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15+ Best Horror Fonts for Spooky Designs

15+ Best Horror Fonts for Spooky Designs

Halloween, horror films, or just a love for all things spooky, there are so many reasons you might be in the market for the best horror fonts for your project. There’s no doubt that typography plays a significant role in creating the mood and feel of your designs, and this is especially true when it comes to horror-themed projects.

Whether designing a Halloween-themed poster, creating a spine-tingling book cover, or brewing up a frighteningly good design for a haunted house flyer, choosing the right font can make all the difference. But with so many options out there, how do you choose?

In this article, we’ve picked out the 15+ best horror fonts to give your designs that sinister, spine-chilling feel you’re looking for. Read on to find the perfect font for your next spooky project.

15+ Best Horror Fonts for Spooky Designs



Wicked – Horror Font Style

If you’re looking for a font that can add a fun and spooky twist to your designs, look no further than Wicked House. This horror font style is unique and will give your work a stunning and eye-catching appeal.

Imagine designing a fantasy game in a haunted house with ghosts and ghouls lurking around every corner. Wicked House would be the perfect font for the game’s title and any other text, adding an eerie and spooky feel to the overall design.

But it’s not just games that this font can be used for. Wicked House is also ideally suited for children’s horror story books or even for logos, branding, advertising, and gothic designs. It’s a versatile typeface that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

And, of course, let’s not forget Halloween. This font style is especially fitting for creative projects that use the spooky season, such as party invitations or decorations.

Use Wicked House on apparel or tattoos to add even more personal flair. The styling of this font can create an excellent contrast between dark backgrounds and lighter texts, making your designs stand out even more.

Overall, the possibilities for utilising Wicked House in your designs are endless. So what are you waiting for? Let this fun, scary, and fantastic horror font style unleash your creativity and add a distinctive look to your designs!



Creepshow – Horror font

Do you need a font that will give your horror, Halloween or creepy project the perfect touch? Look no further than this awesome font! It comes in two versions, clean and rough, so you can choose the one that best suits your project. Plus, a bonus dingbats version is included, which will give you even more design options to play with.

Whether you're working on a spooky video game or a bone-chilling movie poster, this font will help create the perfect atmosphere for your project. It's the ideal way to add an eerie, unsettling vibe to your design work.

The clean font version will give your text a smooth, polished look suitable for any professional project. Alternatively, if you're creating something that needs a more rough and tough edge, then the rough version can help you achieve that desired look.

And if you're feeling extra creative, the dingbat's version of this font will give you many creepy and Halloween-inspired icons. Spiderwebs, skulls, pumpkins, and other spooky imagery are all included, making it easy to give your designs that perfect Halloween or horror touch!

With this font, you can let your creativity run wild and create digital and print designs that grab people's attention and send shivers down their spines. So, what are you waiting for? Download the font now and start your creative journey!



Fright Night – Vintage horror font!

Are you ready to add a spooky and thrilling touch to your next project? Say hello to Fright Night, the font inspired by vintage horror posters and bold geometric type. It's sure to give your designs the perfect spooky vibe you've been looking for!

With various styles to choose from, you can mix and match to create endless different looks. Whether you want a classic horror movie poster vibe or something more contemporary, Fright Night has your back. It's a dynamic font that will elevate your designs to the next level.

But it's not just the style that makes Fright Night impressive – it also has many characters that will support a vast range of international languages. You'll get essential Latin support and tons of western European characters, comprising well over 300 glyphs. This feature alone makes Fright Night a versatile font that's perfect for use in multiple languages.

Whether you're working on a Halloween promotion, creating a spooky video game or putting together a horror-themed blog, Fright Night is the perfect font to bring your ideas to life. It'll give your project that perfect combination of thrills, chills, and diacritics!

So don't wait any longer – add Fright Night to your font library and get started on your next design project!



Beastman – Fantasy Horror Font

Are you looking for a versatile font that is perfect for any design project? Look no further because we’ve got just the font for you! This font suits various design needs and can be used in any project, from logos and branding to modern advertising and editorial design.

If you’re working on a cartoon or animation project, this font is perfect for giving your characters that hand-drawn touch. It’s also an excellent option for children’s books, providing a whimsical and playful vibe that young readers will love.

But that’s not all – this font is also perfect for designing posters, quotes, and book covers. It has a modern, fresh feel that will make your designs stand out from the crowd. And if you’re working on a website or blog design, this font will add a unique touch of personality to your typography.

And if you’re looking to create physical products, this font is perfect for custom mugs, pillows, t-shirts, and any other hand-lettering needs. It’s a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your products or to create unique and memorable gifts for family and friends.

This font is highly versatile and can be used in any project. So why wait? Start using this font today and take your designs to the next level!



Black House – Horror Font Display

Get ready to add some spookiness to your designs with the incredible Black House font display! This horror-inspired font is so much more than just a creepy typeface – it’s versatile and can be used for various design purposes.

One of the best things about Black House is that it’s perfect for creating signature logos, badges, and logotypes. Its bold and striking appearance makes it ideal for making an impactful statement, whether designing for a boutique fashion brand or a horror-themed event.

But that’s just the beginning. Black House is also perfect for creating everything from invitations to posters to modern designs that need some edge. And when it comes to Halloween, this font is a must-have. Its ominous look will give your plans a spooky vibe, making it ideal for seasonal promotions or themed events.

And don’t forget advertising – when you’re looking to create something that stands out from the crowd, Black House is a perfect choice. It’s bold and attention-grabbing and will ensure your message is heard clearly.

Overall, Black House is a powerful font with a purpose in every design project you can imagine. So why not add this horror-inspired display to your font library and start exploring all its exciting possibilities?



Chemical Machines – Horror Font

If you're hunting for the ultimate horror and retro typeface, look no further than Chemical Machines! This font is about pushing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities, so don't be afraid to try something different.

One of the great things about Chemical Machines is its versatility. Whether you want to create chilling monochromatic illustrations or add modern flair with gradient text effects, this font can handle everything. And if you're feeling adventurous, why not experiment with surrealism or pop art? The sky's the limit when it comes to creativity!

But who are the Chemical Machines? It's a great question! The name is intriguing and mysterious, evoking images of mad scientists and ominous laboratories. But the beauty of this font is that it allows you to create your backstory and narrative. Maybe the Chemical Machines are a group of rogue scientists working on a secret project, or perhaps they're something even more sinister. The choice is yours!

Overall, if you're looking for a font that will help you break free from the norm and explore new possibilities, look no further than Chemical Machines. So why not add this cutting-edge typeface to your collection and see where your imagination takes you?



Suzanstein – Horror Font

Suzanstein is the perfect font for those who want to explore the darker side of design – but with a touch of elegance. Instead of relying solely on spooky ghosts and horror elements, Suzanstein offers a more sophisticated take on the horror and retro genres.

But Suzanstein isn’t just limited to horror designs. This versatile font can be used in various themes where darkness is present. Whether you aim to create a design that exudes passion, youth, idealism, social issues, or motivation, Suzanstein is your go-to font.

One of the great things about Suzanstein is that it’s an all-caps font with small caps. This means that you have a wide range of options when it comes to creating your design. The font also has an OpenType feature that adds even more variety to your designs. The possibilities are endless!

So whether you’re working on a spooky Halloween design or a thought-provoking poster that addresses critical social issues, Suzanstein is the perfect font to help you achieve your vision. With its unique blend of horror and elegance, this font will make your designs stand out. So why wait? Add Suzanstein to your font library today and start creating!

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Deep Horror Font

This font is truly scary, inspired by classic horror films' gory and unsettling imagery. But don’t let that scare you away – because Deep Horror Font is also incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking to create an element design, a stunning wedding invitation or a t-shirt design that will make a statement, this font covers you.

But that’s not all! Deep Horror Font is perfect for any project that requires a bold message. Whether you’re creating a logo, a name tag, a handwritten quote, product packaging, merchandise, or even a greeting card, this font will surely get your message across with its striking and unique style.

One of the standout features of Deep Horror Font is the realistic and natural movement of each character, created using a flat marker. This ensures that your designs look authentic, with a handmade feel that adds depth and emotion to your work.

And last but not least, Deep Horror Font is ideal for making t-shirt designs and other clothing products. Whether you’re trying to create a spooky Halloween t-shirt or a design that captures the essence of summer fun, this font is the perfect addition to your arsenal.



Mustkill – Vintage Horror Font

This font draws inspiration from classic horror movie posters, with its rough detail and uppercase style.

When you use Mustkill Font, you can be sure your designs will evoke the same angry and nightmare feelings that classic horror movies are known for. Whether creating a spooky poster, designing a logo that will grab attention, working on a book cover that will give readers goosebumps, or putting together a Halloween promo, Mustkill Font has got you covered.

But what makes Mustkill Font so unique? Its rough detail gives it a particular character, adding a layer of texture and depth to your designs that other fonts can’t match. And its all-caps style ensures that your message comes across loud and clear, with a presence that can’t be ignored.

But don’t let that intimidate you – Mustkill Font is also incredibly versatile. Whether working on a minimal, understated design or loud and in-your-face, this font can adapt to fit your needs.



Noveld Horror Brush Font

Are you looking for new fonts to give your designs a spooky edge? Look no further than this fantastic collection of brush fonts! If you want to create designs with a mysterious and horror-themed impression, these fonts are perfect.

Not only are these fonts incredibly versatile, but they’re also perfect for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re creating an illustration or need a font to make your logo stand out, these brush fonts are the ideal addition to your toolkit. They’re also perfect for headlines, master signs, posters, Halloween parties, and more!

What makes these fonts stand out from others is the brush effect. Each character has a natural, hand-drawn look with unique strokes and texture. Plus, their mysterious and horror-oriented impression gives you room to experiment with different designs and create something extraordinary.

These brush fonts aren’t just limited to horror designs; they’re perfect for any design that needs an edgy and unique touch. Whether you’re working on an advertisement for a new product, creating a poster for a concert, or designing social media graphics that will catch people’s attention, these fonts will make an impact.



The Night Lamp

Inspired by the chilling thrillers that keep you up at night, this font is perfect for any Halloween, Horror, Thriller, or Scary project you’re working on.

But the best part about The Night Lamp? It’s incredibly versatile! Whether designing a logo or crafting a quote, this font can do everything. It’s perfect for apparel, comics, book covers, cards, posters, or anything that requires a horror or scary look.

Its eerie and haunting style sets The Night Lamp apart from other display fonts. This font will give any project a touch of terror that will grab people’s attention. And the best part is that it’s super easy to read, making it an excellent choice for any design that needs a bold and dramatic touch.

So if you’re in the market for a font that will make your project stand out, try The Night Lamp. It’s the perfect addition to any designer’s toolkit, whether you’re working on a large project or need something to add a bit of horror to your social media posts. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed!



Exorcist – Horror Display Typeface

Whether you need a font for a horror movie title, book title, event, clothing, music, or anything else, Exorcist has got you covered. It’s versatile enough to fit any occasion, and its haunting style will get people’s attention.

One of the best things about Exorcist is its unique design. The font has a creepy and ghostly feel that will give any project a touch of the supernatural. It’s perfect for any horror-themed project that requires a bold and dramatic look.

And the best part? It’s super easy to use! Whether you’re a professional designer or starting, Exorcist is simple to download and install. Plus, it’s compatible with various design software programs, so you can use it wherever you like!

So if you need a font that will scare the pants off of anyone who touches it, try Exorcist. It’s the perfect choice for any project requiring a spooky touch, and it’s sure to make your designs stand out. Download it today, and let the haunting begin!



Stencil font Mind the Gap

The urban landscape of major cities worldwide has a unique charm that captures the attention of many. Whether it’s the vibrant street art of New York City or the historic architecture of Paris, every city has its distinct style. A designer who recently created a font, however, wondered if there was something more universal that these cities shared.

The designer chose stencil lettering as the basis for the font, as it is a common sight in many cities worldwide. He experimented with various techniques and ultimately settled on hand-cutting each letter and spraying them with black paint. This approach gave the font an industrial, gritty, and almost military appearance, evocative of urban landscapes.

The designer intentionally avoided perfection, preferring to embrace the irregularities and imperfections that arose during creation. This approach gave the font a sense of authenticity, making it look more natural and adding personality. The result was a font with a raw and honest character, well-suited for use in design contexts that aim to capture the spirit of urban culture.



BlockPress Grotesque Font

BlockPress is a unique font that combines vintage style with a modern sensibility. It is an uppercase sans-serif letterpress grotesque typeface that adds a touch of decorative boldness to any design. The font’s distressed appearance adds texture and depth, making it perfect for titling and headings that demand attention.

Designed by Mint Pixels, a well-known font designer, BlockPress comes in letterpress and solid styles. Each style is characterized by its distinct appearance, allowing designers to choose the one that best suits their project. The letterpress style features a slightly worn, textured look reminiscent of old printing presses, while the solid type provides a clean, updated version perfect for modern designs.

One of the great things about BlockPress is its versatility. While it’s primarily suitable for titling and headings, it can also be used for various other design applications, from posters and advertisements to packaging and web design. The font’s unique style makes it stand out from different sans-serif fonts and lends a distinctive look to any project it’s used in.

BlockPress is available in an OTF file format, which means it’s compatible with a wide range of design software. Designers can easily integrate it into their existing workflow, making it an efficient and creative tool for their design needs.



Stranger Creature

This bold display font is inspired by those creepy horror thriller movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you’re making a logo, a quote, apparel design, a comic book, cover books, cards, posters, or anything else that requires a frightening look, Stranger Creature is the ideal choice. With its unique design, this font is made to give any project a suitably scary and ominous vibe.

One of the best things about Stranger Creature is its versatility. It’s the perfect choice for Halloween, Horror, Thriller, or Scary theme projects, but it can also be used for any design that needs a bold and dramatic touch.

The font’s eerie and unique style is what sets it apart from other display fonts out there. It’ll give your project that extra “oomph” to make a chilling impact. Stranger Creature is simple to use and compatible with various design software programs, making it accessible to novice and experienced designers.



Cinema Macabre

Classic Giallo film posters inspire this devilishly drawn loose, inky brush font from the 1960s to 1980s. For those of you who may not know, Giallo is a cult cinematic subgenre beloved for its stylish visuals, haunting soundtracks, and exploitation-led marketing.

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The Cinema Macabre font family includes not one but six unique fonts! Each font contains uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and language support. But that’s not all – it also includes custom ligatures, underlines, and graphic elements. This combination of features creates an essential toolbox for creating truly handmade-looking title designs.

The feel of vintage horror is unmistakable in this versatile font family. It preserves analogue details of old print while remaining flexible enough to work with various digital designs. It’s a perfect fit for horror movie titles, album covers, book covers, apparel designs, posters, and more.

Using this font family means you’ll have various options to explore and experiment with. You can mix and match the six available fonts to create multiple designs. The custom ligatures, underlines, and graphic elements add a layer of creative freedom, allowing you to create designs that truly stand out.


In conclusion, we’ve explored some of the best horror fonts available to bring your spooky designs to life. From the classic and vintage to the more modern and unsettling, there’s a font for every horror fan. Whether you’re designing a horror movie poster, book cover, or album art or want to add extra chills to your Halloween party invitations, these fonts will undoubtedly leave an impression.

Remember, choosing the proper horror font is just the first step. Equally important is how you use it. Pay attention to spacing, colour, and layout, allowing you to create genuinely terrifying yet visually striking designs.

With these top horror fonts in your design arsenal, you can create designs that dare to unsettle and shock your audience. So why not give your next project a spine-tingling edge? Get creative, experiment, and see where your fearlessness takes you!

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