Do your customers know your business by sight?

Do they know your competitors?

How important is your investment in a high-quality logo design for your business? How much should you spend? Why not ask Coca-Cola, Nike or McDonald’s how much they’d pay for theirs?

Those guys don’t just have a logo – they have a brand. An ingrained visual representation of all they stand for, and everything we’ve come to expect. This is what I can do for you.


You’ll love your logo – I guarantee it!


When you create a truly powerful, truly long-lasting logo design, you are making a wise and tremendous investment in your company’s future. Once completed, you’ll have a branding tool that lasts the test of time and returns many fold what you put into it.

Again, think about those well-known brands we know and love.

I want to make this as valuable and as sweet a deal as I can for you. Fill in the form to the right. You decide what you think you want to invest, and we’ll negotiate a package based upon on that. Before we even begin, I’ll do an in-depth 1-hour brand review and give you a free consultation. You’ll get the benefit of a branding professional’s opinion on the current state of your company’s brand and what could be done to improve it – and this is 100% free.

Of course, my time is limited, so I am only making this free consultation offer for a short time. Depending on how popular this gets, I may leave it up for a while or take it down next week. So why not take advantage of my foolishness right now and get an hour’s worth of my time for free?

Now the guarantee. I promise that when we negotiate a price, you will get a logo that you’ll love. I do not charge by the hour, or by how many revisions. You pay me a flat fee, and I work on that logo until its right. If it’s perfect the first time, you’re armed with a powerful money-making branding tool right away. If I have to redo it half a dozen times – so be it.

You will be satisfied! I am ready to work with you, just fill in the form and let’s create something together that will live in the hearts and minds of your customers for years to come!

  • This is only an estimate, a place for us to start. Nothing is written in stone, but it helps us set guidelines before we even talk. It helps to be open at this stage so I can tailor a 'package' to suit your specific needs. The larger the budget, the more time I can invest in your project.
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Four Reasons you should Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer like me:

Your Business is your Brand. Your Brand is my Business.™


Logo design and branding is part science and part art. Like any piece of art, it has my signature on it, even figuratively, and I treat your project as if it were my very own.

Agency quality at Freelance rates


You only pay me for my work, not my overheads. You’re buying a lifetime of skill, a lot of passion and a personal dedication you do not get with a big flashy agency. Not to mention I deliver such quality at a fraction of the cost!

I make small companies big and big companies huge


Whether you’re a sole trader just starting out, a small business carving out a healthy segment of your market or a major corporation that needs a new look, you get only the best from me. I treat each client as if you were my only one.

Your logo will be timeless


When I create a logo for you, it’s not based on any fleeting fashions or trends. This means your brand can establish itself and flourish, rather than need an expensive update in a year or two.

General guide to Freelance Logo Design Pricing


First things first, there are no set ‘rates’ for Freelance Graphic Design, Logos and Branding, since every project’s different. The general rule is that the larger your budget when you request a quote, the more time I can personally invest in it.

If you have a budget in mind already, please mention that above, it will not affect my pricing system – but will allow me to tailor a package that’s meets all your requirements.

The figures below are rough estimates as to how much I would advise an investment in a project, based on what I can create in that time allocated.

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Startup Packages

  • Suitable packages for small startup businesses or sole traders looking to get up and running with a logo design.
  • Custom Logo Design, with files exported into all the vector formats you may need.
  • Social media aspects.
  • Advice, Assistance and Consultation on how to launch your new brand.

Brand Design Packages

  • A sensible budget for medium to large businesses requiring a logo design (or redesign / refresh) or smaller companies wanting to make the step up into a fully-fledged brand design.
  • Everything from the first to packages plus Brand Guidelines documents, additional packaging materials or branded correspondence for example.

Brand-Identity Development

upto and above
  • Generally the higher range packages can cover all your needs – maybe you want more time allocated to the development process, maybe you require uniforms designed along with exterior signage for your shop-front.
  • If your budget is in this range be sure to mention when requesting a quote – I can include an initial consultation to work out the best approach for the project.
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Just a few of my happy clients…

The cooperation with Stuart was like a good marriage, painless and inspiring.

The result of Stuart’s work is just perfect because he really listens to his clients.

Vera Tamminen

Owner, Primma-valmennus

Dependable, insightful, creative – all apply to his work. Highly recommended.

Do not give it a second thought – hire him.

Brian Deeney

Owner, VisitDonegal

We were really impressed with both his creativity and the professional way in which he works.

We recommend him very highly.

Laura Quick

Director, Adams Recruitment

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