Can you name some top esports logo designers?

DesignStudio, Inkbot Design, Sprawl, Synthetic, Paul Munford, and Haze47 are just a few agencies/artists renowned for their elite esports branding work.

How do you avoid clashing with existing logos?

Logo designers extensively research the esports landscape to ensure their new creations are wholly original and don't infringe on any existing trademarks or copyrights.

What design programs are used to create esports logos?

While tools like Photoshop are utilised, vector graphic apps like Illustrator, Inkscape and Affinity Designer are ideal for crafting clean, scalable logos with bold shapes and typography.

Should you show multiple logo variations?

Yes, most brand guidelines include primary, secondary and abbreviated versions that allow flexibility while maintaining core logo elements across different usages.

Can fans buy merchandise with esports logos?

Absolutely! Official logo-branded shirts, hats, accessories, and more are hugely popular revenue streams teams use to boost brand visibility and engage their fanbases.

Why are minimalist logos becoming more popular?

As the space gets oversaturated, clean, minimalist logos with unique symbolic meaning help esports brands stand out amidst the visual clutter. Simplicity is critical for recognisability.

What role do colour psychology and emotions play?

Specific colour choices elicit robust subconscious emotional responses from fans—for example, red=intensity while blue=confidence. An intelligent designer wields colours strategically.

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