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Top 5 Best Mechanical Pencils for Designers & Creatives

Top 5 Best Mechanical Pencils for Designers & Creatives

In my daily life, I use a lot of mechanical pencils to write down notes, write articles, make sketches, and more. 

Mechanical pencils are very popular for their portability, reliability, and convenience. Mechanical pencils are available in various colours, sizes, designs, and materials.

I have reviewed the best mechanical pencils in the market to help you choose the best one for you. The best mechanical pencils for me are the ones that are easy to hold, have the right length, and are well-cushioned.

How to Pick the Perfect Pencil

What Is The Best Mechanical Pencil 2022 2023

There are many different kinds of mechanical pencils available. Each pencil has a unique quality that makes it perfect for a particular task. In this article, we will help you pick the perfect mechanical pencil.

They were invented over a century ago and are still popular today. These pencils come with a replaceable tip and lead system.

How do they work?

When you write with a mechanical pencil, the pencil's tip pushes against the paper while the lead moves along the path. This means it can erase what you wrote by wiping the lead over the previous mark.

The mechanical pencil leads come in different sizes. The most common size is B and C. Other sizes are available such as H, HB, F, 2B, etc.

A mechanical pencil is usually made from plastic, metal, or both. A metal pencil provides a firm grip, while a plastic pencil feels light in hand.

Types of Mechanical Pencils

There are many types of mechanical pencils available. Some of them include:

• Waterproof pencils

• Erasers with different shapes and designs

• Hard lead pencils

• Color pencils

• Colored pencils

• Mechanical pencils with a built-in eraser

• Mechanical pencils with multiple tips

What to Look for When Buying Mechanical Pencils

Top Five Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are an excellent tool for both professionals and students alike. You can write or draw lines in seconds with a good mechanical pencil. This makes it perfect for professionals who need to make quick notes or sketch designs.

To find the best mechanical pencil for you, I recommend looking at some of the following features:


Most mechanical pencils have a barrel length between 3 and 4 inches. However, some of the pencils that are longer are also more expensive. It's crucial to find a pencil that has a comfortable grip and is comfortable to hold.


The eraser on a mechanical pencil is usually plastic or rubber and is often removable. Some mechanical pencils even have two erasers so you can erase the top and bottom. The eraser should be firm and smooth so you can write with ease.


Regarding the quality of the material that makes up a mechanical pencil, it is imperative to choose one with a comfortable grip. Many pencils have a rubber tip on the end that cushions your hand from the sharp end. It would be best if you also looked for a pencil with a rubber grip on the barrel.

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Write Angle

If you want to write or draw straight lines, you will need a pencil with a writing angle of 90 degrees. The best mechanical pencils are made at 60 degrees, making drawing curved lines easier.

Tip Shape

Some mechanical pencils have a triangle tip, while others have a round trip. The triangle tip makes it easier to write with, but it is harder to sharpen. Round tips are easier to sharpen, but they make it harder to write with.

Best Mechanical Pencils for Designers

1 – Pentel GraphGear 1000

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil, 0.7mm Lead Size, Blue Barrel, 1 Each (PG1017C)
  • Superior drafting pencil for professionals and enthusiasts
  • Easily identify your lead type with the built-in lead hardness indicator
  • Dual-action retractor advances and retracts pencil tip to protect lead from breaking
  • Finely chiseled metallic grip inlaid with soft, latex-free pads
  • 4mm tip length makes it ideal for use with rulers and templates

The Pentel GraphGear 1000 is a perfect pencil for anyone who likes to draw, sketch or doodle.

The graphite is super-dense and hard-wearing, so you don't have to worry about losing it. It's also got a super-smooth tip that makes it great for drafting and drawing.

The lead is also excellent – it's made of hi-polymer, which means it never needs sharpening and produces a clear dark line.

A handy lead hardness indicator to help you know exactly what you're working with.

It's got a built-in retractor mechanism that ensures that the lead is always protected, even when you're writing.

And, unlike some of the best mechanical pencils in this list, the Pentel GraphGear 1000 has a comfortable grip, which means it won't slip out of your hand while writing.


+The tip of this pencil can be retracted and extended.

+It is suitable for drawing and writing.

+It can be used for writing in notebooks and journals.

+It comes with a retractor that protects the lead.


-It is not as sharp as other pencils.

-The lead can break if it is not stored correctly.

-The eraser is not adequate.

2 – Rotring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

rOtring 800 Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm Black Metal Barrel
  • Unique "Twist and Click" retractable mechanism of the entire sleeve and lead: pocket safe + durability. Comes in a black finish and holds 0.5 mm lead
  • Ergonomic metal barrel. Full metal body providing ideal balance of weight and feeling. Hexagonal barrel ensuring fatigue-free writing and drawing. Shaped to prevent the tool from sliding when laid down on tables. Non-slip metal knurled grip
  • rOtring pencil technology. rOtring brass mechanism for precision lead advancement. Fixed lead guidance sleeve preventing break and offering an unimpeded view of the page for precise ruler-based drawing. Retractable mechanism for safety and durability
  • Retractable mechanism for safety and durability
  • Comes in a black finish and holds 0.5 mm lead

If you're looking for a simple but highly durable pencil, this Rotring pencil is what you need. It's got a smooth black barrel and a unique, twist-and-click mechanism that allows the user to twist the entire body of the pen to retract it.

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The pen's body is made from metal, designed to be heavy enough to prevent the pen from slipping but light enough to provide excellent comfort when writing. The lead feeder is also made from metal and has a hardness rating of H6, making it more durable than most other mechanical pencils.

The lead can be extended using the Twist-and-Click mechanism, and when it's retracted, it's held securely in place by a plastic sleeve. This prevents the lead from breaking off. The lead also has an indicator on it to indicate the hardness of the lead, which will help you determine when you need to replace it.

If you're a fan of pencils, then you'll love this Rotring pencil. It's durable, comfortable, and offers you a 2-year guarantee.


+It has a unique “twist and click” mechanism that retracts the entire lead and sleeve.

+It has a fixed lead guidance sleeve.

+It is an ergonomically designed pencil.

+The barrel is made from brass.

+It is easy to hold and write with.

+It has an ink cartridge that lasts a long time.

+It is light.


-It is not waterproof.

-It can cause wrist pain when you write for a long time.

-It is a little hard to write with.

-The lead is not very flexible.

3 – Bastion Mechanical Pencil

BASTION® Luxury Mechanical Pencil, Professional Lightweight Medium Point Aluminum Pencil for Birthday Gift includes 20 x 0.77mm Lead Refills - Black
  • Sturdy Lightweight Pencil: The heavy-duty metal construction guarantees quality that lasts a lifetime. Made of 100% genuine aluminum that is resistant to corrosion ensuring lasting durability. The lightweight construction allows you to draw, write, and sketch smoothly and comfortably.
  • Premium Craftsmanship & Mechanism: The DSM 2006 Feinminen-System internal mechanism allows the bolt action technology to create a luxurious mechanical pencil.
  • Medium Point Leads: Includes 20 x 0.7mm lead refills. The drafting pencil lead requires no sharpening allowing you to work more efficiently. With smooth one-push operation, it is the perfect tool for drafting, technical writing, drawing, sketching. Ideal for artists, architects, engineers, professionals, teachers, and students.
  • Robust Metal Cartridge: The reinforced cartridge is engineered in compliance with industry quality standards and specifically intended to keep the lead securely contained to prevent it from breaking. Easily replace the lead with the included refills. This luxury pencil comes in an elegant gift box perfect for all occasions. Get it for yourself or as a birthday, Christmas, Graduation, or holiday present for someone.
  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority: We deeply value our customer's opinions. Reach out to Bastion for any issues and we will quickly do all we can to make it right. Our kind and dedicated team will help you resolve any issue in no time.

The Bastion Mechanical Pencil is among the best mechanical pencils on the market. It's light, durable, and packed with features.

The aluminium body makes the pencil incredibly sturdy so that you can use it for years. It doesn't weigh much either, making it easy to carry around.

The lead is designed to last, and it's solid. Unlike traditional pencil leads that easily break or bend, these are made from high-quality, super-strong material.

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This model comes with 20 lead refills to get the perfect fit for your needs. If you like to draw a lot, you can get extra packs of leads.

There's also a handy feature where you can remove the lead when you're finished. That way, you can quickly dispose of the lead without worrying about breaking it.

You can adjust the lead to the correct size by turning the barrel. You can also unscrew the barrel to change the lead if you want.

It's an incredibly precise instrument, and the machined parts are precise, too. You won't find a more precise pencil on the market.

Bastion Mechanical Pencil is one of the best mechanical pencils for artists, architects, and engineers, and it's ideal for professionals and students who need a sturdy, precise, and comfortable pencil.


+It is sturdy and well-made.

+It has a smooth operation.

+It is made from aluminium.

+It is easy to carry around.

+It comes with a pencil sharpener.


-It is too thick and heavy for some users.

-You can scratch it easily.

-It is not suitable for people with dry hands.

4 – Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model

Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Auto Lead Rotation 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil, Silver Body (M510171P.26)
  • The Kuru Toga Series From Uni-Ball Mitsubishi Has A Core Rotation Mechanism That Can Automatically Rotate The Pencil Lead As You Write. The Lead Is Twisted Through A Spring-Loaded Clutch, It Works By Twisting Incrementally Every Time You Lift The Pencil Up (I.E. During Printing Words, Etc.). This Allows A Uniform Wearing Of The Pencil Lead So That It Always Remains As A Pointed Tip. So You Can Easily Avoid The Usual Problem Of Using Pencils
  • At First The Pencil Has A Sharp Point, But After That When You Continue To Write The Point Is Worn Down, And Your Line Widths Are Smudgy And Thicker. Sometimes The Tip Of The Angled Point Can Scratch Or Catch On The Paper. The Lead Is Easy To Break Due To Some Positions Of The Tip And The Angles Of The Tip
  • But Using Kuru Toga Pencil, You Will Not Have To Face The Above Problems. You Are Effectively Using Only 50% Of The Lead Area That You Were Previously Using With Your Old Mechanical Pencil. Thus, A 0.3/0.5 Mm Kuru Toga Will Write Incredibly Thin Lines And Have Less Breakage Than A Standard 0.3/0.5 Mm Mechanical Pencil
  • Package Weight : 1.0 Lbs

Kuru Toga is one of the most popular brands in pencils, and they're known for their excellent pencil lead rotation system. Their roulette model is a great choice if you want to experiment with the best mechanical pencils.

This mechanical pencil has a unique ring design on the grip for ergonomic hold, and it comes with the same Kuru Toga lead rotation system inside.

If you're having trouble understanding the concept of mechanical pencil leads, don't worry. The company has put together a guide to help you understand the ordinary pencil's dilemma and how it affects writing.

Unlike other mechanical pencils, the Kuru Toga roulette has the same excellent lead rotation system that allows it to rotate the lead continuously as you write.

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Kuru Toga has a patented lead rotation system that lets the lead twist incrementally every time you lift the pencil, which keeps the lead from wearing down.

This makes the lead so thin that you're using only half of the lead area you would typically use with a standard mechanical pencil.

Not only does it solve the above problems, but it also gives you a thin line.

You are effectively using only 50% of the lead area that you would previously use with your old mechanical pencil.

If you're looking for a high-quality mechanical pencil that will be fun and easy to use, then the Kuru Toga Roulette is perfect.


+It is very durable

+It is ergonomically designed

+It is lightweight

+It is compact and portable

+It has a wide range of angles


-It is not water-resistant

-It is too big to fit in the pocket

5 – Rotring Rapid PRO

rOtring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil | HB 0.7 mm Lead Propelling Pencil | Reduced Lead Breakage | Matte Black Full-Metal Barrel
  • Designed with the rOtring brass mechanism for precision lead advancement
  • Cushion lead mechanism for a high level of break resistance and outstanding writing and doodling comfort
  • A non-slip metal knurled grip makes sure the pencil stays in hand at all times
  • Built in eraser under the push-button cap for quick erasing, to ensure mistakes aren’t permanent
  • Comes in a black finish and holds 0.7 mm lead

The Rotring Rapid PRO Mechanical pencil is a favourite among writers. It's the perfect size for a pocket or bag yet offers the best quality and features.

This mechanical pencil is the best overall pick for those who need a quality pencil that's easy to carry around with them and is great for writing. It's made from the highest grade metal and has a comfortable grip that will help you write for hours.

The lead will last a long time, and the eraser effectively removes unwanted marks. The eraser doesn't wear off too fast and is ideal when you need to erase quickly.

The only downside to this pencil is the price. While it's worth every penny, you might want to look at a cheaper option first before buying this one.


+The pencil is sturdy

+The lead holder is sturdy

+The grip is comfortable and grippy

+The pencil is pretty light

+The lead is strong and of high quality


-It is expensive

-The lead is quite pricey

-The lead is fragile


Designers and artists need a reliable tool to get their ideas on paper quickly. That's where mechanical pencils come in.

They're inexpensive, easy to use, and can produce professional results. However, not every brand is created equal, so you must research to ensure you're getting a good product.

In this article, I've listed the best mechanical pencils I've found. I'm confident you'll find one or two that fit your needs and budget.

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