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Branding a US Computer Company called Meta Loop
Computer Company Logo Design For Meta Loop


Meta Loop is a US based computer repair company that offers a range of home computer repair services and training. Their mission statement is that they're not salespeople, they're teachers – they explain things in understandable terms rather than simply try to up-sell you a new computer. Their tagline sums that up rather well: “Home Computer Help, That Makes Sense”.

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With an increasing client base, they've narrowed their focus and needed a new logo that more accurately conveyed their identity, whilst facilitating expansion and growth in new areas. Their overall request for the computer company logo was simplicity – something clean and elegant, yet powerful.

Stephen (the owner) asked to see an option that included some form of ‘brackets' < > because they were used for meta tags in web coding and it was a nice connection. He also asked for the logo to be presentable in one colour, in a flat style related to Microsoft's new Metro UI.

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“When I look at this logo, I am convinced that it will be just as fresh and relevant 10-20 years from now.

That's a pretty ambitious statement, especially considering the rapid pace of technological innovation, and how quickly computer things become antiquated.”

Stephen Webb

Logo Design On Corrugated Iron Fence For Meta Loop
Meta Loop Icons Design


The final logo for the computer company comprises of the two brackets/meta tags, looping around each other to create a simple, yet visually interesting form. Almost iconic, it works well at any scale, retaining visibility down to pixel dimensions.

The rounded nature to both the mark and the typeface kept the brand personal. Using the selected blue tone, it would be easy to become cold and corporate – but the more playful aspect to the design prevents that.

The designed icons to the follow the form of the logo design – a simple line that connects conceptually but not necessarily literally, hence the divided areas. These are used in marketing materials and online to differentiate the computer repair services provided by Meta Loop.

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Computer Company Logo Design
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