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Top 8 Graphic Design Trends to Follow

Top 8 Graphic Design Trends to Follow

Ever since the term “Graphic design” was coined to describe an emerging field in 1922, the industry has constantly changed. New trends materialise each year, influenced by changes in technology and the evolution of the Zeitgeist. 

As a result, we occasionally see the priorities and feelings of a whole era reflected with graphic design trends, making its development a fascinating topic to explore.

All this to say, brands and designers wanting to stay ahead of the curve need to keep their heads in the game by remaining at the forefront of emerging trends. This is the only way to present clients and customers with the best graphic design offers today. 

If your dropshipping business is integrated with the leading eCommerce platforms relies on clever graphic design, informing yourself is all the more critical. 

So in that spirit, here are eight graphic design trends worthy of your attention:

1 – Inclusivity in Visuals

Over the last few years, diversity and inclusion have skyrocketed in popularity – and quite rightly so. This is what people want to see in their day-to-day lives, so it's no wonder we've seen a knock-on effect in graphic design. 

Interestingly as many as 70% of Gen Z trust brands representing diversity in their ads. In light of that, it’s unsurprising that graphic and advertising design are increasingly representing people of different races, shapes, ages, and orientations. 

Graphic Design Trends In 2022

2 – Serif Fonts are Coming Back

Serif fonts are among the oldest typography trends, dating back to old-style typefaces first seen in the 1400s. They were hugely popular for centuries. However, they started to decline in the 1920s when sans-serif fonts like Helvetica became the graphic design favourite

Last year, however, we saw typography swinging back to more traditional choices. In 2022, it might be the turn of serif fonts that haven't been as overused in recent years. Alongside serifs, handwritten fonts are still a massive favourite; they work wonders for evoking a sense of elegance and nostalgia.

3 – Geometry

Geometric shapes are emerging everywhere, forming either icons or typefaces. Geometry is also making its way into various illustrative styles, especially where software brands are concerned.

Geometric Graphic Design Trend 2022

So what makes geometric shapes so appealing? They're clean, simple, and easy to read, which makes them ideal for branding and logos. But, done right, they can also be playful, adventurous, and innovative. Instead of blending soft shapes, hard geometric edges are bold and have a more decisive feel about them. 

Geometry is also a great way to spruce up your product designs if you’re in the print-on-demand business. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Spocket’s list of print-on-demand suppliers.

4 – Inviting Nature into Designs

We saw a massive trend towards nature-inspired design in graphic design, interior decor, fashion, lifestyle products, etc.

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In light of that, it's no wonder that nature-inspired imagery has become a popular trend for brand identities across web design, product photography, and product packaging.

Typically, nature-inspired images lend themselves to simple, organic beauty, something that's much appreciated in the hectic, urban, technology-ruled lives we live today. 

Generally, flowers, landscapes, and plant life are associated with relaxation, happiness, and authenticity. This makes nature-inspired design an excellent choice for businesses in the fitness/health/wellbeing/lifestyle niches. 

5 – Neon Backgrounds

Trending colours change almost every year. When it comes to backgrounds, the aim is to not distract from the content. Instead, the background should support the primary content with a flattering colour that communicates personality. This couldn’t be more true of the neon backgrounds we've seen this year. Neon colours are bold, playful, and exciting. On top of this, they're undoubtedly eye-catching.

6 – Colourful Icons and Illustrations

Custom illustrations on websites and blogs have skyrocketed in popularity. They're great for drawing the eye and differentiating you from other brands because they're easily infused with your own style and colour choices

As we've already hinted at, 2022 is a year of colour, so it's no wonder we're seeing more and more colourful illustrations and iconography take hold. These feel more lively than the monotonous photo-feeds we see on social media all day, making them a welcome change. 

This goes hand in hand with a movement towards illustrated data visualizations. Infographics help brands build links and relate research data in a way that's easy for viewers to consume. 

Graphic Design Trends In 2022 2023

One example of a heavy hitter using colourful iconographic illustrations is Grammarly. They've been doing this on their blog and social media for some time.

7 – Nostalgia for the 90s

Trends come around in circles. According to the New Yorker, this is summed up in the golden forty-year rule. The idea is that every forty years, the children of a particular period have grown up and can now influence pop culture in senior roles. As a result, nostalgia for their childhood plays back into the media. 

We can see this with pop culture hits like “Stranger Things,” which revived the eighties vibe. Now it’s the turn for the nineties kids. There’s the resurrection of Tamagochi in smartwatches and Netflix’s “Fear Street,” for example.

90S Graphic Design Trend

But a few brand identities are also turning towards nineties nostalgia, with some websites getting creative with graphic design elements from the 90s. One example is Shopify store “Not Pot,” which uses nineties clipart iconography, bold fonts on simple backgrounds, and old anime art.

8 – Large Typography

Typography is getting even bigger and bolder. The large typeface is back in fashion in 2022, dominating full-size website headers. The large lettering serves to draw attention while keeping things simple. It stands out from the crowd and is a great way to add personality to your online brand. 

Check out David Eoperozzi’s creative use of fonts on his portfolio website.

Large Typography Design Trend In 2022

Are You Ready to Implement These Graphic Design Trends?

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of some of the top 2022 graphic design trends. 

Of course, these are just some of the few developments we've observed this year. In all areas of design, the ‘rules' remain in a state of flux which makes for a continually shifting landscape. The same goes for eCommerce, where trending products and bestsellers constantly evolve. 

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With Spocket as your dropshipping partner, you can stay ahead of the curve by monitoring trending items, making it easier to stay ahead of the competition!

So, stay on top of your graphic design game; it’s vital to stay informed, browse the market, and take inspiration. By knowing the mould, you’ll soon learn how to break it and, who knows, perhaps become a trendsetter yourself? Good luck!

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