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6 Applications of Generative AI That Are Set To Transform The World

6 Applications of Generative AI That Are Set To Transform The World

You may have heard about generative AI and the disruptions it is causing across different industries. But do you know about its specific applications that are set to transform the world?

Research shows we will have over 10% of AI-generated generative data by 2025. Imagine producing animated content, realistic visuals, novels, or even videos within just a few minutes!

This is already happening, and we will see more generative AI applications in the next couple of years. 

Let us look at some applications of generative AI that are set to transform the world.

1 – Code Generation, Completion, and Review

Web Design Company Code

Are you a software developer? You spend a lot of writing code from scratch, right? Imagine a situation where you can complete your projects within a couple of hours! It sounds good to be accurate, but generative AI makes it possible through code generation.

In addition, you can write your code when developing mobile apps. However, can you use generative AI to complete the code for you as you type? This can help you reduce errors and save a lot of time.

We also have generative AI playing a vital role in reviewing code. All you need to do is to provide it with your quality checks and then run your code through it. This way, you can optimise your code and get suggestions for improvements.

2 – Product Design and Engineering

Designers and engineers have not been left behind. They will use generative AI to design and create new products that meet their customers' requirements and specific tastes. 

For instance, modern applications such as PTC Creo Parametric use AI to allow designers and engineers to design and innovate their products faster and better than a few years ago.

They are also using AI to create 3D visualisations and models that provide them with an opportunity to give customers a sneak view of their products. This means that they only have to invest in the actual development of their products if their customers are happy with the visualisations or prototypes.

3 – Text Generation and Content Creation

Chat Gpt Text Generator

You may have heard about ChatGPT and other similar applications. You might also have heard about the disruptions they are causing in the text generation and content creation world. ChatGPT applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated, offering a range of functionalities beyond simple text generation. We will see even more, especially after the release of ChatGPT 4 and other competing AI applications.

Business owners also use generative AI to create adverts, headlines, and dialogues. Did you know that you chat with AI when having a real-time conversation on a business website? 

Generative AI is also going to transform how we create personalised content. Depending on your interests, preferences, and memories, you can use AI to create content for your blog articles, social media platforms, and many other platforms you use.

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4 – Text-to-Speech Generation

How often have you seen an interesting article or novel but have yet to feel like reading it all? Well, you do not have to worry about this anymore. Even though there have been many text-to-speech applications, generative AI is improving them.

Those working in the advertising, podcasting, marketing, or education sectors can tell you how happy they are with this application of generative AI. For instance, a university professor can easily convert lecture notes to speech for students within minutes.

They no longer have to spend money investing in voice equipment and artists. This is especially useful when dealing with visually impaired students. In addition, they can create audio materials in any language they need as long as their choice of generative AI tools supports it.

5 – Improving Healthcare

Gone are the days when the healthcare industry could spend years before getting a drug to address emergencies or pandemics. Today, healthcare providers can use generative AI and computer simulations to create safer and more effective drugs.

In addition, they are also using generative AI to find specialised treatment for every individual. Depending on patients' symptoms and medical history, these treatments can be tailored using AI.

6 – Image Generation

How much time do you think an artist takes to create an image manually? Imagine if the same artist just needed to write some text and then use a generative AI tool to transform the text into an image! This is already happening.

You can use generative AI to create text images depending on style, subject, setting, and location. You only need to specify your desired image and let generative AI do the work.

Generative AI is transforming every other industry today. You are probably using or interacting with it without even knowing. As you can see above, it will change the world in ways we have not seen before.

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