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5 Promotional Items That Benefit Your Business

5 Promotional Items That Benefit Your Business

Companies don’t see the benefits of a giveaway immediately, so some hesitate to spend on promotional items. But the benefits are there. 

Ultimately, a branded giveaway leaves a positive impression on consumers. It brings attention to your brand, helps you educate consumers about what you offer, and inspires loyalty from customers.

All of this, of course, should lead to increased sales. But what should you give away? You can find all kinds of items to purchase in bulk with your logo, but some are better than others. 

Look for products that consumers will use and increase your visibility through circulation. Here are some ideas that work for most businesses.

1 – Stickers

Custom Label Printing Stickers

A branded sticker is a great entry point for promotional products. They are small and relatively inexpensive. You can get a big stack of stickers to distribute to consumers and current customers without spending too much.

Stickers are like the more modern version of business cards. Like a business card, a sticker can provide essential information about your company: logo, phone number, website, and social media profiles.

Unlike a business card, a sticker has staying power. Business cards go into wallets or junk drawers to be forgotten. 

People put stickers on their water bottles, travel coffee mugs, laptops, and other items they carry with them and use. This gets better circulation for your brand and contact information. Just make sure the design is fun and eye-catching. It shouldn’t look like a business card, or no one will use it.

2 – Face Masks

Thanks to the pandemic, so much are virtual these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from giving away actual products. 

If you have virtual events, like webinars, give attendees a thank-you gift. Participants won’t expect to get a gift in the mail. It reminds them of the event and extends the positive impression it left on them.

What would be more appropriate for a virtual event than branded face masks? A face mask is an ideal promotional gift because it turns people into walking billboards for your company. It’s an excellent opportunity for exposure and a practical gift that people need.

3 – Stationery

Juicebaby London Stationery Design

Stationery items are classic promotional giveaways that never cease to be relevant. There’s a reason for that. 

No matter how digital the world becomes, people can always use pen and paper. People who receive these items will use them and likely, pass them on in turn. Stationery is great for exposure and has high circulation rates.

Personalised giveaway pens are among the most widely-circulated of all items. Everyone has had the experience of pulling a pen out of a drawer or purse with no idea how it got there. Branded pens from all companies get passed from office to office and person to person.

Another great thing about stationery items is that they come in a range of price points. You can buy bulk branded pens for as little as 25 cents each or splurge on nicer journals to hand out to loyal customers.

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4 – Tote Bags

Promotional products benefit businesses through circulation and awareness at the most basic level. The benefits can go deeper than this if you choose the correct item. A branded tote bag circulates your brand, but it also communicates something about your company’s values.

Environmental issues are increasingly important to consumers. A reusable tote tells consumers that your business supports and values sustainability. 

A tote bag provides two main benefits: attract customers who value sustainability and circulate your brand with an item that people use on the streets, at work, and in stores.

5 – Reusable Water Bottles

Branded Water Bottle Custom

A reusable water bottle is similar to a sustainable tote bag. Again, it broadcasts your company’s values and the message that you are concerned about environmental issues. It’s also an item that people use when on the go. People take water bottles out of the house and use them all over.

A nice water bottle is more costly than other promotional products. Use this one for relevant events or to reward loyal customers. 

It won’t have the same reach as less expensive items like face masks or pens, so be more targeted with how you use and distribute branded water bottles.

Take Advantage of Targeted Branding for Promotional items

Promotional items continue to be a practical, versatile way to get your brand out there. Be strategic about how you purchase and distribute your items. 

Consider your audience and budget as you select the perfect products to represent your company. 

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