Where to Find the Best Graphic Design Jobs

Where to Find the Best Graphic Design Jobs

If you trying to find the best web or graphic design jobs available, there are more opportunities than ever before online. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for part-time, full-time, freelance or even ‘traditional’ design work, you can find almost everything you need in  just a few clicks. Even if you don’t need a job today, it is still worth researching in case your situation was to change in future. Have a look below to find some legitimate places for web and graphic design work; maybe you’ll even land your dream role!


Best for Freelancers


  • Elance: With thousands of projects available on Elance including web development, marketing, programming and graphic design, Elance is a veritable treasure chest for freelancers. There are a number of membership plans including a free one with fewer features but you do need to pay a service fee of 8.75% which is bit of a pain.
  • Guru: This is one of Elance’s main rivals in the freelancer sphere and offers 160 different categories including web design and graphic design jobs. It handles all payments for you and also offers a host of useful tools to make the admin side of being a freelancer that little bit easier to handle.

Best for Working from Home


  • Working From Home JobsRat Race Rebellion: Go to ratracerebellion.com and you can find a host of legitimate work from home jobs on the site. You will find all the job listings have been screened before being placed into a daily e-newsletter which is really convenient. There are a number of graphic design jobs available though one downside is that this website is geared towards an American audience. Of course since you’re working from home, this isn’t as big an issue as you might think. Most jobs pay less than £15 an hour but there are higher paid jobs available.
  • Freelance Alliance: This is a UK based website and is geared towards media and creative professionals. It is a fairly straightforward network and the clients on the site typically look for ‘high-end’ talent. The site has a number of jobs for web designers and graphic designers and it costs only £5 a month (+ VAT) though you do need to join for a minimum of 4 months at first. It is only open to freelancers in the UK and all listings are vetted before being allowed on site.
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Best for Part-Time/Summer Jobs


  • Student Job: Go to studentjob.co.uk and the large numbers of sectors to choose from will pleasantly surprise you. Whether you are looking for a part-time, summer or casual job, this website can help you find what you need. You can even filter your search by region so you don’t have to travel too far for work. It is free to sign up and there are a host of other fun jobs if you want to add some more cash to your bank account.
  • Total Jobs: Again, you will be delighted to find so many industries and a remarkable amount of openings. It was surprising to note there were thousands of availabilities in almost every sector and the website makes it easy to filter you choices via sector, keywords and location. As well as offering part-time roles and internships, there are also graduate and full-time jobs if you are interested. You can have new openings emailed to you daily and it is also possible to upload your CV on to the site.

Best for Traditional Jobs


  • Monster: co.uk is arguably the most commonly used website when it comes to looking for jobs in the UK. It uses a host of innovations to ensure companies and candidates find what they are looking for. You can filter your search to view only the most recent job openings in the UK and browse according to location. An estimated 88,000 jobs are made available each month on the website in all industries and graphic design jobs are always open. Virtually all the top companies and agencies in the UK use Monster as they search for the perfect employee. You can upload your CV and employers will be able to browse your profile to see if you are the right fit for a role.
  • Guardian Jobs: Go to http://jobs.theguardian.com/ to find openings from high quality companies. The Guardian newspaper is one of the most respected in the UK and its Recruiter Services page is popular amongst large corporations looking to spread their net. There are hundreds of openings in each industry and as per the top websites, you can upload your CV and search according to your location.
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There really is no shortage of graphic design jobs available so you need to spruce up your CV and cover letter and check out what the above websites have to offer. Plenty of other web and creative designers have the same idea in what is a competitive field. Fortunately, there seems to be enough vacancies to go around for talented and hardworking individuals.


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