5 Digital Marketing Trends to Focus On During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is in a state of shock. It is ‘the coronavirus shock’, and its effects have been mind-numbing. 

A microbial virus has been able to bring the entire human race and its humongous development to a standstill. 

It has made man stop and realise that life and its situations can always not be predictable or pleasant. 

So, businesses need to prepare for the worst as well if possible, try and make the most of it. 

Businesses, big and small together make up the market. Thus, the markets too are in a shaky low lying position. 

The overall consumer sentiment is low, so have been the market sales. Yet, there have been businesses that have not only made through but have instead achieved stupendous heights in these challenging times. 

For instance, ‘White Hat Jr.’ a robotics teaching platform for kids; has been clocking in a 40 per cent month on month growth since its inception. 

Their sales have doubled post-COVID with only US sales accounting for revenue growth of 200 per cent itself.

The idea here is to venture into the markets with a product as well as a strategy that could deal with the newer consumer choices and perceptions. 

Reports also suggest that somehow Coronavirus effects on the other industry like mobile have been less daunting and comparatively progressive.

What Digital Marketing Trends Shall Work And What Shall Not

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. 

A look around the current business scenario will indicate that the time is now more than ripe for businesses to look out for and bring in ‘these unprecedented steps’ and that too sooner, the better.  

An avid example of the adaptability of Indian Businesses is the sudden flood of businesses and brands dealing in hand sanitisers, face masks, PPE kits, amongst others. 

As per a Times of India report:

‘India, which was not manufacturing even a single personal protective equipment(PPE) kit, has now achieved an almost unrealistic goal of producing 2.06 lakh PPE kits daily within two months after the coronavirus pandemic .’

Such is the pliability of Indian Businesses. 

They are known for their adaptability in varied conditions and environment, and the above-stated numbers prove it. 

But, still there remains a grave need to evolve already functional units from losses, back to sales and growth as well as to create newer business modules that will have the prowess and idea strength to wither another crisis in the coming times.

Here are some researched pointers that shall help businesses revisit their strategies for growth and sales, in these challenging times:

1 – Value is the Key

Digital Marketing Trend Value

It is a fact that products and services that offer genuine value for the customer’s money are always in demand. 

This rings true in this post-coronavirus era too. 

What businesses need to understand is that there is a demand for every product and service in the market, but it is less. 

The pocket and the budget size of the middle-income group has drastically shrunk in size. 

This is mainly due to the slowing down and shutting down of most of the smaller businesses, which mostly run as physical shops or small units with minimum labour. 

There are also aged people closing to retirements and others who have lost their jobs temporarily or permanently. 

The source of incomes and thus the spending power of these people have decreased, further leading to lowering of market demands. 

Also, these consumers are mostly looking for options that offer actual value, rather than a gimmick or a look to charge premiums.

Not a very long time ago, businesses were able to charge premiums on their uniqueness. 

Those concepts are now going to take some time to come back. 

The ideas of value, service, and trust are being valued again. 

If followed meticulously; it can help businesses regain sales and profits. 

Moreover, due to the lockdown and lesser requirements, the consumer has had ample time on his hands to review products and then make choices. 

So, a marketing strategy that portrays businesses on the positive side of this index, with some word of mouth can work wonders for a business turnaround, even in these times of crisis. 

A primary marketing tool that was earlier losing out its sheen, that could now witness revival are our age-old ‘marketing emails’. 

Earlier, due to lack of readership time, these mails generally landed in the trash folder even without being opened. 

But, now as the readers might have time, general interest emails and marketing emails with something of interest for the reader might end up being tenaciously read.

2 – Technology is now the Optimum Tool of Growth

Mobile Website Seo Google

People are locked down in their homes with fewer spaces and things to browse into. 

But, these limitations are not real in terms of internet usage. As a result, the data usage has been on an all-time high. 

Check out the latest numbers on web searches and trends in these times. 

But, the patterns of these searches have been changing. 

For instance, there has been a spike in the snippet or short question searches on Google. 

People have been asking small questions like, ‘How to make cheese from milk?’, that are helpful to them in these times. 

Thus, the best strategy here would be to analyse which of these searches are closer home to your business and then find ways to feature in their results. 

The consumer who cannot step out due to fear of the virus or regulations has been searching for all his solutions on the World Wide Web. 

To cater to these consumer demands, most have either already gone or are going digital. 

The neighbourhood Kirana store, schools, colleges, etc. have all available online with complete ease for the user.

The marketing tip here is that the differentiating factor amongst these mushrooming online ventures herein shall be the kind of user experiences that they have to offer. 

Thus, a simple yet uniform and consistent user experience across all platforms will help businesses to grow a crowd of loyal clientele and customers.

3 – Direct Advertising is Out

Digital Marketing Advertising Trends

The concept has been here for a while, but it has become a very prominent fact for marketers these days. 

The consumer is less influenced by them and instead is on a lookout for genuine content, including reviews about the products or services offered.

The general businesses which are either closed due to the lockdown or have been operating with very few staff, also tend to produce and earn very less in comparison to the olden days. 

The marketing budget of business owners has, thus, also taken a significant hit.

Utilising the various social media and other review platforms to gain market momentum is the new trend. 

A noticeable market trend in social media marketing trend has also been the ‘in-app or in-site purchases’, wherein, the user can make direct purchases from the social media pages. 

The consumer is known to spend a considerable time of their day on these platforms, making them the optimum space to gain customer attention and market revival. 

Even the feedback and comments posted by users on these platforms seem to create waves on the brand image front. 

Thus, a compassionate marketing strategy on varied social media platforms at this time could do wonders for any organisational brand image and sales for some time to come.

4 – Video is the new TV

Digital Vs Tv Advertising Marketing

Television and its serials have slowly been replaced by smart TVs and other smart devices with their data handling hardware and software. 

Be it the various web series, the different OTT platforms, or video content aggregators; their viewership is on an all-time high. Even social websites have all begun streaming video content.  

In fact, as a marketing strategy, businesses have started making and posting small video snippets that are interactive for the customers. 

Directly-indirectly informing them about the concept of the brand as well as introduce the products and services offered. 

Even snippet interviews are in, wherein the company team explains the products and services and their presence in the market. 

These videos seem to work more and better, rather than lengthy text posts. The trend is here to stay. 

Video content has slowly become the most effective mode to introduce, describe, and market the products and services at hand. Remember that : 

5 – Contactless Payment Options are Necessary

Contactless Payment In 2020

Now, this is not a direct marketing strategy; but a necessity these days. 

Since Physical or money contact can become a reason for viral contact for the consumers, there has been a phenomenal surge in the usage of online payment options. 

Since most of the products and services are available online these days, consumers look to pay online as well. 

Companies who have already invested in getting these options for its customers are now reaping benefits.

One or a combination of these strategies can be used to redefine the market presence for any business and make it a coherent entity in these times as well. 

This is called ‘Evolution for Adaptation’, a term viable these days for both work and life.

Author Bio – Andrea Laura is a very creative writer and active contributor who love to share informative news or updates on various topics and brings excellent information to her readers. Being writing as her hobby, Andrea has come out with many interesting questions and information that attracts readers to unravel her write-up. Her content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs.

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