Graphic Design Tips That Breathe Life Into Instagram Content

Graphic Design Tips That Breathe Life Into Instagram Content

Posting unique and attractive content relevant to the target audience helps to launch your Instagram campaign. 

It is vital to ensure that the campaign gathers steam quickly by garnering likes, followers, and comments. 

This can be a tough call because it takes time for the Instagram posts to generate followers and triggers likes and comments organically during which the competition grows faster and make things difficult. 

Buying likes, comments, and followers from can help to jumpstart the campaign and generate high momentum that helps to race ahead.  

Taking your business to Instagram does not mean only posting engaging visual content

You have to ensure its success and gain an edge in competition the graphic design should be outstanding that helps draw maximum attention and make your brand and business stand out from the crowd. 

The aspect of graphic design is critical because of the visual nature of the Instagram platform that thrives on the unique presentation of images and videos.

The graphic design tips discussed below should help to ensure that the content attracts the audience that drives the campaign ahead in the right direction.

Determine your creative goal

Set goals for the graphic design of the Instagram content you want to create. 

It clarifies what you want to achieve and set the direction of the entire creative process.  

Target the audience you want to reach out because it helps to set your goals about the kind of graphics that could attract them. 

The design must be appealing to the target audience and follow the creative guidelines of Instagram to ensure that it adheres to the quality requirements. 

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Focus on the message underlying the graphics, the kind of emotion it should evoke, and what action you want the users to take. 

Size matters

Instagram Photo Dimensions 2020

Every social media platform has its standards of graphics and image sizes that you must be aware of to follow the specifications of image size and quality. 

You can post images in various formats like a photo album, image carousel, GIFs, and you must size the pictures according to the stipulations of Instagram. 

Image sizing ensures that you do not omit any critical design element that can provide a flawless user experience

Stay current with the image specifications that can change from time to time. 

Create stories with visuals

The audience devotes too little time to consume content. 

It would help if you created the most significant impact in the shortest time with superior quality images crafted intelligently, that creates an instant connection with the audience that starts taking interest to discover more.  

Graphics enhance the content’s appeal and the human ability to recall material, which goes up by 55%. 

Our brains process images and visuals much faster than any other type of content, and people can recognise and process images in a few milliseconds. 

Choose visuals to evoke specific emotions that you want to generate among the audience. 

You might want to make the audience curious about the content so that they click on it. 

Showcase the visual identity of the business

Visual Brands On Instagram Marketing

Before choosing the design elements, determine the visual identity of the business. 

Refer to the branding guide that contains the details of the design elements. 

It also comprises of colour schemes, pre-selected fonts, sample graphics, and logo design variations hat accurately represent a brand. 

Adhering to the branding guide helps maintain brand consistency or create consistent design elements and compatible imagery that your audience immediately associates with the brand’s features. 

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Referring to the website and the current social media pages is another way by identifying layout, image type, and supporting elements of the top 20% posts to gather guidance about your next design.

Good contrast brings the design to life

Good graphic design thrives on good contrast, and you must combining contrasting colours that can create eye-catching designs that are nothing short of scroll stoppers. 

Choosing different colours that oppose each other on the colour wheel create the most eye-catching combinations. 

Be careful to avoid colours that clash with the brand identity across the social media platforms that you are using. 

For example, no design on Facebook will change any colour that goes against the signature blue of the logo.

Create high impact 

Most Followed Brands On Instagram

Avoid any doggedness while maintaining brand consistency and be ready to think out of the box and break some rules if it helps to get noticed by the audience. 

Your target should be to compel your audience pause mid-scroll and to take the action you desire. 

To achieve the target, keep testing different designs that help locate what works, and you can try out new design techniques to understand what could drive your audience to click.  

Pairing photography with colour blocks helps to interrupt the flow of the image with a vital title copy. 

Add an exciting contrast to product images and use textures and patterns, which work very well for e-commerce platforms.

Browsing current graphic design trends will help you find graphic inspiration.

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