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The Guide to the Best Desk Accessories for Designers

The Guide to the Best Desk Accessories for Designers

Any designer knows that their desk is not just furniture. This is where ideas crash, concepts form and ordinary things become extraordinary.

But listen up: Your table power depends on the tools you put on it. Good accessories are not mere beautiful objects; they act as quiet partners in your creative process. They streamline inspiration and smoothen workflow — sometimes all that stands between “good enough” and “mind-blowing”.

In a world spoilt for choice, selecting the right desk accessory should not be limited to functionality or aesthetics; it should be about creating an atmosphere that amplifies your creative expression.

So, are you ready to use your table as a launch pad for innovative ideas?

Let us review some of the best desk accessories that will elevate your design game and make your workspace smarter.

The Foundation: Ergonomics First

Herman Miller Chair

So that we have something to compare it to, let’s go over some basics first. A comfortable designer is productive, so we’ll begin with the necessities that keep you from turning into a human pretzel after five hours.

The Chair That Hugs You Back

Your chair is the unsung hero of your workspace. An ergonomic chair is like having a good friend who always has your back — literally. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Adjustable height and armrests
  • Lumbar support that feels like a gentle massage
  • Breathable material (because nobody likes swamp back)
  • Swivel base (for those dramatic “a-ha!” moments)
Bestseller No. 1
GABRYLLY Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, High Back Desk Chair – Adjustable Headrest with Flip-Up Arms, Tilt Function, Lumbar Support and PU Wheels, Swivel Computer Task Chair
  • 【ERGONOMIC OFFICE CHAIR】- The ergonomic chair provides 4 supporting points(head/ back/ hips/ hands) and a proper lumbar support. Suitable for people of about 5'5″ to 6'2″(Please refer to the height of the user). It's easy to adjust seat height, headrest, backrest and flip-up arms to meet different needs, good for sitting long hours.
  • 【COMFORTABLE MESH SEAT】- The office chair is larger than other chairs, and it could accommodate different body build. The whole Chair Dimensions(including the arms): 25.6″W x 22″D x 45.3″-54.9″H, the Seat Dimensions: 20″W x 19.3″D x 18.5″-22.05″H. Loading Capacity: 300 lbs. The recline function makes you tilt the backrest back (90~120°) or sit straight freely.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE FLIP-UP ARMREST】- Folding the armrests up 45°, you can push the executive office chairs directly under the desk to save valuable space. It's easy to raise or lower the folding armrest by pressing the black buttons on the armrest.
  • 【BREATHABLE MESH CHAIR】- The mesh back and mesh seat keep air circulation for extra comfy. High quality mesh resists abrasion and transformation, it makes the high back computer desk chairs good for sitting for 4 ~ 8 hours, perfect for a long day sitting.
  • 【5 YEARS WARRANTY & EASY INSTALLATION】- All ergonomic office chairs come with 5 years warranty, so please email us directly, we will offer you effective solutions ASAP. With clear instruction and tools, the office computer chair is easy to assemble (about 15~20 minutes). PU mute wheels roll smoothly, no harm on wooden floor; the sturdy five-pointed base and chair frame add durability and stylish appearances.

Standing Desks: The Up-and-Down Game Changer

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Standing desks are everywhere these days, and for good reason. They’re like the Swiss Army knife of desks — versatile and suitable for you. Benefits include:

  • Improved posture (so long, Quasimodo)
  • Increased energy levels (who needs caffeine?)
  • Better circulation (your legs will thank you)
ErGear Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Sit Stand up Desk, Memory Computer Home Office Desk (Black)
  • Outstanding Stability: This electric standing desk has a sturdy solid steel frame with aerospace-grade lifting column connectors (still stable & secure after testing 100,000 times). It's a firm foundation for work, even at full height

Pro tip: Get one with preset heights for when math isn’t happening.

Footrests: Because Your Feet Deserve a Throne, Too

Don’t leave your feet hanging! A good footrest can help:

  • Improve circulation
  • Alleviate pressure on lower back muscles
  • Give you something to fidget with during those 3-hour calls with demanding clients
ComfiLife Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest for Office Use – Adjustable Height Memory Foam Foot Stool Under Desk for Office Chair & Gaming Chair – for Back & Hip Pain Relief (Black)
  • Pain Relief and Support for Back, Hip, Legs, Knees & Feet – If you are working or sitting at a desk most hours of the day, you are bound to feel the effects on your body after prolonged periods of time. A ComfiLife footrest will help reduce back and sciatica pain by easing pressure on your lower back and hips. Our footrest will also ensure proper foot placement while sitting, which will help improve blood circulation to the legs and ease pain over time.

Lighting: Illuminating Your Creative Process

Good lighting goes beyond avoiding eye strain. It sets the tone for your creative pursuits – so here are a few options to light up your life.

The Lamp of Your Luminosity

A good desk lamp is like having the sun that listens to you. Look for:

  • Levels of brightness that can be adjusted (for when you’re coding late into the night)
  • Different colour temperatures (warm to unwind, cool to concentrate)
  • An arm that bends (to point light exactly where it’s needed)
Voncerus LED Desk lamp with Clamp, Eye-caring Clip on Lights for Home Office, 3 Modes 10 Brightness, Long Flexible Gooseneck,Metal, Swing Arm Architect Task Table Lamps with USB Adapter, Black
  • 【Long Flexible Gooseneck & Long Service Life】: 360° long adjustable flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust your dimmable clamp light with ease and to direct the light wherever you want.The light board is made of high-quality aluminum, which has better heat dissipation and can extend the service life of the swing arm lamp ​up to 50,000 hours.

Setting The Atmosphere: Ambient Lighting

Why limit yourself to a desk? Establish some vibes with:

  • LED strips behind your monitor for a futuristic feel
  • Smart bulbs that change hue with your projects
  • A kitschy neon sign for that “I’m a hip designer” touch

Organisation: Taming the Creative Chaos

Best Desk Organiser For Designers

Let's face it: creative minds can be scattered. These organisational tools will help keep your genius corralled.

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The Desk Organiser That Does It All

Find a desk organiser that's as versatile as you are. Features to look for:

  • Multiple compartments (for pens, sticky notes, and those weird trinkets you collect)
  • A spot for your phone (preferably angled for easy viewing)
  • Cable management (because tangled cords are the enemy of good design)
Simple Trending 2 Tier Metal Monitor Stand Monitor riser and Computer Desk Organizer with Drawer and Pen Holder for Laptop, Computer, iMac, Black
  • 【Ergonomic Design】 Raise the monitor to eye level for a comfortable ergonomic viewing experience, relieving stress on the neck, shoulders and back, and improving work efficiency

The Whiteboard: Your Wall of Brilliance

A whiteboard is like a blank canvas for your thoughts. Use it for:

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • To-do lists that you can't ignore
  • Quick sketches when inspiration strikes
VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase White Board, 36 X 24 Inches, Black Aluminium Frame
  • [What You Get ] Magnetic whiteboard with Overall size 36″ x 24″ ( frame included); Writing surface size: 34″ x 22″ ; Include fixing kits and pen tray accessories.

Digital Organisation: Apps and Gadgets

Don't forget about the digital organisation:

  • Get a sleek tablet stand for your iPad (hello, second screen)
  • Invest in a good task management app (we're looking at you, Trello)
  • Try a digital writing pad for those who still love the feel of pen on paper

Tech Gadgets: Powering Your Creativity

What is a contemporary designer if not for the most modern technology? Utilise these devices to make it seem like you are designing in 2030.

The Ultimate USB Hub

Multiple ports with all your gadgets will be needed, like a busy harbour. Look for a hub with:

  • Lots of USB ports (the more, the better)
  • Fast charging capabilities
  • Maybe even an added SSD for extra storage
Powered USB Hub, Wenter 11-Port USB Splitter Hub (10 Faster Data Transfer Ports+ 1 Smart Charging Port) with Individual LED On/Off Switches, USB Hub 3.0 Powered with Power Adapter for Mac, PC
  • USB Port Expansion & SuperSpeed Syncing💻: 1 USB Charging Ports, 10 USB 3.0 Data Ports for keyboard, mouse, printer, hard drivers, USB Flash drive and more USB devices. Synchronizing data at speeds up to 5Gbps, this powered USB 3.0 hub can transfer files and data in a flash. Say goodbye to not having enough computer jacks and slow data transfers.

Wireless Charging Pad: Charge up in Style

Keep your desk clean with a wireless charging pad. Extra points if it matches your aesthetic!

Wireless Charging Pad, ZealSound Ultra-Slim Triple Wireless Charger Station for Multiple 3 Devices & New Airpods Ultra Slim PU Leather Wireless Charging Mat W/AC Adapter for Smartphone Phone (Black)
  • 【3x10W Output】This triple wireless charger allows you to charge up to three smartphones or earbuds support wireless charging simultaneously, each up to 10W max fast charge. Say goodbye to cable clutter and streamline your charging setup with this efficient and stylish PU leather 3in1 wireless charger pad. (NOTE: The Smart Watch and Apple Watch are not compatible with this wireless charger.)

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Your Cone of Silence

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This is for when you need to block out the world and focus on your designs. Things to consider:

  • Long battery life (because who has time to charge?)
  • Cozy ear cups (your ears deserve it)
  • Excellent sound quality (for when you need to blast that lo-fi beats playlist)
Bose QuietComfort Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Up To 24 Hours of Battery Life, Black
  • LEGENDARY NOISE CANCELLATION: Effortlessly combines noise cancelling headphones technology with passive features so you can shut off the outside world, quiet distractions, and take music beyond the beat

Comfort and Personalisation: Making Your Space Yours

Working From Home Office Tips

Your desk should be a reflection of you. These accessories will help make your space feel like home.

The Perfect Mug: Fuel for Creativity

Every designer needs a vessel for their caffeine addiction. Choose a mug that:

  • Keeps your drink hot (or cold) for hours
  • It has a witty design-related quote
  • Is large enough to reduce coffee runs
Copenhagen Design Pantone Cup, Tea/Coffee Mug, fine China (Ceramic), 475 ml, Grey, Cool Gray 9 C, us:one Size
  • The handmade Pantone tea mug, featuring the Pantone logo and specific color code, fits perfectly into the palms of both hands, inviting you to take a break, breath in and relax for a moment

Plants: Bringing Life to Your Desk

A little greenery can go a long way. Benefits of desk plants:

  • Improved air quality
  • A touch of nature in your digital world
  • Something to talk to when you've been alone too long
Costa Farms Live Pothos Plant, Easy Care Vining Live Indoor Houseplant, Air Purifying Trailing Plant Potted in Premium Decor Pot, Potting Soil, Gift for Office and Home Decor, 8-Inches Tall
  • GORGEOUS HOME DECOR: Live Pothos plants add instant flair to any interior space. Its versatility in any setting make it a statement piece and conversation starter. Pothos is potted in a plant pot, ready to impress in any indoor space

Desk Mat: The Unsung Hero of Desk Accessories

A good desk mat can:

  • Protect your desk surface
  • Provide a smooth surface for your mouse
  • Add a pop of colour or design to your workspace
Large Desk Mat 47.2″ x 17″ Leather Desk Pad Protector with Natural Cork & PU Leather, Non-Slip Office Desk Mat, Large Mouse Pad, Waterproof Desk Blotter pad for Office&Home(Black)
  • Elevate Your Workspace: Our reversible desk pad is designed to complement any office or home desk with its premium materials and elegant black thread stitching. The natural cork base provides extra grip to keep your desk mat in place.

Storage Solutions: Because Designers Have Stuff

From sketchbooks to tablets, designers accumulate a lot of gear. Let's find a home for it all.

The Ultimate Drawer System

Invest in a drawer system that:

  • It has shallow drawers for small items
  • Includes deep drawers for more extensive tools
  • Rolls away neatly under your desk
Vtopmart 25 PCS Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers Set, 4-Size Versatile Bathroom and Vanity Drawer Organizer Trays, Storage Bins for Makeup, Bedroom, Kitchen Gadgets Utensils and Office
  • ✔Make Everything Organized — These clear versatile drawer dividers trays are perfect for any place in your home. Fit all kinds of drawers, such as vanity / bathroom / kitchen / office drawers/ craft room, ideal for organizing cosmetics, makeup tools, hair accessories, jewelry, pins, office supply, craft supplies, utensils, etc.

Wall-Mounted Storage: Vertical Space is Your Friend

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Remember your walls! Consider:

  • Pegboards for hanging tools and inspiration
  • Floating shelves for books and knick-knacks
  • A wire grid for a modern, industrial look
Wall Control Office Organizer Unit Wall Mounted Office Desk Storage and Organization Kit Black Wall Panels and Black Accessories
  • Wall Control Office Organizer features a strong metal construction and is Made in USA
  • Office Desk Storage Kit accepts all Wall Control slotted tool board accessories
  • Desk Organizer installs quickly and easily. Mounting hardware included

Inspiration Boosters: Fuel for Your Creative Fire

Best Product Management Books 2023 2024

Sometimes, you need a little nudge to get those creative juices flowing. These accessories will help keep your inspiration tank full.

The Inspiration Board: Your Personal Mood Board

Create a physical space for your digital inspirations:

  • Use a corkboard or magnetic surface
  • Pin up colour swatches, fabric samples, and printouts
  • Change it up regularly to keep things fresh

Desk Toys: Because All Work and No Play…

A few well-chosen desk toys can:

  • Provide a needed distraction during creative blocks
  • Serve as conversation starters with clients
  • Give your hands something to do while you think
Speks Supers Magnetic Balls | Fidget Toys for Adults and Desk Toy for Office with Display Plate | Set of 3, Gunmetal
  • SUPERSIZE THE FUN: The bigger the balls, the bigger the smiles (we don’t have to tell you that). We’ve taken the original Speks, supersized them, and created magnet balls fidget toys your palms won’t get enough of. These 33mm fidget magnetic balls come either in a set of 3 with a silicone-covered steel plate or in a set of 6.

Art Books: A Library at Your Fingertips

Keep a rotating selection of art and design books within reach for:

  • Quick reference
  • Inspiration when you're stuck
  • Impressive background for video calls

Health and Wellness: Taking Care of Your Most Important Tool

Your body is your most crucial design tool. These accessories will help keep you in top form.

Water Bottle: Hydration Station

Stay hydrated with a water bottle that:

  • Is large enough to reduce refill trips
  • Has time markers to encourage regular sipping
  • Looks sleek on your desk
Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw, BPA-Free Sports Water Bottle, Great for Travel, 32 Oz, Shy Marshmallow
  • 32-ounce insulated stainless-steel water bottle with a FreeSip spout and push-button lid with lock

Stress Relief Tools: Squeeze Away the Tension

Keep a few stress-relief tools handy:

  • Stress balls for squeezing out frustrations
  • Fidget toys for restless hands
  • A mini zen garden for meditative moments
Japanese Zen Garden for Desk – Static Mountain 10″ x 10″ Desktop Mini Zen Garden with White Sand Artificial Tree Rocks Rakes & Accessories – Meditation Zen Gifts Sand Garden Kit for Office Zen Decor
  • 🗻 [Relax and play] Our zen garden is a beautifully designed zen decor that's all about bringing the peace of the Zen into your life. Easy-to-set and move sandbox is perfect for anyone who wants to escape from their bussy life for a few minutes.

Blue Light Glasses: Protect Those Peepers

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Invest in a good pair of blue light glasses to:

  • Reduce eye strain
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Look extra bright during video meetings
Oilway Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Computer Reading/Gaming/TV/Phones Glasses Fashion Anti Eyestrain UV Glasses for Women Men
  • 【Anti-Glare Blue Light Glasses】- Anti blue light glasses can effectively help you block harmful blue light from computer/phone/TV screen, filter harmful light waves and UV 400 and reduce glare, protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.

Audio Setup: Setting the Soundtrack to Your Creativity

Audio Technica Atr2100X Usb Podcast Microphone

A good audio setup is crucial whether you're into podcasts, music, or the sound of silence.

Desktop Speakers: When Headphones Won't Cut It

Look for speakers that:

  • Deliver crisp, clear sound
  • Have a small footprint on your desk
  • Include Bluetooth for easy device switching
PreSonus Eris 3.5 Studio Monitors, Pair — Powered, Active Monitor Speakers for Near Field Music Production, Desktop Computer, Hi-Fi Audio
  • HONEST. Eris 3.5 near field studio monitors deliver studio-quality, accurate sound perfect for music production, hi-fi audio listening, or multimedia reference.

Microphone: For Crystal Clear Communication

A good microphone is essential for:

  • Client calls
  • Recording voiceovers for your motion graphics
  • Practising your podcast voice (we all do it)
Blue Yeti USB Microphone for Recording, Streaming, Gaming, Podcasting on PC and Mac, Condenser Mic for Laptop or Computer with Blue VO!CE Effects, Adjustable Stand, Plug and Play – Blackout
  • Custom three-capsule array: This professional USB mic produces clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound for YouTube videos, Twitch game streaming, podcasting, Zoom meetings, music recording and more.;Blue VO!CE software: Elevate your streamings and recordings with clear broadcast vocal sound and entertain your audience with enhanced effects, advanced modulation and HD audio samples.

Cable Management: The Art of Hiding Wires

Nothing ruins a beautifully designed workspace like a tangle of cables. Let's tame that electronic spaghetti.

Cable Clips: Stick It to Messy Wires

Use adhesive cable clips to:

  • Guide wires along the edge of your desk
  • Keep frequently used cables easily accessible
  • Create a clean, organised look
6 Pack Magnetic Cable Clips [Cable Smooth Adjustable] Cord Holder, Under Desk Cable Management, JOYROOM Adhesive Wire Holder Keeper Organizer for Home Office Desk Phone Car Wall Desktop Nightstand
  • 【7.5 mm Perfect Cable Slot Diameter】Diameter of 0.3 inches (7.5mm) can hold most cables, such as phone charging cables, USB cords, HDMI thick cables, computer power cords, etc. Besides that, the slot diameter of 7.5mm can perfectly hold a charging head as small as the iPhone original silicone charging cable without falling off, and the held cable can be pulled out smoothly for use.

Cable Box: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Invest in a stylish cable box to:

  • Hide power strips and adapters
  • Reduce visual clutter
  • Protect against dust and spills
Under Desk Cable Management Tray White, Cinati Cable Management Under Desk No Drill, Cable Tray with Clamp for Desk Wire Management,Desk Cable Management Box for Office, Home – No Damage to Desk
  • No Need to Drilling Holes – Instead of damaging to your desk, our under desk cable management tray can be hanged directly to desk frames and change its position easily as you like, unlike others screw installation. It Excellent to install a clamp on any wood, glass, or any material on your desk.

Wireless Everything: The Dream Setup

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Where possible, go wireless:

  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones
  • Even your monitor, if you're feeling fancy

The Extra Mile: Quirky Additions for the Design Enthusiast

These might be optional, but they'll make your workspace more interesting.

The Desk Fan That Doubles as Art

Find a fan that:

  • Keeps you cool during intense design sessions
  • Looks like a piece of modern art
  • Sparks conversations with clients
Vornado VFAN Mini Classic Personal Vintage Air Circulator Fan, Green
  • Easy-To-Use Controls: 2-speed dial control lets you choose the cooling airflow that's right for you. Experience quiet cool air or breezy white noise, right on your desktop.

The Vintage Typewriter: A Nod to Design History

Keep a vintage typewriter on your desk for:

  • A touch of nostalgia
  • Quick note-taking (the analogue way)
  • Impressing hipster clients
Royal 79101t Classic Manual Typewriter (mint Green)
  • Royal Classic portable manual typewriter includes manual
  • Sturdy retro metal housing for durability; 12″ maximum paper width
  • Pre-installed black/red ribbon, and paper support bar
  • Full size keyboard, 44 keys, 88 symbols and Pica 87 font
  • Spacebar repeat key, variable line spacing and ribbon selector

The Mini Fridge: Snacks at Arm's Length

Sometimes, you need a cold drink or a snack without breaking your creative flow.

FRIGIDAIRE Portable 10L, 15-can Mini Fridge Brushed Stainless Rugged Refrigerator, EFMIS188-SS
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Perfect for storing lunches, drinks, beers, baby bottles or even soups. Easy to clean and Fully insulated.Fresh Food Capacity: 10 liters.Cooling method:Thermoelectric

Conclusion: Your Desk, Your Masterpiece

Remember that your desk is not just a workplace – it reflects your creative spirit and is a productivity booster. 

Designers need the best desk accessories that look good and have utility for daily use. For example, ergonomic chairs may be necessary to keep comfortable during long design sessions; noise-cancelling headphones could help with concentration levels whilst quirky desk toys might provide some entertainment value or joy sparks inspiration sometimes too – each of these things should find their way into any creative sanctuary.

There is no such thing as a wrong answer when putting together an ideal workspace, so mix-match everything and anything until something feels right. Don’t forget that this should be fun! 

Just remember one thing: well-designed desks lead to well-designed everything else around us, so get busy beautifying those surfaces, people – let them shine like never before because, through good design flows, great work always follows suit eventually if given a chance… 

That said, you had better start decorating now if you want more imaginative outcomes later!

FAQs: Designing Your Ideal Workspace

How often should I vary my desk accessories?

There is no specific time frame to follow, but it would be best to consider changing your setup every 6-12 months to keep things exciting and adopt new technology or design trends into the system.

What can I do to make my desk setup sustainable?

Purchase products made of recycled materials or those that promote sustainability; use energy-saving bulbs when selecting lighting fixtures and long-lasting goods to minimise wastage.

What’s the best way of organising cables on a desk with multiple monitors?

Utilise cable clips with cable sleeves, then incorporate a cable management tray beneath your workstation to keep everything neat and easy to use.

Do desk accessories help one become more productive?

Yes! Ergonomic additions lower fatigue levels, while organisational gadgets can smooth your workflow, increasing efficiency. In turn, productivity will also go up.

How do I choose which colour scheme is suitable for me?

Consider personal taste alongside the general ambience created by the decor around the room. Neutrals are versatile, but bright colours may bring life into dull corners of rooms, too!

What space-saving types of desk organisations are suitable for small workspaces?

Wall-mounted organisers and multifunctional items, such as monitor stands containing built-in storage facilities, should suffice. Compact foldable pieces could also fit nicely.

How important is lighting in a designer's workspace?

Extremely! Good lighting helps reduce eye strain, improves colour accuracy, and can significantly affect your mood and productivity levels.

Are standing desks worth it for designers?

Most individuals within this creative industry claim that using such tables has improved their health and creativity. If unsure, try out a converter first!

What is one desk accessory every designer should have that most people don't think about?

Desk mats! They protect surfaces from scratches caused by mouse movement while providing smooth tracking surfaces for mice and adding aesthetic value to workspaces.

How can my home office feel more professional for client video calls?

Purchase high-quality webcams that will give good image quality; ensure backgrounds are clean and well-lit so they look nice on screen – also, consider hanging art prints behind where you sit during meetings or having sleek lamps visible in the frame.

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