Brands and Instagram: What the Visual Platform Provides

Brands and Instagram: What the Visual Platform Provides in Comparison to Other Social Media Platforms

You already know that every picture is capable of speaking more than a thousand words.

Moreover, there can be no place other than Instagram for uploading visual content.

Instagram has been there since 2010, but it is recently that businesses have started using Instagram and taken the platform to a whole new level.

It is not only a platform for sharing photos and videos anymore, but it is the best place for businesses to market their products, services, ideas, and most importantly, themselves.

There is a reason why people are choosing Instagram over other social media platforms.

Instagram is straightforward and convenient in comparison to other platforms.

The engagement that businesses are viewing on Instagram is a lot more in comparison to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

It is evident that every business wants to grow fast because of the competitors scattered here and there, and that is why they are going to choose the ideal platform that will help them to grow.

You need to know that if the world of social media is a pot, and your business is a plant, Instagram is the organic fertiliser that will help your business to grow into a big tree.

Irrespective of the age of your brand, and the type of business that you are running, you can be assured that you are going to benefit from this platform.

Given below is a list of the reasons as to why you should use Instagram the most.

Smartphones have started becoming popular

Instagram Mobile

Instagram is an application that runs on smartphones.

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This is why it is mandatory for you to have smartphones, with the help of which you will be able to access Instagram.

Fortunately, smartphones have started gaining more popularity, and almost every person owns a smartphone right now.

People no longer rely only on their desktops, laptops, or tablets for surfing the internet.

Unlike the major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram can only thrive off the mobile application.

Since more people are switching to using smartphones, it is evident that the user base of Instagram is going to grow from 1 billion soon enough.

Customers will definitely go through your post

Instagram Marketing

Facebook is constantly changing the algorithm, which is making it extremely difficult for social media marketers to keep up with the changing algorithms.

Apart from that, it is also becoming difficult for small brands to stand in front of the bigger brands and compete with them.

According to, 100% of your contents are going to be viewed by your followers as well as your potential followers, provided you have a public account, on Instagram.

There is no way in which someone can block your content from their newsfeed without unfollowing you.

This obviously means that both your potential as well as present customers are going to come across your posts, which will be extremely helpful in creating brand recognition.

Apart from that, people who did not know that your brand existed will also come to know about your brand.

People are going to engage with Instagram more

Facebook Instagram Ads

Studies have recently proved that Facebook has more online adults in comparison to Instagram.

However, this is a fact that even a small group of followers on Instagram are going to engage with your posts as well as share the contents that you have posted in comparison to Facebook or other social media sites.

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Instagram is capable of delivering the engagement rate of 4.21% for every follower, and this is fifty-eight times more in comparison to that of Facebook.

You will be able to build a targeted follower base with the help of hashtags

Instagram Hashtags

One of the most significant and crucial features that Instagram has is hashtags.

Hashtags help your brand to easily target the marketing to specific individuals, who are interested in the services and products that you are offering to them.

Most of the companies are responsible for adding seven hashtags for every photo that they are posting.

If you are searching for the hashtag topics, which are related to your brand, it will be easier for you to find a group of people who will be interested in your services and products.

This is much better than targeting people, who are not interested in your business and wasting your effort as well as time.

You can buy real Instagram likes from reputed websites.

Instagram helps in showcasing your creativity

Instagram Stories

Instagram is the greatest storytelling application, and you can tell stories by posting beautiful and mesmerising visuals.

Whenever you post a picture, it should be unique and has to have the capability of narrating a story.

You can also use the filters to make the photos more beautiful than what they already are.

Ensure that you are showcasing your creativity on Instagram because the brand that is the most creative wins the heart of the present and potential customers and also, clients.

Your Instagram account can help in telling a long story as well.

Your potential followers can go through your entire profile and make out the story of your brand without even clicking on one particular picture.

You will be able to brand yourself with the help of content

Instagram Branding

It is true that creating content on Instagram can be extremely challenging, primarily because of the enormous competition.

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However, you need to know that it is mandatory for you to put in your effort.

The pictures are capable of highlighting your products or the kinds of services that you are providing.

Not only that the captions help in branding the entire platform.

Creative captions will help in making a post even more attractive.

Ensure that the captions are resonating with the followers so that even they prefer sharing the images with their connections.

Better Target Market Penetration

Instagram Targeting

With regards to shopping, young fellows and ladies are imprudent purchasers, and it is anything but difficult to impact their shopping decisions.

Practically 60% of web clients between the age gathering of 18 to 29 have an Instagram account.

The young of today procure a ton of cash, and they are eager to spend the money on the off chance that you can persuade them that you have an extraordinary item.

What preferred spot over Instagram to post a high-goals picture or a short video of your item and lead the clients to your site?

Additionally, practically 70% of the all-out Instagram clients are female, and they love shopping!

On the off chance that you need an expert group for internet-based life the executives, at that point contact Gramista today!

To Increase Brand Reach for Brands and Instagram

Instagram Reach

So you definitely realise that Instagram has more than 800 million month to month dynamic clients.

In any case, did you additionally realise that Instagram is probably going to achieve 1 billion month to month dynamic clients in 2019?

You might ask why you should think about Instagram when Facebook has more than 2 billion month to months, dynamic clients.

Here’s the reason…

Six million promoters are utilising Facebook to contact their intended interest groups.

In any case, Facebook’s new update to its news source calculation has made it harder for sponsors and brands to be seen and heard.

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Then again, Instagram now has more than 25 million business accounts, with 80% of clients following, at any rate, one business.

Contrasted with Facebook, Instagram has around 2 million month to month promoters.

Along these lines, you have less challenge on Instagram, yet additionally a more noteworthy extent of prevailing with your promoting.

Thus, with such points of interest, it’s not astonishing that brands favour Instagram over other internet based life stages.

There are many tools out there that automate your Instagram growth, such as Social Fuse, but you have to be careful when using them – be sure to check out this Social Fuse alternative, to help you grow your Instagram, faster.

To Generate Higher Conversion Rates

Advertising Conversion Rates

Regardless of what sort of a business you run, boosting transformations must be a top need for you since online life can enable you to out in such manner, with vast amounts of referral traffic and leads.

As per an investigation by Shopify, the change rate of web-based business organisations from Instagram is 1.08%.

Not simply that…

The referral traffic from Instagram results in standard request estimation of $65.

This is way higher contrasted with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In any case, think about what’s the most amazing part is?

Instagram conveys such staggering returns even though you can’t utilise interactive connections anyplace on the stage other than your profile.

Without a doubt, Instagram demonstrates to be an unmistakable champ with regards to boosting transformations and producing deals.


Social media marketing is definitely worth all your efforts.

However, it is crucial that you choose the right platform, or your efforts are going to be wasted entirely.

Ensure that you are bringing your brands on Instagram to get fast recognition.

What tips do you have for Brands and Instagram this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Author Bio: Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights clients, helping them to buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write, and play baseball.

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