Top 10 B2B Ecommerce Website Design Inspirations For Startups

Top 10 B2B Ecommerce Website Design Inspirations For Startups

Today, B2B eCommerce businesses call out the frontier. And this statement is not wrong. After the pandemic of 2019, the B2B eCommerce business boom got more prominent and received high expectations compared to the B2C market.

The Forrester research of 2014 estimated that B2B online sales revenues would be $1 by 2020, and B2B sales reached $780 billion. Interestingly, in 2020, the global B2B eCommerce value reached $149 trillion in USD, five times more than the B2C market.

Since 2020, the B2B eCommerce platform has gone sky-high and has become the main gateway for many buyers. For the first time in history, B2B sellers are willing to use eCommerce websites like eWorldTrade and Alibaba rather than in-person selling. 

Ecommerce B2B Inspiration

As per the research of 2021, the B2B eCommerce sales amounted to 7.35 trillion US dollars across the world. And the amount is expected to increase 70 per cent for the next four years and reach 18.75 billion US dollars by 2026.

Read this blog if you are a new startup and want to know about the top 10 B2B eCommerce website designs inspirations to start your B2B business. 

10 Top B2B Ecommerce Website Design Inspirations

Are you looking for a simple B2B eCommerce website? Want to connect your traditional B2B business with the leading platforms? So, here you will read the list of the best, trusted, and secure B2B eCommerce marketplaces. 

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In this article, you will read the World’s top sites to operate your B2B business. These sites allow you to foster the sales of your company.

So, without further ado, let’s deep dive into this blog. 

1 – eWorldTrade – Connects Businesses Globally

Eworldtrade Ecommerce Website

eWorldTrade has been completely the complete services B2B eCommerce marketplace for more than a decade. This global B2B platform is expanding and has become a leading giant among the B2B online marketplaces.

 eWorldTrade has more than 500,000 registered members, and its database is rapidly growing. Manufactures, suppliers, wholesalers, and traders from all over the world join this platform. It offers transparent policies to create a strong relationship between buyers and traders.

One of the best things about eWorldTrade is; They established this digital trading platform to meet the demands of commercial competitiveness. It is built thoroughly, so its targeted customers enjoy the fastest, most reliable, and smooth trading. It allows buyers to make bulk purchases and get their hands on certified products that meet global quality standards.

Best Features of eWorldTrade

  • easy to use website
  • offers a simple navigation system 
  • have ample space to emphasise your business information 
  • flexible payment options
  • provides the free quotes
  • have AI-Integrated chatbots
  • quick order or reorder option
  • offer discounts on bulk quantities 
  • easy checkout process 

2 – Alibaba – the largest B2B Marketplace

Alibaba Website Design

Alibaba is another big B2B eCommerce website with more than 80 per cent of digital sales originating from China. It designed numerous strategies for every manufacturer, wholesalers, and merchant. It is considered the wholesale warehouse for every B2B business and gives them support to sell products across the globe. Due to its comprehensive service, Alibaba also marked its position among the top B2B marketplaces. 

This online selling hub incredibly influenced the Chinese entrepreneurs by providing them with the most secured area to sell products efficiently to numerous niches.

Best Features of Alibaba

  • Features multiple products
  • Simple to use 
  • Have search option 
  • Offers discounts
  • Personalised B2B catalogue
  • Multiple price list 
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3 – Amazon – Top B2B eCommerce Marketplace

Amazon Website Design Inspiration

Amazon is another prominent name among the B2B eCommerce marketplaces worldwide. This global platform contains billion of products from every category. The main aim of this global B2B website is to connect the supplier and traders with the most authentic buyers.

No matter from which industry you belong, Amazon helps businesses expand their horizon to perform business activities effectively. This B2B site helps businesses communicate their brand products and services to the targeted customers. The wholesalers have the opportunity to create more effective strategies to attract potential clients.

Best Features of Amazon

  • Offer amazon credit without rush shipping
  • Seller central coupons
  • Automated pricing 
  • Product catalogue 
  • Inventory management 
  • Reorder option
  • Offer minimum order quantity (MOQ)

4 – eBay

Ebay Website Design Inspiration

eBay is the growing B2B eCommerce website. Due to its strategic B2B policies and criteria, it helps businesses and entrepreneurs to operate their businesses successfully. The researchers said eBay invested a lot of time and money to make the most engaging B2B eCommerce= website. It focuses more on creating a well-designed and user-friendly interface to attract customers.

eBay is the best way to increase your reach and expand your horizon globally. This B2B platform quickly catches your interest and helps you connect with trustworthy and reliable customers. Today, eBay achieved a huge ranking among the B2B eCommerce sites because most sellers experience remarkable business growth.

Best Features of eBay

  • sells products at practical prices 
  • high-quality products
  • interactive and responsive websites 
  • provide efficient shipping 
  • numerous payment method
  • simple checkout procedure 
  •  VAT price toggle 

5 – Made in China – The Best B2B market company

Made In China Ecommerce Website Design

Made in China is another B2B eCommerce website with a variety of branded products from China, and the motive of this site is to increase the customer base. At this online B2B portal, you also find many products such as apparel, athletic equipment, footwear, fashion accessories, etc. They also offer kids toys, home goods, and electronics. This online portal also offers other services that include manufacturing and wholesale.

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Over the past years, made in China has become the most reliable and extensive trading platform addressing international trade. It has 14,000,000 registered buyers with more than 3800+ product categories. It is the one-stop-shop solution for every business and offers international trade worldwide.

Best Features of Made In China 

  • Have a secure shopping experience
  • Flexible payment options
  • Advanced search option 
  •  Quick or reorder order option
  • Request free quote 
  • Live customer support 
  • Easy to checkout 

6 – AliExpress – Offers Wholesale opportunity. 

Aliexpress Website Design

AliExpress is the big name in the B2B eCommerce industry in the World. However, this B2B portal acts as the subsidiary of Alibaba and has grown into a large online retail store that interacts with international retailers. 

This industry was first started as the supplier of Chinese products, and now it is expanding its services in numerous countries. At AliExpress, you also find many products such as books, furniture, and electronics.

This marketplace is also the best place to find potential customers for your brand’s products and services. AliExpress is owned by the same corporation that operates Alibaba. It has many solid and similar strands like Alibaba.

Best Features of AliExpress

  • Seamless price pattern
  • Payment gateways
  • Comprehensive incentive policy
  • Best shipping method
  • Discounts policy
  • Product exchange 
  • High-quality product images with detailed information 

7 – EC21

Ec21 Web Design Inspiration

EC21 is the most trusted and authentic platform that offers quality products and services. This B2B platform was inaugurated in 1997 as the online trade board for Korea International Trade Association (KTA). EC21 also marks its name in the best B2B marketplaces created to help buyers and sellers from all over the work. 

This platform provides outstanding B2B services to each merchant. This online portal invests in eCommerce sites to make them easy to use and flexible to operate. It allows small and medium-sized companies to perform business activities efficiently.

This retail business has almost 3 million global buyers directory with 3.5 million visitors monthly. So, it is easy for you to find a global buyer here. The individuals who operate businesses as sole proprietors or running a small business, choosing EC21 is also the best option. This platform has 7 million products in the database. 

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Best Features of EC21

  • Visitor distribution by country 
  • Seamless website
  • Customer chat support system
  • Easy to check out
  • Perfect product catalogue 
  • Inventory management 

8 – DH Gate

Dh Gate Ecommerce Website

DH gate is also the leading name in B2B eCommerce websites. This platform offers the premium quality of goods and services at the highly-effective rates. The DH gate was established to provide comprehensive services to every small and medium-sized company. 

Whether in the food industry or automobile industry, you can join DH gate quickly regardless of which industry you belong to. This platform has trustable and authentic brands from all over the world. It ensures that each product must be certified under global quality standards. The main aim of this firm is to consider the demand of each customer to provide comprehensive services.

Best Features of DH Gate

  • Perfect products listing 
  • Sophisticated search 
  • Secure payment method
  • In-depth product information 
  • Real-time inventory management 
  • Offer minimum order quantity

9 – Global Sources – The Hong Kong-based B2B marketplace

Global Sources Web Design

Global Sources is also a prominent name in the top B2B eCommerce marketplaces, where selling online products is convenient and easy for each person. They established this online eCommerce site in 1971, and it has 49 years of experience operating B2B businesses online.  

Global sources have the customer-centric approach, so with this approach, they have consistent 1.5 million buyers from every corner of the world. These B2B platforms offer you the optimised storefront m with a user-friendly interface. 

However, most of their buyers are authentic, genuine, and trustworthy—some of the retailers on global sources are considered the top 100 retailers of the world. 

Best Features of Global Sources

  • Have call-to-action tools
  • Allow order management
  • Easy to navigate products 
  • Order tracking
  • High-quality product images 
  • detail information about products
  • user-friendly interface
  • fastest delivery
  • minimum order quantity 

10 – SeeBiz – B2B networking platform 

Ecommerce Web Design Services

SeeBiz is also the online eCommerce website and even the best networking platform that allows distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers to their products worldwide. Whether you want to sell in the smallest town of Africa or the largest city of China, Chongqing, you can attract your targeted prospects easily.

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As a social networking platform, you can enjoy hassle-free connections with your targeted customers. This B2B platform will keep you in touch with the competitive marketplace and helps you to stand out among rivals. On SeeBiz, you can display your products to buyers to operate your business more successfully. 

Best Features of SeeBiz

  • Numerous payment method 
  • call-to-action tools
  • perfect order management
  • simple product navigation 
  • easy search option 
  • provides Order tracking
  • in-depth product information

Must-Have Features In B2B Ecommerce Website

When you are choosing the top B2B eCommerce website to gain more reach, make sure your B2B website must have these features listed below;

  1. Provides sophisticated & advanced search  
  2. Gives password-protected access
  3. Have complete product information
  4. High-resolution images
  5. Order tracking 
  6. Flexible & secure payment methods 
  7. Add a VAT price toggle 
  8. Discounts on bulk orders 
  9. Real-time inventory levels
  10. Quick or reorder order option
  11. Request free quote 
  12. Live customer support 
  13. Flexible checkout 
  14. set minimum order quantity level 
  15. Mobile-first design

The Shift to Digital platforms

The global B2B eCommerce website helps businesses meet with trustworthy traders and buyers to build a strong relationship. They have crafted a strategic online portal that is easy to use and easy to navigate to help sellers perform their trading efficiently. 

These sites are designed to overcome modern challenges, and it helps business engage potential customers. It even helps businesses generate more profit by expanding their services internationally.

So, for B2B companies, it is beneficial to adopt new marketing modes to make a reputable position among rivals.

Author Bio: Muhammad Shoaib is a creative B2B writer, blogger and tech geek who likes to write about emerging technologies and the latest trending topics such as B2B marketing, digital marketing, web designing, creative designing and more.

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