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Top 10 Mobile Apps to Boost Business Productivity

Top 10 Mobile Apps to Boost Business Productivity

In today's fast-paced business world, productivity is vital. With so many tasks and responsibilities, having the right tools can make all the difference in getting more done in less time. This is where mobile apps come in handy!

Mobile apps provide on-the-go access to technologies and features that organise information, streamline workflows, and boost productivity for professionals and businesses. But with over 1.8 million apps available just in the App Store alone in 2023, how do you know which ones are the most useful for business?

I've tested and researched dozens of business and productivity mobile apps to bring you the cream of the crop. These top 10 productivity apps for businesses provide solutions for task management, file sharing, note-taking, project collaboration, and more. Let's dive in!

1 – Asana – Project Management Powerhouse

Asana App

Asana leads the pack for collaborative task management regarding premium features, user experience, and integration capabilities. This robust project management application enables teams to:

  • Break down projects into tasks and subtasks
  • Assign tasks to individuals
  • Set due dates and track progress
  • Comment and collaborate on tasks in real-time

With Asana, you can also:

  • Create multiple projects and workspaces
  • Build task dependencies
  • Set milestones and plan sprints
  • View projects on list, board, timeline, and calendar views
  • Integrate with 100+ apps like DropBox, Salesforce, Slack, and more

Asana is free for up to 15 members. The Premier plan unlocks additional views, dashboards, rules, goals and advanced search. Asana Business provides admin controls and member permissions. With stellar project planning features and seamless app integrations, Asana is a must-have project management application for any business aiming to achieve maximum productivity.

2 – Microsoft OneDrive – Universal File Storage & Sharing

For storing, syncing and sharing files across devices and teams, Microsoft OneDrive is an essential cross-platform application that enables you to:

  • Store all file types up to 250 GB for free
  • Sync files across PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  • Share files internally and externally via view/edit permissions
  • Co-author Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in real-time
  • Scan documents and whiteboards into PDFs with Office Lens
  • Automatically back up photos/videos from mobile devices

OneDrive also facilitates remote team collaboration with features such as:

  • Document library with metadata and retention policies
  • Team site notebooks for meetings and shared notes
  • Private/shared libraries for managing site content
  • Advanced security controls and permissions
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With offline access and top-rated syncing capabilities, Microsoft OneDrive keeps you productive from anywhere while providing the file sharing and cloud storage features today's businesses demand.

3 – Evernote – The Organisational Power Tool

Evernote Note Taking App Review

Evernote has been the premier note-taking app, relied on by over 225 million users for years. This free-form digital workspace allows individuals and teams to:

  • Create formatted text notes, lists, to-dos and reminders
  • Capture ideas and documents with camera scans and screenshots
  • Record audio notes while on the go
  • Clip web content and annotate PDFs
  • Organise notes with tags and notebooks
  • Search within notes by keywords, tags, text, etc.

Evernote also facilitates idea sharing and simple team collaboration with features like:

  • Note sharing and publishing
  • Shared team notebooks
  • Notes inbox for managing shared notes
  • Version history on synced notes

With unmatched organisational capabilities and note-sharing features, Evernote gives you the information capture and findability to maximise productivity.

4 – Slack – Streamlined Team Communication

As a real-time messaging platform designed for teams, Slack has become the leading team chat app used by over 12 million daily active users. This searchable communication hub consolidates emails, calls and messages into channel-based conversations, including:

  • Public channels for department/topic discussions
  • Private channels for confidential projects
  • Direct messages for 1:1 or group chats
  • Inbuilt video calling for meetings and screen sharing

Slack also enables seamless collaboration with capabilities like:

  • File sharing with cloud storage integrations
  • Note sharing with apps like OneDrive, G Suite, Evernote, etc.
  • Advanced search for finding files, messages and more
  • Custom workflows with Zapier and IFTTT
  • Third-party app integrations (1,500+ apps)

Slack transforms team productivity like no other business messaging application with structured communication channels, seamless integrations, and chat-based collaboration capabilities.

5 – Documents by Readdle – Next Gen File Management

Documents App By Readdle Productivity Apps3

Need to manage business documents across cloud platforms like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.? Documents by Readdle provides a universal file manager that enables you to:

  • Browse, search and preview files from all cloud accounts
  • Transfer and save files between cloud platforms
  • View and edit Office docs, PDFs, images, audio, video and more
  • Annotate PDFs with highlights, signatures, shapes, etc.
  • Encrypt individual files with passcode protection.

This multi-cloud manager also facilitates file organisation and productivity with additional features such as:

  • Favorites folder for frequent file access
  • Offline viewing of cached documents
  • File organisation via colour labels and protection function
  • AirDrop support for quick document transfers
  • Print documents over WiFi into digital or physical formats

With streamlined access to files across leading cloud platforms, Documents by Readdle is a must-have file management tool for staying productive while working across services.

6 – – automated Audio Transcription & Note Taking

Need to capture meaningful discussions but only sometimes have time to take detailed notes? Using advanced AI technology, provides automated audio transcriptions, summaries and notes from meetings, interviews, lectures, and more. Users can:

  • Record meetings directly within the mobile and web apps
  • Import pre-recorded audio or video files
  • View interactive transcripts synced to audio playback
  • Search transcripts and export text/audio files
  • Share meeting excerpts with highlights for quick review
  • Collaborate on Otter notes
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Otter also automatically generates AI-powered meeting summaries with key takeaways, action items, and decisions. With Otter, you can skip manual note-taking while retaining critical information from essential conversations.

7 – CamScanner – Turn Paper to Digital

Camscanner App

We all encounter paper documents that need scanning, storing and sometimes editing during business operations. With Camscanner's smart image processing and optimisation technology, you can:

  • Auto-detect document edges for crisp scans
  • Date/time stamp and tag scanned files
  • Enhance image quality with lighting correction
  • Transform scans into editable Word, Excel and PDF formats
  • Search scans via OCR text recognition
  • Secure scans with fingerprint or passcode
  • Sync scans to the cloud directly within the app

This digital document management powerhouse also allows you to:

  • Annotate PDFs before conversion to Office docs
  • E-sign, share, print and fax scanned files instantly
  • Organise scans into libraries with folder structure

For transforming paper files into searchable, editable digital formats instantly, CamScanner maximises document productivity anywhere.

8 – Focus Keeper – Beat Distractions & Boost Time Management

In today's distraction-filled business world, focus and time management are essential yet increasingly elusive professional skills. This is where Focus Keeper, a simple yet powerful productivity timer, delivers solutions through features like:

  • Customisable countdown timers (up to hours)
  • Flexible preset timer configurations
  • Tick sounds during the countdown to keep you on track
  • Optional alarm sounds when a timer expires
  • Charts showing focus time vs. break time

The Focus Keeper methodology uses timed focus-break cycles based on concepts proven to:

  • Reduce distractions and procrastination
  • Improve ability to focus for more extended periods
  • Increase energy and productivity over time

With an intuitive interface requiring minimal effort between tasks, Focus Keeper builds exceptional focus stamina and time management discipline through consistency and repetition.

9 – Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App – Reduce Paper Clutter

Scannerpro App For Productivity

Converting paper documents into compact digital formats is critical for reducing business paperwork and enabling searchability. For lightning-fast document digitisation, Scanner Pro leverages state-of-the-art image processing to:

  • Auto-detect document edges for precision cropping
  • Enhance image brightness, colour and sharpness
  • Export optimised scans as PDF or JPG formats
  • Convert scans into compact PDFs with OCR capability
  • Organise scans into searchable folders
  • Password-protect confidential PDF files
  • Sync scans across devices via cloud services

Scanner Pro also enables document annotation and editing by allowing you to:

  • Add text boxes, highlights, shapes, etc., on scans
  • Redact confidential scan segments
  • Reorganise, rotate and delete PDF pages
  • Combine multiple scans into a single PDF file

If your business handles lots of paper documents, Scanner Pro is a must-have assistant for fast digitisation and organisation so you can ditch the clutter.

10 – TouchRetouch – Remove Photo Objects & Imperfections

Effective visual communication requires high-quality, polished images. While capturing perfect photos isn't always possible, TouchRetouch makes flawless images attainable through professional-grade editing features:

  • Object removal – eliminate unwanted elements
  • Blemish removal – wipe out imperfections
  • Line/spot removal – vanish unwanted marks
  • Colour correction – balance light and dark areas

With precision selection tools and AI algorithms that seamlessly fill removed segments, anyone can retouch mobile photos like a pro.

Businesses can leverage TouchRetouch to effortlessly:

  • Refine product photos for eCommerce
  • Edit staff headshots for websites/panels
  • Enhance corporate event and venue photos
  • Create polished graphics and visuals on the go
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TouchRetouch amplifies visual content quality to enhance brand image and reach by turning flawed images into pixel-perfect pictures in minutes.


Harnessing mobile technology to improve efficiency is crucial for modern business success. These top-rated iOS/Android apps provide versatile solutions for capturing ideas, streamlining communication, managing documents and projects, boosting focus, converting paper files, and even polishing images when on the go.

While individual needs vary, exploring and investing in game-changing mobile apps creates value across business functions. Just remember to look up from the screen and make human connections, too!

Top 10 Mobile Apps (FAQs)

What are the top 3 apps for boosting productivity?

The top 3 apps for productivity based on project management, file sharing, and communication features are Asana, Microsoft OneDrive, and Slack.

Which apps are best for converting paper into digital formats?

The leading apps for digitising paper documents into editable Office docs or searchable PDF formats are CamScanner and Scanner Pro.

What apps can I use to improve focus and time management?

Focus Keeper provides customisable countdown timers with charts to help improve focus stamina, reduce distractions, and enhance time management over time.

Do I need to pay for productivity apps?

Many exceptional productivity apps like Evernote, OneDrive, Slack, and Focus Keeper have free versions covering core features, with paid plans unlocking additional capabilities. Others like Asana, CamScanner, Scanner Pro, Documents by Readdle, and TouchRetouch offer free trial periods.

How do I choose the right app for my needs?

Identifying pain points around information capture, communication, file sharing and project collaboration in your business processes, then matching needs to app capabilities and reviews, assists with selecting the most useful productivity apps for your needs.

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