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Tomahawk is an open source, online music player, similar to iTunes or Spotify. It allows both local media playback and legal streaming from a range of online sources such as YouTube.


Inkbot Design was tasked with bringing the Tomahawk music player brand up-to-date. Their existing logo was by no means bad, but issues with small-scale legibility and potential political-correctness complaints had to be rectified.


Sometimes as a designer, you can feel in your gut when you're onto something, you know you're on the right lines. This was one of those times. Looking at how everything came together so cleanly, with both meaning and simplicity all wrapped up in one symbol is what I enjoy about designing logos. the resulting logo design fits the brief and the app to a ‘T’, bringing the Tomahawk brand a fresh, bold feel. “New. Logo. Is. World. Class. Epic. Smartest thing I've seen for very long time!” – yusf
Tomahawk Music Player Logo Design Process
Tomahawk Music Player Logo Design
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