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Logo Redesign and Refresh of the ATEB Consulting Brand
Logo Redesign Consulting Company Uk


Founded in 1996, ATEB Consulting is one of the earliest compliance consultancies, providing reviews, audits and training for IFA companies.

Their image had become dated and a logo redesign was required to fit the updated website feel, which was modern, serious and trustworthy.

Logo Redesign Before After
Redesigned Logo Ateb Consulting


Elements that worked within the old logo design included the orange colour and the checkmark which represented getting something right. “Ateb” is actually the Welsh word for “answer” so it fits quite nicely.

Keeping these in mind for the new logo redesign meant simplification and clarity, something that was previously lacking. Focusing on the checkmark, various concepts were proposed with varying applications of the shape, finally deciding upon the checkmark made up from circles.

Ateb Consulting Logo Redesign


Iconic and simple, the final logo redesign for ATEB consulting worked well to relate to the old version. It was more of a re-think than a splash of fresh paint. The orange tone works exceptionally well to draw the eye in a corporate setting and gives a vibrancy boost to the neutral grey tones it sits alongside.

Working with a customised version of the Priva typeface, it is contemporary and professional, with the humanist touch to the rounded letterforms.

New Logo Design For Uk Company

Looking to refresh your brand with a new logo redesign?

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