Brand Logos that are Unmistakable in their Messaging

Brand Logos that are Unmistakable in their Messaging

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Brand Logos that are Unmistakable in their Messaging

A while back we discussed the various aspects of representing your brand's main idea in its logo design.

We touched on brand psychology as well as those iconic brands who are so well-known that they don't even need to consider brand messaging in their logos.

Today, we're going to take a look at those relatively new brands that approached their logo design that left its customers in no confusion as to what service they offer.

These are the brand logos that are unmistakable in their messaging, and if we're completely honest, we love them.


Amazon Brand Logo
Ever wonder what that smile means?

First up it's Amazon and the logo that is often misunderstood as representing a smile and nothing more.

It's an understandable mistake, especially given their latest ad campaign for Christmas.

However, the truth of the Amazon logo is much more impressive than a parcel with a smile.

Recheck it, and you'll see the clear arrow pointing from A to Z.

This is meant to represent the fact that you can buy everything from A to Z on the site.

To those of you that already understand what the logo represents, it's as clear as day, but to those who don't, they'll wonder how they never spotted it in the first place.

As far as brand messaging goes, this logo is so on point we're wondering how it has never won any awards.


Pokerstars Logo Design
The choice of colour is everything in this logo

As one of the largest online poker platforms in the world with a name that is synonymous with the game (obviously!) PokerStars have a real uber-effective yet straightforward logo.

As we said, the company branding is quite simple, yet the logo is undoubtedly an excellent piece of design work.

Yes, it is that good.

With poker-related logos and branding, the obvious choice is to opt for one of the suits from a deck of cards.

Unsurprisingly, spades or clubs are the two most suitable options given that both hearts and diamonds aren't specific to card games.

However, what PokerStars did with their logo however was to opt for a red spade as opposed to the traditional black one.

Not only did this set their logo apart from other companies using similar branding but it also allowed for a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

Not only that, but red is also a much more powerful colour than black as it commands attention.

The Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo Logo Design

The Bronx Zoo logo is nothing short of incredible and more than worthy of its place on our list.

The giraffes and birds are pretty obvious additions in that they represent the animals of the zoo, but it's the negative space in the giraffes' legs showing the New York skyline that wows us.

Simple, yes. However, so very effective.

There's nothing more we can say about this logo other than it's masterful.

The Guild of Food Writers

Guild Of Food Writers Logo Design

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Now, this may not be an association that you have ever heard of, but one glimpse of their logo will leave you in no doubt as to what they're all about.

Yes, we're aware that the name is a dead giveaway but bear with us on this.

That fountain pen nib is an obvious choice for anything related to writing, but as with the Bronx Zoo, this logo is all about that negative space.

At first glance, you may not have noticed but take another look, and that spoon set in the centre of the nib is hard to miss.

It's a beautiful example of how we can combine two wholly separate and unrelated images to create one a la MC Escher.

This logo is so good that you'll find several smaller companies have taken the same route with their branding.

They do say the highest form of flattery is imitation, right?

Although there are many more brand logos are easily recognisable, these four represent their brands in the best possible way.

With clever design and clear messaging, there's no mistaking what each of these logos is trying to convey.

If incorporating your brand message in your new logo is a priority, then you could do far worse than to draw inspiration from these examples.

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