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8 Tech Tools and Tips You Need to Scale Your Business Growth

8 Tech Tools and Tips You Need to Scale Your Business Growth

Business leaders inevitably focus on finding ways to grow in the first several months and years of starting a company. 

Everything from customer acquisition, building brand visibility and awareness, establishing influencer relationships, and inspiring trust work in unison to build a solid foundation for your presence in the market. 

However, once you start experiencing growth, have you prepared yourself for what comes next?

The need for more employees, expanding your customer service, and meeting your customers' growing demand with a more prominent market presence requires companies to find manageable, scalable ways to grow. 

That is why establishing your foundations with scalability is essential for your success. 

You need tech tools that can not just scale with you but will empower you to scale seamlessly without overburdening your teams or workflow. 

Here are a few must-have tech tools to ensure a scalable growth strategy for your business.

Project management for smooth collaboration

Project Management Tools

Keeping your internal ranks working productively and successfully is one of the most significant challenges for growing design companies. 

If you’re trying to train new staff while your current teams are swamped with tasks, you’ll end up with employees dealing with burnout across the board. 

Project management becomes a key pain point, which means you need the right tech tools to monitor all the work.

Asana and Trello have been top choices for companies of all sizes, as they let you manage your projects and tasks simply via an intuitive dashboard that’s easy to navigate. 

Look for features that make sense for your company, such as email notifications, built-in live chat, and analytics to improve your project management.

Contract management 

Behind every scaling, business is the ability to quickly and efficiently close deals and complete transactions. 

Working at the centre of achieving this can be any number of teams, but every deal will almost always involve some input from legal and a signed contract. 

You should review the systems used to manage your contracts to accelerate the rate you capture revenue and close those all-important deals. 

It is typical for the legal team in the business to become bogged down in the typically arduous process of creating, sending, negotiating and signing contracts through several different platforms, which can drain time and resources

Suppose businesses implement a technology like a contract automation software, for example. 

In that case, these mundane, fiddly and time-consuming tasks are replaced with a fast, efficient and more seamless contract experience whereby parties can do everything in one place. 

Not to mention that when you use high-performing contract management or contract automation software, you can often benefit from the wealth of structured data that gets captured, organised and prepared for an audit. 

This data will be invaluable when it comes to achieving growth. 

It helps businesses identify any friction points within their contracts and minimise them to get contracts across the line faster and more efficiently forecast these deals and their turnaround time.  

VoIP for seamless customer support

Growing teams need more flexible solutions for interacting with customers. 

Yes, you can and should use social media platforms, but you must also provide ongoing phone support to your clients. 

If they want to chat with a support agent, they should be able to do so. 

Now that remote work is necessary, you need a solution to cross that particular bridge, too.

This is where voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) steps in. 

Instead of using a pricey telephone line to contact your customers, you can install a VoIP and significantly reduce the price-per-call cost while removing landlines' physical limitations. 

Your customer service team can be outsourced anywhere, so your business can scale up exponentially instead of growing too fast to manage.

To find the best service, you can check out business VoIP reviews and find something that will suit your company. 

With reliable internet access, you can use any device to connect to your VoIP account, receive customer calls, set up video conferencing sessions, use email and fax, and many other features. 

All that combined helps boost customer support for companies whose customer bases are multiplying.

HR improved through technology

As your business grows, your needs for qualified professionals and candidates increase, too. 

However, when scaling your business, sifting through piles of resumes, interviewing candidates individually, and managing the onboarding process can be too big of a challenge.

By using tech with solutions like Gusto, you can help your HR and accounting department create and deploy researching, hiring, and onboarding strategies that are far better than those run by people. 

You’ll have a trusted database, the ability to filter unsuitable candidates based on your needs and automate the entire payroll process with greater ease.

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Social media and marketing management

Social Pilot Review Social Media Tools

Some social media tasks are vital and valuable, but they come with a slew of menial subtasks that might waste your precious time or your employees. 

With that in mind, automating such simple processes can free up daily hours for your teams to focus on more critical, growth-related topics.

Plus, using tools such as Sprout Social, you can schedule posts on various platforms, engage with your followers regularly and use other versatile features to manage your social presence. 

You can automate email marketing, as well, and retargeting campaigns for abandoned carts and old customers. 

Either way, you’ll undoubtedly make more room in your schedule for creative work.

Monitoring your website with Tech Tools

Google Analytics Tech Tools For Business

No industry stagnates, especially in the circumstances such as the current health and economic crises. 

It’s your power to adapt your digital presentation, overcome the lack of face-to-face customer interactions, and make the most of any situation. 

Once more, with the help of unbiased tech! 

You should certainly use a wide array of analytics solutions, such as Google Analytics and report-building tools, to help you understand how to boost your website’s performance.

Moreover, you’ll be able to find content management tools that allow you keyword research and implementation. 

You’ll be able to improve the quality of your content and the relevance of your pages for users and search engines.

Website redesign for better UX

Website Redesign Strategies Audit

A growing business needs a smoother, faster website that looks more appealing to its users. 

Redesigning your website to improve it can be challenging, but it will go a long way to improving traffic and bringing in more conversions.

You can change almost any element on your website, but remember that every change needs a purpose and that doing something purely for aesthetics isn’t the right way to approach the redesign

You need to keep user experience in mind and figure out what your potential customers need to use your website more efficiently, and UX tools are perfect for this.

Programs such as Adobe XD, Figma, and Balsamiq are excellent programs that will help you understand user behaviour and modify your website accordingly.

Improve internal communications with chat platforms

Slack Landing Page Design

Now that most businesses are moving to remote work, communication is more challenging than ever. 

Talking to your teammates and colleagues is essential to running a smooth operation. 

Still, getting your point across and organising everyone’s time without proper tech tools can be challenging.

Fortunately, many chat platforms can be used for this purpose, and many are specifically aimed at businesses. 

Some of the best are Google Hangouts, Slack, and Skype; the essential subscription to these programs is free. 

These tools aren’t just aimed at remote workers; they enable quick communication between members within the same building. 

Instead of writing a long, drawn-out email to a colleague and waiting for a reply, you can type up a quick message and get a response immediately.

You can create groups and add specific people using Slack's tech tools. 

You could, for example, create a group for the managers only or one specifically for the animation, sales, or marketing departments. 

This way, you’ll enable quick team communication and save everyone much time.

These communication platforms can also improve members' teamwork, help employees talk to each other more and improve their relationships.

Increasing web presence with the right keywords

Keyword Tool Free

There are many great ways to increase your web presence, but some require you to have specific programs. 

Keyword research tools such as Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, and Moz Keyword Explorer can help you optimise your website and ensure every page targets the right audience.

For example, if you’re running a graphic design company in Dallas, you’d probably want to optimise your website for keywords such as “graphic design Dallas”. 

However, since many companies compete for this particular keyword, it might be challenging to rank your website

With keyword research tools, you’ll find less competitive keywords with a high volume (meaning many people type them into the search bar).

Knowing which keywords and how to use them is essential for any business. 

Without this practice, your website might as well not exist because it won’t be able to rank high up on Google, which means no one will see it. 

If you want to increase website traffic, this is a crucial part to consider.

Now more than ever, technology allows companies to reach new markets, expand more efficiently, and make their customers happy – which means they can fulfil their core purpose. 

As a business leader, you need to find and select the most appropriate tech tools that will give you the required competitive advantage and help you grow in a controlled manner. 

The listed solutions are merely some of many that companies today need and use. 

Still, it’s vital to start incorporating tech tools into your strategy for long-term scalability.

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