4 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Brand Thrive

4 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Brand Thrive

Since coming to the fore, emails have continued to reshape the idea of sending personal and professional correspondence. 

Communication is now quick and easy, regardless of the geographical distance between the parties. 

The number of back and forth email transmissions daily is up to 269 billion. This figure alone is a glimpse of the possibilities of email.

The correct choice of marketing channels offers brands plenty of opportunities with the appropriate target audience. 

It also improves their chances of converting prospects into customers. 

Other essential considerations, such as cutting-edge email security tools must also be in place to prevent malicious attacks on email servers or breach of subscriber data. 

Adequate cybersecurity is not optional for brands sending emails to clients. Such security measures protect brand reputation over the long term.

No other channel beats email for building awareness, grabbing attention, and converting prospects. 

Email helps brands segment their marketing content, reach subscribers individually, and personalise communications based on a relationship with each recipient.

This article will reveal how email marketing can help businesses to:

● Promote brand recognition

● Promote relationships

● Increase customer retention and

● Establish authority

4 Ways to Catapult Your Brand Using Email Marketing

Email Marketing Guide

1. Promote Brand Recognition

The extent to which the general public can identify a brand by its attributes is known as brand recognition

It also applies to an organisation’s target market. 

Therefore, when you send out emails to your subscribers, be sure to include your visual signifiers such as your brand’s logo design.

Brand colours and graphics need to be consistent in each email. It helps the audience know immediately that an email is from you. 

Such brand attributes extend awareness about your brand, attracting customers towards products and services. 

They may need to select between two brands for the product. One they have never heard of, and another they recognise. 

They are more likely to pick the one they know.

Newsletters are examples of emails that update a customer on the current events in the industry and keeps a brand in the front and centre of the customer’s mind. 

There is an option to update preferences, so they only receive content that interests them. Newsletters are excellent for promoting brand recognition.

2. Promote Relationships

Loyalty Email Marketing

Trust makes relationships happen more quickly. The same is valid for prospects evaluating a brand. 

Winning their trust makes it essential to communicate with them and connect with them, with the use of things that matter to them. Email marketing is a useful tool to achieve this.

Whether for a previous customer or a new subscriber, emails will raise the awareness and knowledge the customer has of your brand. 

Communication is what breeds trust and nurtures essential relationships.

Both nurturing emails and welcome emails can be used to build relationships. They bring prospects up to speed about your brand, teaching them all they need to know to make the most of the relationship. 

It occurs before they move from the awareness stage to the consideration stage.

Subscribers may need to update their preferences for the curation of relevant products.

3. Increase Customer Retention

Email Marketing Results

Customer retention collates strategies companies use to retain the most customers over the longest possible time. 

A repeat customer is the dream of every business; depending on one-time purchases means working consistently to gain new customers. It is not a sustainable measure for any business. 

Ideally, brands want loyal customers, and a working email marketing system can achieve that.

Sending out the right type of emails with the right frequency, and at the right time will ensure your customers continue to return to you. 

It will increase your brand’s conversion. These customers may ultimately become advocates for your brand, helping you do the hard work of selling your business to the world, via word of mouth.

When a business sends out an email, the primary motive is to remind their audience that they still exist. 

These emails may be alerts informing them of new products or an ongoing sale. These are gentle reminders that subscribers should receive frequently. 

Even when subscribers do not place a premium on you, they will receive reminders that you exist. 

When they are ready to make a purchase, they will at least consider you. These emails could help make sales or grow conversions.

Re-engagement emails also help improve retention and win back customers. 

For a business that requires customers to re-order products, re-order emails can help retain such customers. It shows them how much your brand cares.

4. Establish Authority

Leadership Branding

Email marketing helps a brand showcase its achievements and its awareness in the industry. 

Valuable tips, content, and sizable information are examples of elements a brand needs to establish authority, and improve the brand’s entire value.

Recipients who receive value from your emails or email campaigns will likely forward them to others who could equally join your email list. It is positive and spreads the good qualities of your brand.

Sending product information or specifications about a product they are considering is essential and highly rewarding. 

Industry news is crucial if you are serious about becoming a thought leader in your industry.

Email Best Practices to Help Build Your Brand

Set your brand’s tone and voice

Uber Email Marketing Campaign Example

Your business operates with brand guidelines. Extending these to your email marketing strategy will attract the right people to your brand. The right people are those who help achieve your business objectives.

The tone and voice of your emails should be consistent across all marketing communications for maximum effect. Email communication should convey how serious or fun a brand is.

Plan every piece of content

Content Marketing Tips

The content of emails is critical and should have a prior plan. Any email marketing strategy should contain a tidy content plan. The content should:

● Align with the email type the subscriber is receiving. If you’re nurturing a lead in the consideration stage, the email content will differ from that of a welcome email.

● Be crisp and straightforward, so the reader picks all the vital details in one scoop.

● Have a subject line that reveals the email’s gist. Headlines that are simple and attractive have the best results.

● It should provide value to readers and offer essential insights to the users.

Include a call-to-action (CTA)

Email Marketing Call To Action

Always strive to deliver an actionable email. A prospect looking to learn about your brand can be asked to visit your website. 

On the other hand, a prospect in the consideration stage can have a CTA along with content that compels them to buy. Adding appropriate CTAs will help with conversions.

Ask permission

Sending an email without the prospect’s consent is never welcome. Regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act seek to protect users from brands that do this.

Thinking Security-First in Email Marketing

Essential Wordpress Security Plugins

Multiple individuals may have access credentials to your email accounts. You need to consider the possible risks if there is a compromise to or outright stealing of customer data. 

It can be a big blow to your brand’s reputation if either of these happens.

Aside from your image, your financials can be adversely affected. Data breaches cost companies globally an average of $3.86 million

Your email strategy must take into account these implications to prevent any possible catastrophe.

A rigorous password policy is essential for your email marketing security strategy. 

A weak password is responsible for 80 percent of data breaches. The Infographic from Everycloud at the end of the article provides more data and statistics in one place to help you rethink and re-jig your email strategy.

Edward Snowden, in the interview with comedian John Oliver, talks about how the “pass-phrase” theory can strengthen your system’s safety when adequately implemented. 

Updating passwords often is compulsory and should be introduced as a rule for everyone in a company with access to sensitive information. 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is another way to keep things secure. It can radically improve cybersecurity efforts, and more than 93 percent of organisations use it to some extent. This simple approach could have avoided many breaches. 

Top digital marketing agencies know the effectiveness of email

However, they also know that email marketing has the most loopholes when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Lynn Koreman of Cybervista points to how common phishing scams are today, and how urgent it is to marketers to prevent cloaked, misrepresented, or duplicated campaigns. 

Email communications must seem trustworthy to customers, so they can feel secure to click and learn more.

Compromised email access can have unintended adverse outcomes for digital efforts. These include multiple servers blocking your IP address or your emails fulfilling their destiny in spam folders. 

Carefully following recommended best practices about online safety can help avoid this.

In Conclusion

Channelling email marketing efforts in the right direction helps to build a consistent brand. 

Email marketing is great to welcome new subscribers, build relationships with them, foster trust, and engage them. 

Emails should reach subscribers as and when due, to create attention and promote loyalty.

It is vital to craft email using cutting-edge practices adopted by email marketing thought leaders. 

Optimising your brand’s email marketing strategy is undoubtedly worth doing when you work on improving your branding.

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