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How to Get More Views on TikTok: The Inside Scoop

How to Get More Views on TikTok: The Inside Scoop

Getting views on TikTok is challenging these days. With billions of videos uploaded, it's a tall order to stand out. But don't throw in the towel just yet! I've cracked the code on how to get those views skyrocketing.

We're talking significant league tips to amplify your TikTok game. Get that “For You” page blessed with your face, boost that view count, and see those followers rolling in. Let's dive into the good stuff!

Know Thy TikTok Algorithm

Best Tiktok Marketing Tips 2021

Think of the TikTok algorithm as that gatekeeper who decides if your video becomes viral or gathers some serious digital dust bunnies. It's all about keeping users glued to their screens by serving up content they dig.

TikTok's algo looks at signals like:

  • Watch time (% of video you watch)
  • Engagement (likes, comments, shares)
  • Content type (trends better than static vids)
  • User interactions (do they keep rewatching?)
  • Device and account settings

The more the algorithm vibes with your content, the higher your chances of being pushed out to the masses. It's like a giant video vouching system!

Cracking the Code: Content is King

You knew this was coming, didn't you? If you want those views rolling in, you've got to put out top-notch content. TikTok's algorithm rewards videos that grab attention and keep folks watching until the very last second.

Make it Puntastic

Jump on the latest trends, sounds, challenges, you name it. These tend to get premium treatment from the algorithm since TikTok wants to keep serving up what's hot and hashtable.

Post those takes, reaction vids, and deeply niche material. Get in on the hype while it's scorching! Bonus points for creativity and putting your spin on things.

Quality Over Quantity

Don't just release a barrage of blah videos, hoping one will catch fire. TikTok would feed just a single ah-mazing video to a gazillion fans rather than a million duds. Always bring that quality A-game!

Building the Hype: Promotion

You've created TikTok gold, but don't just sit back hoping it will be discovered. That's like waiting for a stranger to randomly drop off doughnuts at your doorstep (and we all know how often that happens). It's time to be your hype machine!

Post at peak times when your target audience is online. Cross-promote on other platforms like Insta, Twitter, Youtube, etc., to drive traffic TikTok's way. Force those likes and comments early on – it sends positive signals to the algorithm.

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The Engagement Equation

Tiktok Top View Ads Example

Likes, comments, and shares – these are the nuts and bolts of TikTok's success. Why? Because high engagement = a clear signal to the algorithm that your content needs to be seen, stat!

Think about it. If fans furiously like and comment on your videos, chances are you're tickling their fancy in the right ways. The algorithm wants to keep that good thing going by pushing your videos to even more people.

Be a โญ Content Creator.

You have got to give viewers a reason to throw some digital love your way with likes, comments and shares:

  • Informative/entertaining/hilarious vids
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • Shoutouts to fans
  • Clever captions and text overlay
  • Consistent content and niche

Get those loyal fans hooked and hungry for more! Cue the audience participation and bombardment of likes.

Optimise Like Crazy

  • Use those hot hashtags and get on the trending train
  • Go live and chat it up with fans (bam, instant engagement)
  • Reply to ALL comments (the algorithm loves active engagement!)
  • Use on-screen text to encourage interaction
  • Post catchy hooks, quotables, or cliffhangers
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Run giveaways or contests

The deeper you can whip up that engagement frenzy, the more TikTok will reward you. It's like Newton's law of virtual motions!

Going Viral: Rinse & Repeat

Tiktok Hashtag Challenge

Getting a one-hit viral wonder is excellent, but do you know what's even better? Consistent virality! That's what separates TikTok's lightweight champions from the heavyweight legends.

Those epic videos need to keep rolling out the content factory 24/7. Lucky for you, I've got some pro tips on how to make that happen.

Analyse This

Put on your data analyst hat and dig into those TikTok video analytics. This treasure trove shows you:

  • Viewer demographics
  • Watch times, engagement rates
  • Best days/times for posting
  • Top territories and more

Use these juicy insights to double down on the content and tactics that are working best. Over time, you'll master your viral formula!

Stick to a Schedule

Like a TV show, your fans will crave predictable, fresh content from you. Post new videos on a consistent schedule – same days, same (peak) times. TikTok's algorithm loves reinforcing content patterns it already endorses.

Plus, you'll train your audience to expect regular new stuff from you. It becomes an appointment-viewing habit, boosting Tiktok views and engagement metrics.

Stay Trendy

Easier said than done, I know. TikTok trends come and go at lightning speed. But if you want to jockey for those valuable “For You” Page positions, keep it current!

Dedicate weekly time to soak up the latest trending audios, hashtags, filters and vids. Get in on those viral waves before they crest!

Embrace Collabs

Two TikTok brains are better than one…times a zillion! Collaborate with other creators in your space – it's a surefire way to cross-pollinate your audiences for maximum views and follower gains.

You could guest star in their videos, do a duet chain, or run a joint challenge; the possibilities are endless. It's a classic win-win!

Test, Tweak, Repeat

Remember, there's no single approach that unlocks eternal TikTok virality. It's constantly creating, analysing, optimising, rinse and repeat!

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Constantly test new content angles, formats, post times, hooks and more. Stay nimble, ditch what's not working, and double down on your biggest hits.

Lights, Camera, TikTok!

Optimise Your Tiktok Profile

We've covered ways to TikTok optimise your content, build that engagement hype, and find consistent viral success. But what about the actual videos themselves? What does it take to produce gripping, scroll-stopping content?

Buckle up because I'm about to take you to TikTok filmmaking school!

The Hook Shot

You've got roughly 3 seconds to grab a viewer and reel them in for the full video. That first moment has to be genuinely magnetic! It creates an open loop that compels people to keep watching.

Some killer hook strategies:

  • It is an uncommon/surprising opener
  • Posing an intriguing question
  • Playing off a wildly popular audio
  • Teasing an epic punchline to come
  • Hitting them with mind-blowing visuals

You get the picture – make those opening moments so gripping and tantalising that they just have to see what happens next!

Editing Like a Pro

Slick editing can make even the most basic videos feel like movie-quality art! TikTok's camera tools provide a TON of options:

  • Filters and effects
  • Transitions and stop motion
  • Sped-up/slowed footage
  • Side-by-side reactions
  • Duets and stitches
  • Green screens
  • Text overlay

Mix and match these techniques to keep things dynamic and engaging. Stale, static videos are the kiss of death on TikTok!

Set the (Soundtracked) Mood

Almost every wildly viral TikTok you've seen had one thing in common – a supremely catchy audio track! They capitalise on the sound's existing popularity to instantly pique your interest.

Not sure where to start? Check out the “Add sound” menu to browse TikTok's crazy audio library. You'll find clips from TV, movies, viral memes, original songs, and more.

Think about creatively playing off an audio's context, lyrics, or feeling. Or roll the dice by uploading a unique hit sound and starting a fresh trend!

Optimise Those Descriptions

The video caption and stacked hashtags lend valuable context and discoverability signals to TikTok's algorithm. They help categorise and deprioritise your vid for the right audiences.

Try to:

  • Use 1-2 lines max for the video caption (keep it snappy!)
  • Incorporate relevant keywords and content descriptors.
  • Leverage current trending hashtags.
  • Sprinkle in a few niche/targeted hashtags.
  • Add your unique hashtag callout.

TikTok will know exactly how to prioritise your content between the audio and captions!

Lights, Camera, Growth Hacking!

Last but not least, we've got to talk growth hacking. These unique strategies will help rapidly expand your TikTok imprint in ways the average user isn't thinking about!

Embrace Those Stitches

When someone stitches one of your videos by recording a new clip reacting to yours, it's officially entered a fresh viral cycle!

Reciprocate by stitching other popular videos yourself. It puts you on the radar of those creators and audiences, which can trigger a user explosion. You're creating a new co-viewing experience!

Duet for Success

Duets work similarly, but you'll split the screen with part of the original video. Creatively play off the content or audio in your reaction!

Hot takes, funny reactions, and story hijackings can all drive crazy engagement. And the original creator's fans will eat it up as an extension of that content they love.

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Capitalise On Momentum

Let's say one of your videos starts picking up serious viral steam (hooray!). You'll want to strike while that iron is scorching hot by quickly banking on that wave of momentum.

Post a follow-up reaction or behind-the-scenes video to milk that attention for all it's worth. You'll engage fans who want to see more while introducing yourself to new audience members just hopping aboard.

TikTok Growth, By the Numbers

Tiktok User Growth Graph

Still not convinced you've got what it takes for TikTok stardom? Let's run through some quick stats that will make you a believer.

  • Over 1 billion monthly active users
  • 90% of users access TikTok at least once per day
  • Users spend 89 minutes daily on the app (more than Facebook!)
  • Over 1 billion video views happen per day.
  • There are 3.7 million videos created daily
  • The average user watch time per video is 10.85 seconds

In other words, TikTok's influence runs ridiculously deep, and those video eyeballs are out there for the taking.

You must employ the right hooks and hacks to cut through the noise! Here are a few final stats to light a fire:

  • Just 4% of uploaded videos become viral
  • The average video with over 1 million views is only 16 seconds long
  • A solid 21.9% of videos get over 100 likes

The barrier for TikTok virality is low! You can become a mega-famous TikToker with patience, consistency, and some science-fueled wizardry.

Don't Count Yourself Out Yet

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to tackle the TikTok growth game? Don't lose hope so fast!

Let's recap the critical focus areas one more time before you throw in that towel:

  • Study up on TikTok's almighty algorithm and prioritisation signals
  • Craft thumb-stopping hooks and addictive, binge-worthy content
  • Build a rabid fanbase of loyal, engaged followers
  • Cross-pollinate, collaborate and capitalise on momentum waves
  • Constantly testing, analysing and refining your strategy

If you stay persistent and keep your finger on the pulse of evolving TikTok best practices, that view count is destined to soar! It might not happen overnight.

How to Get More Views on TikTok FAQs Answered.

Does posting consistently matter for TikTok growth?

Posting new content consistently is enormous! The TikTok algorithm prioritises accounts that reliably publish fresh videos, especially at peak viewer times. Accounts that don't will see their discoverability throttled until new videos are posted.

Can I go viral without using any sounds?

It's way more complicated without sounds, but it's not impossible. Most viral TikTok vids leverage trending sounds/audio because it makes the content more sticky, shareable and understandable. But unique, creative visuals alone can go viral if they're surprising and engaging enough.

Does video length impact views?

Yep, video length is a crucial factor. Most viral TikToks are 21 seconds or shorter, and the best-performing videos are 16 seconds on average. That's because shorter = easier to consume, more shareable, and overall “snackier” viewing for today's digital culture. But super-fast 7-second videos may be too quick to gain traction.

Should I delete videos that flop?

Definitely not! Even your lowest performing vids send data signals to the algorithm about content/topics to prioritise (or not). And you never know when an older video could randomly resurface and blow up months later, thanks to trends or new audiences discovering your catalogue.

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What's the most surefire way to go viral on TikTok?

There isn't one way, unfortunately! But leveraging trends (sounds, hashtags, filters, etc.), encouraging engagement through CTAs/interactions, and staying in sync with your audience's wants are all keys to tapping into that viral hype. It's a mix of strategy, consistency and luck.

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