Are Website Builders Easier to Use Than Traditional CMS Solutions?

Are Website Builders Easier to Use Than Traditional CMS Solutions?

There is a never-ending debate about whether it’s better to use a CMS (Content management system) or a website builder.

There are good arguments on both sides.

Instead of spending time breaking down the arguments that people have, we would like to focus on why some people opt to use a website builder as opposed to a CMS.

We need to start by looking at what sets these two forms of website builders apart.

Comparing a CMS to Website Builders

A CMS is going to require you to purchase a domain, purchase hosting, install the content management system, and then manage the site.

This includes doing things like setting up databases, manual updates, safety features, etc.

Aussie Hosting is an excellent resource for CMS users looking to find the right hosting option.

A website builder is an out-of-the-box tool.

You don’t need to worry about hosting, installation, etc.

You get all of the features that you want immediately.

You can compare it to the difference between making pancakes from scratch or making pancakes using an instant mix that just requires adding water.

A CMS is going to be more powerful than a website builder.

Using FTP, you can get direct access to the code, allowing you to modify your website.

There are usually plug-ins and modules that can be added to give the website greater functionality.

With a web builder, you get a series of rich template choices.

These templates have been designed to meet the standards recognised by those in the design industry for functionality and attractiveness.

A website builder is user-friendly and convenient.

You do not need to know anything to get your website up and running.

Even if you are familiar with code, website builders do not always offer you the ability to change the template or theme you’re using on that level.

Conversely, a CMS is designed for more advanced users.

While there are some themes that you can purchase right out of the box, you will still need to do some modification to make it your own.

Both CMSs and website builders are convenient.

Both offer the ability to create a simple or complicated website.

The Strong Points and Weak Points of Website Builders

Squarespace Website Builder

A website builder is primarily for individuals who are working on smaller projects and are looking to interact with a target group that is not very web savvy.

We say this because the weakness of website builders is a lack of flexibility.

They lack server-side programming.

A website builder is perfect for a small business or a startup.

They are easy to use and inexpensive.

They are perfect if you have a team that does not have technical knowledge.

Even without tech knowledge, you can create and manage a web page using the website builder.

Not all platforms are created equal.

This is why we strongly recommend that you take the time to test different website building platforms before investing in one.

You want to make sure that it meets your needs and the needs of your project.

One major downside of web page makers is that you do not have access to the information that is located on the server side of the site.

So you are entirely dependent on the company that built the platform.

The worst-case scenario is that the provider could go belly up.

If that happens, your entire website might disappear.

Since you cannot work with server-side programming, you are not able to tackle large-scale projects.

On the plus side, many website maker platforms have their own servers that are powerful, reliable, and are continuously monitored for security breaches.

The providers offer customer service and support.

CMS or Website Builder, Which Choice Is Right for You?

Free Website Builders

The answer lies in what you are looking to do with your business.

A CMS may be the right choice for you if you are involved in e-commerce or you want to create a forum, an auction site, or a website that has numerous users.

Online marketplaces flourish when they are on a CMS.

The same is true if you want your website to have a ton of content.

A website builder allows you to build a website quickly.

However, the tools they offer are proprietary and only work with their platform to build your pages.

Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and Weebly are some of the more popular website builders out there.

Since you don’t need to worry about maintenance, security, or backups, a website builder may be perfect for you if you’re looking to create a site that doesn’t have much content.

Website builders are for beginners.

So their goal is to make it very easy for you to make your site.

You can easily select from many templates.

However, make sure that you really like your choice because many website builders don’t let you make changes to your template once it has been selected.

A website builder is not as flexible as a CMS.

If you expect your business to grow, you may find yourself spending tons of money transitioning from a website builder to a CMS.

We recommend website builders for people who have personal blogs or small business.

Some website builders have great e-commerce support, making them perfect for an online store.


In a nutshell, this is our review of CMSs and website builders.

We did not spend much time focusing on the pros and cons of each but instead decided to give you an overview of what each one can be used for.

Both website builders and CMSs are excellent website building tools.

Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

The one that’s going to be right for you will vary based on your businesses need.

We would love to hear from you.

Are you currently using a website builder or a CMS?

If so, tell us what you feel the pros and cons are in the comments section below.

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