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Does your Logo truly represent all of the hard work you’ve put into your business? Does it sum up the quality and uniqueness of your products?


Inkbot Design can help you present that image to the world in an attractive and effective way with a professional logo design.


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Successful companies invest an enormous amount of time, effort and money to create business plans, product lines, sales & marketing organizations and support structures.

But they often pay little attention to a key ingredient in building a flourishing brand and business – a professional logo design.

The world’s most successful companies have instantly recognizable logos – think of Apple, Nike or McDonald’s. They undrstand that with just one glance, customers can immediately identify the image and brand identity the firms have spent decades building. Many clients even narrow product choices and make buying decisions based on the logo designs.

Professional Logo Design UK

A logo is the first thing customers notice. It conveys what your product and brand are all about. It’s the key to branding. And it must make a lasting impression.

Inkbot Design specialises in professional logo design at reasonable prices. We’ll take your company’s image or message and give it artistic voice – telling and selling your story with a dynamic look. It’s the most effective way to create and build a strong and consistent brand.


How Much does Professional Logo Design Cost?


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You can find people to “design a logo” for about £50-£99. Of course, you get what you pay for. When you settle for a bargain basement designer, you’ll probably get a cut-and-paste job with randomly-chosen colors that took about an hour to throw together. There’s no interest in understanding your business or creating a logo that fits your needs.

Many others won’t even tell you what they’ll charge. They’ll first try to rope you in as a client, and then hit you with a huge price quote once you’re on board.

Inkbot Design is different. We believe in transparency. We’re happy to tell you how much you’ll be spending, and what you’ll be getting for your investment. Our custom logo design packages start around £800. That price is set deliberately low, to accommodate start-ups, sole traders and small companies. We’ve worked with a wide range of start-up companies, and understand how to help them succeed. Just a few examples of new companies we’ve worked with: The Centre for Retail Research, Thrive and Azenby.


Freelance Logo Design UK


Intricate projects which involve extensive research and design will cost more, but we don’t charge by the hour. We’ll give you a fixed price quote and stick with it. Inkbot Design provides a range of custom design packages to suit all price ranges. Learn more about our logo design prices and the actual process of designing a logo.

If you’re a company that’s just developing a brand identity, our brand design services take the process a step further. We’ll help you identify your most important message and work with you to find the best ways to convey that message to your customers. You can click here to learn more about our branding services.


Logo Design Services

Why Choose Inkbot Design?


Anyone can come up with a logo, but it’s challenging to create the right one. Professional logo design and branding services from Inkbot Design guarantee a high quality, well-developed design aimed directly at your target audience.

Your company’s image and branding stand for everything you’ve built. We have years of experience helping people build a strong and consistent brand – and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Some examples of successful brand identity design we’ve done for clients can be seen in our logo portfolio. Everything’s backed up by our Client Testimonials so be sure to check that out too.

To request a quote, just click the green button below. Or free feel to email stuart(at) at any time. We look forward to creating your logo design!


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Logo Design Client Testimonials


Vera Tamminen Graphic Design Review of Inkbot Design“The cooperation with Stuart was like a good marriage, painless and inspiring. :-) He was extremely helpful and really wanted to understand the concept of my business. The fact we were not in the same country / time zone was not effecting our project at all. He was very quick answering and I could ask for help almost anytime. The result of Stuart’s work is just perfect from every point of view, because he is really listening his clients. He is an artist and a real professional in the same body. I would hire him again immediately without thinking about any “local options”. Thank you, Stuart!”

~ Vera Tamminen (Priima-valmennus (Quality Trainings, Finland))

View Priima-Valmennus


Morrow Gilchrist Associates“Stuart designed our logo and branding material for our new advisory business, Morrow Gilchrist Associates and did an absolutely fantastic job. Not only that, Stuart was very flexible and easy to deal with and provided some great advice which was really helpful when setting up a new business. Stephanie and I both come from ‘Big 4′ accountancy backgrounds and so wanted similar quality and professional branding and logo design and Stuart didnt disappoint. We are both delighted with the designs and the service we have received. We highly recommend Stuart to anyone seeking excellent branding design and advice. Thanks again Stuart!”

~ James Gilchrist & Stephanie Morrow.

View Morrow Gilchrist Associates


Brian Deeney Visit Donegal“Stuart was great to work with, professional and really helpful. The logo he designed for Visit Donegal has helped me create a strong brand identity across the various social media channels. Dependable, insightful, creative – all apply to his work. Highly recommended.

Do not give it a second thought – hire him.”

~ Brian Deeney

View Visit Donegal

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Professional Logo Design Services



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