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5 Ways Linkedin Ads Can Help You Grow Your Business

5 Ways LinkedIn Ads Can Help You Grow Your Business

LinkedIn ads can help you grow your business by allowing you to post offers to customers directly on social media. 

When users click these ads, they go directly to your website, landing page, or email form. It's a proven fact that people are more likely to trust businesses with a solid social media presence than those without a site or page.

You probably use LinkedIn at least once a month, and that's great. But did you know that you can use your LinkedIn connections to grow your business? 

When used correctly, LinkedIn ads can help you reach out to more customers, prospects, and other business contacts by targeting groups and companies that are relevant to you. LinkedIn can be a great way to find new prospects and build your business. But you can do much more with the platform.

LinkedIn is an excellent network for business owners to connect with potential customers, clients, partners, and colleagues. You can target an audience based on location, job title, industry, company size, etc.

LinkedIn ads can effectively drive your website or blog traffic and increase your visibility. If you're unsure how to set up your LinkedIn ad campaign, this guide will help you create and optimise your first ad.

Why LinkedIn Ads Matter

Ultimate Guide To Linkedin Ads

Regarding business content marketing, there's no denying that LinkedIn is king. According to the internal analysis, LinkedIn shares are 2x more popular than Facebook and Twitter posts combined and 1.5x more popular than Instagram.

LinkedIn ads are the most effective for generating leads and improving brand recognition. LinkedIn has become a vital resource for businesses across the globe.

Whether you're an enterprise or a small business, there's no better social media platform than LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional network that connects you with potential customers. LinkedIn's ad formats are easy to manage and offer several ways to measure your campaign's effectiveness.

Why Do Businesses Spend So Much on LinkedIn?

Businesses worldwide use LinkedIn to connect with new prospects, generate sales leads, expand their customer base, and enhance brand awareness. With over 830 million active members, LinkedIn is the second-largest online professional network in the world.

A whopping 97% of professionals actively use LinkedIn, and only 4% claim they don't use it.

What Are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads are among the most flexible and customisable. You can place these ads across multiple locations on your website and social channels like Facebook and Google. LinkedIn ads also allow you to target your audience based on location, language, gender, interests, occupation, and age.

The average cost of a LinkedIn ad is $5 per click.

Linkedin Advertising Examples

How Can I Improve My Business with LinkedIn?

For starters, LinkedIn offers excellent options for creating and measuring campaigns. Once you choose a campaign type, LinkedIn provides suggested keywords and other relevant information for you to optimise your ad.

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As your company's visibility grows, you'll want to continue to fine-tune your strategy with regular campaigns. You can segment your audience based on location, job title, company, and industry. If your company is beginning to establish itself in the marketplace, you might consider starting with a general campaign with broad keywords and a simple ad.

Once your company gains visibility, you'll want to create more targeted campaigns with specific keywords and ads.

Why Are LinkedIn Ads Important for Growth?

LinkedIn's advanced targeting capabilities allow companies to reach specific audiences with highly effective and cost-effective ads.

With LinkedIn's native audience targeting, you can target users based on their profession, education level, job titles, industry, and even the companies they work for. 

LinkedIn's targeting tools let businesses build profiles for individual users and tailor their ads to specific audiences.

For example, if you're a business owner with a brick-and-mortar store, you can target people who work in related industries in your city. This gives you access to valuable data about your potential customers.

How Do I Choose the Right LinkedIn Ad Formats?

First, determine the type of LinkedIn campaign you want to create. There are two types of ads:

  • LinkedIn Campaign Builder – this tool lets you create a campaign in a few minutes. It allows you to select your target audience, keyword, image, and more. The tool lets you see how your ad performs, and you can modify it to meet your needs.
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation – this tool generates leads and allows you to select your audience and keywords. With this tool, you can choose to show your ad to people who have recently viewed your page or have viewed your company's products or services.

Both options give you the flexibility to create custom campaigns.

5 Ways LinkedIn Ads Can Help You Grow Your Business

How To Use Linkedin Ads To Promote Your Business

Promote Your Business

If you've been looking to grow your business profile with LinkedIn ads, you may have noticed that your competitors are already taking advantage of these LinkedIn ad features. You can take this opportunity to learn from your competitors and get your LinkedIn ads running.

It can be tempting to skip LinkedIn ads, thinking that they aren't worthwhile or that you can't compete with your competitors. However, there are plenty of ways that you can stand out in your industry and start earning real engagement.

In this post, we'll walk you through why LinkedIn ads can be powerful tools for your business, including:

  • Getting featured on LinkedIn
  • Engaging followers
  • Boosting your profile

LinkedIn advertising significantly increases exposure, builds brand awareness, and boosts your social reach. If you want to learn more about the various LinkedIn ad types, keep reading. We'll show you how to create effective campaigns for your LinkedIn business page.

Create Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. It was launched in 2002 and had more than 10 million users in four years.

Advantages of LinkedIn Advertising

  • You can get leads directly from LinkedIn. Since this is a professional networking platform, active businesses on LinkedIn are more likely to attract the right audience.
  • It is cost-effective. Advertisements on LinkedIn are cheap. A small business can advertise on this platform without spending much money.
  • You get the opportunity to create an ad that attracts more professionals. LinkedIn ads are interactive and have engaging content. People love to share content that is engaging and interesting. So, your advertisement on LinkedIn becomes an excellent source of the traffic to your website.
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Disadvantages of LinkedIn Advertising

Although it is cheap, advertisements on LinkedIn are not free. You need to pay money to get a click on your advertisement and even more if you want to get qualified leads.

If your advertisement is inappropriate, you will get negative feedback and lose your reputation on this platform. So, make sure that your advertisement is professional and attractive.

Position Your Brand

People are looking for leadership, not simply a job. But how do you stand out as a leader? How do you distinguish yourself as a person of value? How can you position yourself as a leader among others?

It starts with understanding your audience. You're leading a team, not a single individual. Understanding your customers and prospective customers allows you to establish trust and build relationships before you even start advertising. And once you have the opportunity to build relationships, you can position yourself as a leader through your marketing and advertising strategies.

LinkedIn Ads are a great way to connect with customers and prospective clients. LinkedIn is a valuable tool in helping you position yourself as a leader. It connects you with the right people for your business or company, creates opportunities to meet them, and helps you build relationships.

It's important to understand that LinkedIn Ads are a great way to establish trust with your target audience and position yourself as a leader. It's all about understanding your audience and building relationships before you even start advertising. Once you get started, you must understand the audience you want to attract.

LinkedIn ads are an excellent way to build trust with your audience and position yourself as a leader. They're a great way to connect with customers and prospective clients.

You can start with a few free bids to test your strategy and determine which audiences will help you the most. Then, once you've determined the right audiences, you can begin creating your campaigns.

Increase Traffic

Drive Traffic With Linkedin Advertising

Creating a LinkedIn advertising campaign is very easy. You must first select your target audience from the LinkedIn members directory. You should choose people interested in the type of business you offer.

Next, you must determine what kind of advertisement will attract your target audience. You can select from several options, including Company Pages, InMail, Sponsored Updates, and Promoted Updates.

Companies create company pages to promote their brand and increase visibility. These pages can include information about the company, news, events, and testimonials.

Sponsored updates are a great way to keep your followers up-to-date with the latest news in your industry. You can also keep your target audience up-to-date by sharing relevant articles about their industry.

Promoted Updates are similar to sponsored updates, but they include the opportunity for you to add a link to your website. You can then direct your audience to your website for more information.

InMail is a feature of LinkedIn that allows you to email your contacts directly from your account. You can send messages on various topics, from career advice to product promotion.

There are four types of InMail:

  1. Personal – Used to send messages to individual contacts
  2. Team – Used to send messages to a group of contacts
  3. Industry – Used to send messages to a specific industry
  4. Company – Used to send messages to a specific company
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The last three types of InMail are available for a fee. Personal InMail and Team InMail are free. However, you will be charged for the Industry or Company InMail you choose.

When you are ready to send your message, you can include a link in the body of the email or leave the link as a link in the email's signature. Links included in signatures are more likely to be clicked, so you may want to include them.

Finally, you must choose which type of InMail you want to send. You can choose from five different options:

  • Email – A simple, unmoderated message that you can send to any LinkedIn user
  • Company Page – A message that goes to all LinkedIn members who are following a company
  • Team Page – A message that goes to all LinkedIn members who are part of a team
  • Industry Page – A message that goes to all LinkedIn members who are part of a specific industry
  • Promoted Update – A message that goes to all LinkedIn members and includes a link to your website

You can add links to your website as part of your promoted update. This will allow your targeted audience to be directed to your website if they are interested in learning more about your products or services.

Generate Sales

I've used LinkedIn Ads for my clients and myself for about three years. Over time, I've learned a few things about the best way to get the best results. Here's what I know works and why.

Here's what works:

  1. It's about creating an exciting ad that grabs the right audience's attention.
  2. I believe in a “less is more” strategy. That means the less text in the ad, the better. It's okay to go over five words if it makes sense.
  3. Include a call to action.
  4. Make sure the image on the ad is compelling.
  5. I recommend using an image with only a couple of lines of copy.
  6. Get your landing page set up.
  7. It's not hard to set up a landing page on LinkedIn. Go to the settings section and click “Create Landing Page.” Follow the steps.
  8. When creating the landing page, include the main call to action, relevant information, and your website URL.
  9. Once you've set up the landing page, you can start testing!

Here's how I do it:

Go to the LinkedIn Ads dashboard and search for your ad campaign. You should see a screen that looks like this. (The blue boxes are the test ad. When you hit publish, the ads will show on your target ads.)

Linkedin Ads Dash

Click on “Edit Ad” and then click on “Settings.”

Next, click on the green box that says “Test” and then click on “Change Test.”

Then, enter your test name and the days you want the test to last.

You can also set a minimum bid to ensure you get the most qualified traffic and a maximum bid to ensure you don't spend too much money.

The last step is to “Save Changes”, and then you're done!

That's all it takes!

Now let's talk about what doesn't work:

There are too many keywords. If you send your ad to too many people, your ad will not show. The best way to find out if it's showing is to watch your analytics and see how many people view your ad. You need to figure out why it's showing but not performing. You might be attracting the wrong type of person. Make sure that you are getting quality traffic from the ad.

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Uninteresting text. When writing your ad, using exciting words and phrases is essential. If the person reading your ad can't tell if they want the product or service you offer, you aren't getting very far.

Low bids. The best way to get better results is to spend more money. I recommend starting with a $5 minimum bid and testing different amounts.

Setting a daily budget. This is a mistake that many people make. The reason it's a mistake is that it does not allow you to test more keywords or change the ad. So, you want to spend more on your ad on the days you have the highest conversions and cut back on the days you get the worst results.

Reporting & Spend Tracking – Use a Linkedin Ads to Google Sheets integration to keep track of your spending. Also helps in doing a monthly or quarterly campaign analysis quite easily.

Doing the same thing every day. If you do the same thing daily, your results will be the same. People are busy. The best way to attract and retain customers is to give them something new to look at every time they return.

There are too many ads. If you put out multiple ads, all with the same message, you are wasting money. Only put one ad out at a time and use the other ads for retargeting. You can use them to bring in people who didn't convert the first time.

What Should I Do?

LinkedIn is the most effective way to generate sales for your business. When you use LinkedIn Ads, you can get qualified traffic that is highly targeted, which means you are more likely to get a conversion.

Don't do the same thing over and over again. Create an exciting ad, set a reasonable bid, and test it for a few days. If you still do not see conversions, you need to make some changes and start over.


LinkedIn ads have become popular for marketers, but many people are unsure how to use them. In this article, I discussed my experience and show you the best ways to use them.

I recommend setting up a campaign on a topic that you're very knowledgeable about. For example, if you are an expert in a particular industry, you could use LinkedIn ads to target customers looking for products or services you offer.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to test different ad types. You can use ads proven to work well for your audience or try new ones you've never used.

For example, I recently created an ad that allowed me to send targeted emails to potential customers so I could try a type of ad I had never used before.

Learn how to grow your business with these tips and tricks!

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