Top 10 Energy Drink Logos for your Design Inspiration

Top 10 Energy Drink Logos for your Design Inspiration

Appealing the target audience through compelling aesthetics is what describes professional marketing skills.

Knowing how effective visuals are, many graphic designers are in a hunt to discover some super successful design techniques that can help them place their product efficiently in the market.

A logo design, being the prime asset in branding, instantly delivers the core message of the company, should be given the most attention when planning to run branding campaigns.

A well-created logo can help you entice your viewers while accelerating onsite traffic.

You will get thrilled to see the outstanding outcomes generated by a single logo if it has the worth to impress the viewers.

Now the most significant trouble that a designer can encounter is in the creation of a logo, which can excite the viewers.

A design that gives a sort of adrenaline rush is hard to produce.

You need to choose specific colours, patterns, and intensities that can heighten the human emotions attracting them towards the product and convincing them to lay their trust in it.

This is a pretty tricky aspect in graphic design, as you have to unleash your most creative side while using an appropriate skillset.

Only an experienced graphic designer can think about creating a logo that can enthral the viewers.

Let’s learn about some innovative and useful design tips for creating captivating energy drink logos.

A guide inspired by the logos of renowned brands is listed below, read on and take a peak to some masterpieces.

1 – MONSTER Logo Design

Monster Energy Logo Design

Monster energy drink is one of the renowned beverages all around the globe.

Its massive fame can be a contribution made by its fascinating logo.

The logo from the very first sight throws a strong impression.

It highlights thrill, excitement and a promise to enthral you completely.

The use of green, white, and black depict a bold look that can captivate most of the youngsters.

Green is a sign of nature while black highlights power and white shows purity.

When these three aspects combine a solid message can be delivered.

That’s exactly what the graphics do; it appeals the viewers in one go.

Even before sipping it for the first time, your mind will be psychology be hacked to get convinced that this is simply great.

This is what required to succeed in the competitive market of the digital industry.

Lastly, such logos can also double the effectiveness of a video animation campaign with its aesthetics.

2 – ROCKSTAR Zero Carb Energy Drink

Rockstar Energy Logo

ROCKSTAR Energy Drink claims to have ingredients with zero calories and carbs.

The favourite drink has its logo designed in a funky manner.

The presence of a star and the colour combination with font, from every aspect a more catchy and exciting flair is visible.

The logo simply highlights the rockstar appeal and attracts youngsters mainly.

It has a juvenile touch in its aesthetics and bold colours to depict authenticity and authoritativeness.

3 – 5-HOUR Energy Logo Design

5 Hour Energy Logo

If you take a look at the 5-Hour Energy logo design, you will find its every aspect to be delivering a more authentic claim out of simplicity.

The logo has an oval shape that reflects surety to claim the drink to be perfect for naturally boosting energy.

Moreover, its fonts are pretty professional, no additional creativity or outstanding colour transition.

In black tone, the text is written along with showing an image of a man running over the cliff.

From the setting to the overall aesthetics, each aspect highlight natural and real meanings.

This can be an inspiring idea if you want to play safekeeping the design natural looking and friendly.

4 – RED BULL Logo Design

Red Bull Logo Design

As per the stats, Red Bull enjoys around 70-80% shares in the global market. Isn’t it fascinating?

The bulls have taken the competitors by its horns.

The incredible success of this fantastic energy drink is evident from its logo.

The presence of red bulls attacking each other throw a blast of energy and speak about the effectiveness of the drink in a million ways.

You do not need to read any further description after viewing the logo.

The logo is the right application of the fact that a picture worth a thousand words.

The big, bold font and the appealing combination of yellow – the colour to depict freshness and sunlight, with red, put a cherry on the top.

It triggers emotions creating a sense of urgency among the viewers.

5 – ZIPFIZZ Logo Design

Zipfizz Logo Design

Some logos can deliver its core message in a blink while there are those who take a slight moment to open up.

The logo of ZIPFIZZ is one of those; you need to ponder a bit if you want to understand what is it about.

So the first thing about the drink is that it’s not in a liquid form, instead of it’s a powdered energy drink.

You have to put it into a glass of water, and it will create a fizzle of bubbles converting water into a high-energy drink.

So, the logo here shows a bubble font where the colour blue is used to denote water.

The presence of a round figure shows the occurrence of fizzy bubbles, and the overall aesthetics throws light to a more friendly and refreshing drink.

6 – CRUNK!!! Logo Design

Crunk Energy Logo Design

You must be aware of the technique that by adding certain elements and figures, you can add more appeal and electives in the message you intend to deliver.

Similarly, in the logo shown above of CRUNK energy drink, you can find the presence of three exclamation marks.

With this, you can add an emphasis that your drink can make a difference and that this is the perfect one to have an energy spark.

Moreover, the star-shaped pattern at the back of the letter “C” creates a startling impression, which the drink is expected to offer.

Once you try the drink, you will feel like having a new spark of the high-energy bolt to pass a busy day.

The design features; however, appeal the youngsters.

It has a comparatively smaller target audience.

7 – ZYGO Logo Design

Zygo Vodka Logo

Zygo is a morning vodka designed or those early birds who need a sip of motivation to welcome their day.

Ponder on the overall aesthetics of not only the logo but of the bottle.

You see a touch of delicacy mixed with elegance.

The bottle with wine cap and the sleek look itself looks fascinating, and the presence of a bold logo adds more appeal in it.

The logo is designed using refreshing colour tones and pointed font to throw a professional look.

Seek inspiration from such a logo and create a compelling one.

Revive Energy Mints Logo

The uniqueness of Revive energy drink is that it contains 100% natural ingredients.

It is manufactured using berries and citrus fruits.

Now it’s the job of talented graphic designers and a Wikipedia page creator to spread the core message about the product.

If you carefully observe its logo, you will find several aspects that are playing an individual role in delivering the right idea about the drink.

The presence of colourful font with fruits present at the right corner along with the mini path of different hues altogether forms a very refreshing and interesting touch in the logo.

9 – SAMBAZON Organic Energy Drink

Sambazon Logo Design

SAMBAZON is an energy drink made from acai berry, guarana, and natural caffeine.

The drink contains 80% real fruits as its ingredients.

The logo tells about the originality of the drink.

It shows how pure the drink is from every aspect.

The colour tone having violet as its dominant hue and the presence of berries in its graphics speak about the actual ingredients of the drink.

The presence of the SAMBAZON symbol with green round monogram style figure depicts the origin of the drink.

In this way, the drink has added a touch of the story to highlight the authenticity of the product.

Such a logo can be the best example of storytelling through graphics.

You can try the idea to create an emotional bond with your viewers.

It’s imperative to get a hold on the emotional connection with your target audience to generate optimum outcomes.

10 – Vault Logo Design

Vault Logo Design

As the name itself, sound so does its design.

The Vault logo throws a dependable, speedy, and bold look with the presence of “V” created graphically.

You can take inspiration from its logo created using metallic silver colour depicting an authoritative outlook.

Wrapping Up on Energy Drink Logos

Your logo can directly influence conversion rates and onsite traffic.

It can assist you in creating a strengthened clientele with the customer getting motivated to count on you.

You can drive a wave of productivity and progress out of your logo; you just need to be a little more creative and focused on the needs and aspect of your target audience that can make a difference.

Pick the right tone and perfect patterns to drive the basic definition of your product.

You will not need words if you make the most out of visuals elements.

Your logo can be a door to experience outstanding growth and online success. Learn from these inspirational energy drink logos and adopt the best one to add a captivating flair in your graphics.

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