7 Simple Tips for Effective Social Video Branding Campaigns

Online, people are watching more video content than ever.

There’s no way around it, really, and that’s why social networks are becoming more video-centred each day. 

Experts say that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

So yes, people are watching many videos online, and if you want to get your message through to your audience, you can’t afford to neglect to make a social video altogether!

Whether you go at it by yourself or rely on the help from skilled production companies for it makes little difference. 

The important thing is to be where your audience is and be there with compelling content and a clear strategic vision.

Let’s talk a bit about how to do just that.

What is Social Video?

What Is Social Video Marketing

Social video is audiovisual content that gets shared through social media networks – Simple as that.

These pieces can be made for very different purposes — they could be regular updates in the form of posts, they could be something more ephemeral like stories, they could be ads, cover videos, profile videos.

But at their core, they have a particular purpose: Encourage an audience to engage with a brand, and remember it.

The best thing about it? Audiences crave video. Can’t have enough of it! 

54% of consumers say that they prefer to see a video over other types of content (when coming from a brand or business they support.)

Video delivers information in a way that’s more engaging and easy to understand than text or images alone ever could, so it’s only natural for audiences to engage with it this way — They get valuable and impactful content that they’re happy to share. 

But how can you make a social video campaign that’s benefiting your branding efforts? 

Running an Effective Social Video Branding Campaign

Use the Power of Emotion

Social Media Video Tips

Evoking emotions should be at the centre of any social video approach. 

In social media, campaigns revolve around motivating audiences to do something, and emotion is a compelling driver that will influence the way people respond to your product. 

Luckily, video communicates emotions better than any other type of social content! 

Watching real people telling their stories, or finding that charming, heartwarming animation with a story that resonates with you genuinely can have a tremendous impact.

And there’s nothing more potent than a healthy dose of emotion to keep us grounded and engaged with a piece of media!

So don’t be shy — make your audience laugh, reflect, and maybe even cry… 

They’ll feel much more connected to your brand when they watch a video that provokes emotions in them.

Storytelling is Your Friend

This tip is closely related to the last one — after all, you can’t evoke emotion without immersing your audience in a story. But storytelling is much more than just that.

If you look closely, every brand is using storytelling in their social campaigns in some form or another – Well, at least, every brand that knows what they’re doing

Good storytelling helps you create a relatable atmosphere to convey your message, and allows audiences to absorb and understand it much more effectively.

That’s the main reason why so many types of social video content have storytelling at their core — it’s a tool that advertisement professionals have mastered over the years. 

When it comes to online social content, explainer videos, whiteboard animations, and serialised ads spring to mind as the most popular types.

These are great tools that can be used in platforms that encourage longer videos (like YouTube or Facebook) and replicated as snack videos or gifs on more instant platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

Use storytelling as a way to immerse your audience in the things you want to let them know about — it will make your branding strategy much more engaging and powerful!

Don’t Get Too Salesy

There are moments when it’s okay (and even expected) to focus your social video content on sales exclusively. 

However, when it comes to crafting social media content for branding, if you get too salesy, most audiences will roll their eyes and leave.

In social media, you need to create stories that show your product (or service) in an exciting context, without making it feel like it’s just an ad. 

Audiences want content that enriches them, that feels interesting and relatable. That’s what they look for in social media.

Content like that creates an atmosphere that will make them feel comfortable, and that’s the feeling you want them to associate with your brand. 

You want them to follow you because they want to be a part of the community you’ve built.

When it’s time to make a purchase, they’ll naturally think of you first.

Create Actionable Pieces

Marketing Video Call To Action

In social media, people are constantly bombarded by messages that invite them to take action. 

Like, share, subscribe! Everyone’s used to these phrases, and audiences have internalized them as another piece of the social media puzzle.

Most importantly, these calls to action work

Part of the social media experience is to take action (everyone’s always sharing, commenting, liking…), and your brand needs to take advantage of that.

Include CTAs in your videos to increase your engagement rates and bring more people in contact with your brand.

In short: Make your videos actionable.

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Tailor Your Language to Your Audience

Your brand has a tone and a voice of its own

And this communication style should be directly influenced by the way that your target audience speaks and thinks. 

This is extremely important in social media, where your brand needs to be interacting constantly and directly with consumers! So your content should reflect their ways.

With video, this happens in the early stages of production – You’ll often choose your communication style as you begin planning your video strategy – and then get used as you’re writing a script or planning the overall approach of a video. 

Always remember that your ultimate goal is to connect your brand with your audience, so adapt as needed! 

You’ll need to be serious and technical if your intended audience likes that; or fresh and sassy if that’s what your audience enjoys most! Yass queen!

Adapt Your Content to the Platform

Every social media platform has its own rules and preferences, and you should follow them if you want to make effective social video branding campaigns.

First of all, all platforms prioritise native content

So, make sure that you upload your video natively instead of embedding it from other sites, giving you a better chance for your posts to appear in your audience’s timelines.

Then, keep in mind the mechanical constraints of each platform, like the format and video length. 

For example, Instagram only allows one minute of video (unless you’re posting on IGTV!), while Facebook allows more than one minute, but it’s not recommended

Our advice? Always keep it short and sweet.

Create High-Quality Content

Demand For Video Content

On social media platforms, high-quality content is a must. This is what sets apart a professional profile from an amateur one.

Because you see — everyone can upload content to social media. 

That’s the magic of these platforms for regular consumers! 

But brands (or at least those with good social branding strategies) know that when their content looks polished and professional, the clients associate those attributes with the brand and its products as well.

High-Quality content equals a high-quality brand – at least in consumer-perception terms – and the opposite is true as well!

Bonus Tip – Inject Some Personality!

Video Presentation

Overcrowded” doesn’t entirely cover the social media landscape when it comes to brands and marketing! 

Whatever strategy you are going for, you can bet at least one other company in your niche is probably trying it – or thinking of doing so – already!

Doing what everyone else is doing already is a surefire way to get lost in the crowd. 

Instead, it would help if you were actively trying to break away from the pattern at every opportunity.

What sets your brand apart from all others?

Is it an attitude, like Wendy’s twitter? 

Is it the quality of your content, Like Nat Geo’s Instagram? 

Or is it something else entirely? 

Find that spark, that voice of originality that makes your brand truly unique, and use it to differentiate your social media content from everyone else’s

Do it right, and your audience won’t be able to keep your brand off their feeds and their minds!

Let’s Recap on Social Video Branding!

Videos are the medium that audiences expect and want to receive content nowadays, which is why almost all social media platforms have become video-centric over the past couple of years.

If you want your brand message’s to be heard there, you need to speak the language that social media users expect to hear (Well, see in this case… you get it.)

And while that might sound like a tall order for some, we hope that after reading this, you understand there's plenty you can do to promote a healthy social video branding strategy in social media!

So, time to get out of the chair and start fleshing out that fantastic video idea you have for growing your social media branding to the next level. Are you ready?

Author Bio: Victor Blasco’s an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.

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