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12 Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses to Grow

12 Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses to Grow

Since early 2000, when the internet became a thing, our world has been shaped by online platforms. We live in a world driven by the internet and what it offers. 

It won’t be inaccurate to say that today we live and breathe binary.

As with any other change, businesses took their time to accept the power and reach of the internet, but now that it’s widely accepted, companies are shifting their focus from offline to online.

Today, digital presence has become the defining factor of how people perceive the brand; it’s no longer limited to physical reach, hoardings, or TV commercials.

With a growing user base each day, the internet will become much more extensive than today. It will be the most dominating force within a society.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Retail Tools

According to Hubspot, “Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.”

In simple terms, digital marketing is nothing but marketing and advertising in a digital world. 

It is not Pandora’s box that needs special skills to navigate through; it is a platform that facilitates easy and regular connection with your audience at multiple levels.

In theory, you can use any platform available on the internet for your marketing campaign. Still, in reality, there are only a handful of platforms that businesses use to execute such campaigns. It includes:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Why Digital Marketing?

Marketing over the internet has created a buzz in the business community for many reasons; some of the most evident reasons include:

Cost-effective marketing

The most significant change that digital marketing has brought is to provide a cost-effective marketing system.

When marketing online, you can choose your budget for each campaign, track the expense and revenue generated. 

It allows you to adjust the spending based on the performance of the campaigns.

Understanding the audience

Each business has its unique customer base, and to understand the nuisance, you can track the audience behaviour data through analytics. 

You can collect crucial data to analyse which section of the target audience are the actual paying customers and what impacts their decision to make the purchase.

Target the right audience

Content Centric Vs Audience Centric Explained

With a comprehensive targeting filter, you can target your audience by their location, age, gender, interest, job roles, etc.

Each added filter will help you refine your audience reach and make sure that you invest in the right audience. 

You can create different groups for your audience and then target them separately, creating a specific audience group for customised communication.

Measure results in real-time

When you run a marketing campaign online, you can use dashboards to track and measure different user journey stages in real-time on any platform that you use.

All the powerful platforms provide easy-to-understand dashboards to track data and even offer suggestions to improve the results.

Higher return on investment

Since you have targeted the right audience and invested less than traditional marketing, you are expected to get a high return on your investment. 

Additionally, digital platforms offer more reach to the right audience, which will result in more customers and more sales. 

Two-way Customer Connect

Through online presence at various platforms, businesses can create a comprehensive customer connection over the internet.

With messenger apps, Whatsapp, Chat boxes etc., you can talk to your customers across platforms. It’s no longer a one-way communication; it’s a conversation!

These benefits are a small part of what the internet offers for companies and how they conduct their business. It’s much more comprehensive. It’s the latest step of marketing evolution.

With a brief understanding of what is digital marketing, what it offers and how relevant it can be for your business growth, let’s take a look at digital marketing tips that industry experts use to ensure growth:

Tips that marketers use to grow businesses

Growing a business is not a one-time fix; it’s a process. 

This process will need to be adjusted as per your business, its market and its target audience. You will need to create a mechanism to foster growth. 

To help you create those mechanisms, here are few tricks that will help you grow your business faster:

Define Objectives and set goals

Digital Marketing Trend Value

Before starting with the process, define in a list what you want to achieve at the end of it? 

It would help if you defined long-term and short-term goals to achieve that objective.

For example – if you want to achieve USD 10,000 profits by the end of the year, divide it into quarterly goals of USD 2,500 profits. 

Calculate how much revenue you will need to reach this goal and what you need to achieve that goal.

This will help you set an achievable target and help you set a realistic target for yourself.

Create and follow a strategy

Once you have set an objective and divided that into small goals, set a strategy for achieving that.

It means you need to plan to achieve those small targets and keep the bigger picture in mind.

A comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy could be the key to a successful endeavour and achieving great results without breaking the bank.

Set your Metrics

The best part of going digital for marketing is that you can list your metrics at each stage, track progress, and, if required, change the approach.

Let’s take an example – you are following the goal to achieve USD 2,500 profits in a quarter, and you have calculated that you will sell an average of 10,000 units to achieve this goal.

Now, your metrics should be the revenue generated and not the numbers of sales. 

Your ultimate goal is to generate more revenue as it will dictate the profits for the company.

Be open to tailored solutions

Digital Marketing is known for producing data that help people take a data-backed decision; it’s a USP for digital marketing tips.

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You can access your business-specific data, industry data, or national economic data to make an informed decision, but always remember that data is only available when enough people have tried an idea.

Sometimes, you need to take an experimental route to reach your goal. At times, you need to walk on an uncharted road to pave the path of success.

Keep a long-term plan

Driving sales and generating revenue often become the only metrics that we get concerned about; I will recommend you always have a long-term strategic goal.

Strategic goals will help you create an ecosystem that will make your business grow deeper roots.

For example – Set a goal to have 30% recurring customers who make regular purchases spend an average of USD 250 in a month.

Focus on Branding as well

What Is Co-Marketing Strategy

To build a business that can sustain the market’s ups and downs, focus on creating a brand name.

Branding is a long-term game, and you might see the results immediately, but it will build a loyal customer base. 

It helps you increase your reach, build an image, create a story for the business and ultimately achieve the stage where people will feel compelled to buy your products.

Branding can be the key to business growth, diversification, and product acceptance.

Focus on things that work best

When you work on a marketing campaign, there will be few things that will do great, and there will be few things that might do as good as expected.

In this case, it’s always good to shift your focus on what is working rather than trying to fix what is not working.

As humans, we are generally inclined to fix what is not working. 

We believe what is currently working will keep the momentum, and if we fix that other thing, we can multiply the growth – it’s usually not the case.

In the world of digital marketing tips, you can grow faster by focusing on what’s working.

Create a Database

It’s always a great idea to keep a database of your customers as per their purchase journey.

For example – if someone has to follow four steps to buy your product. Divide the database into four parts:

Customers who completed Step-1

These customers know you’re your product and have already seen what you have to offer.

You can share the benefits of your products and push them to the next step.

Customers who completed Step-2

Customers who moved to Step-2 are usually aware of the benefits of your products but decided not to purchase at this point.

They could be pushed to the next step through offers and showcasing other exclusive benefits.

Customers who completed Step-3

They could be “shown interest in purchasing the product”, but they have not completed the purchase.

Re-target these customers by creating urgency in placing an order or solve any issues that they are experiencing

Customers who completed Step-4

These customers have completed their purchase, and they have liked your products.

Such customers will become your ambassadors, and they will bring more customers to your business.

Connect with customers regularly

In marketing, you must connect with your audience regularly. 

This does not mean that you communicate daily, but one communication every fortnight could help you build trust and connect with your audience to help them make the purchase decision. 

While connecting, make sure you remember the customers who have already made the purchase.

Once you have created the database, use email communication for cost-effective and better results.

Invest in organic marketing

Local Mobile Advertising Marketing

We often believe that paid marketing campaigns work better for small and medium businesses than organic campaigns.

On the contrary, paid marketing will solve your immediate problems and help you achieve short-term goals, but organic marketing will help you build the foundation of a big brand. 

It will help you achieve long-term goals.

To create an all-weather company, organic has to be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

Keep it interesting

In real life, people remember what interests them.

As a business, you will need to understand what interests your audience and use that as an anchor point to build trust and human connection.

For example, if you target a college student in blog posts, incorporating games, memes, and jokes could be a good idea.

It will help you produce relevant content, grasp people’s attention and eventually drive more sales.

Ask for feedback survey and Review

With digital marketing, you can ask for feedback from your customers almost as soon as they complete the purchase.

Incentivising the survey or review is a great way to get more publicity and invaluable customer insight.

Reviews will help you build a trustworthy brand, and a feedback survey will help you create a better version of your product.

The Conclusion

Digital Marketing has changed the way big companies dominated the marketing and advertising industry. 

It has created a level playing field that supports small businesses as well as big corporate giants. 

It has created space for everyone.

The digital world covers much ground – from social media posts to Search Engines like Google. 

As you spend more time within the system, you will understand the strength of each platform, realise its potential for your business and then use it to your advantage.

The essential aspect of these digital marketing tips is determining how you can use different platforms to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Now that you understand how digital marketing works and how you can leverage it for your business growth, start working on your online portfolio, create a solid online presence, find ways to connect with your audience and engage in conversations on Facebook and social media. 

Use the platforms where you can find your target audience and start your journey of success and growth.  

When you start working on digital marketing, it might seem like a puzzle initially, but it will become easier to use as time passes. You find this a much more efficient and effective way to conduct business. 

Author bio: Bhawna Smriti is a writer out of passion at Wishup, loves to travel to historic places, and collects antiques. She likes fast cars, slow music, and the taste of cheese. You can find her wandering in the mountains whenever she’s not sleeping or writing.

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