How To Produce A Creative Video On A Budget

Video is an excellent medium that is used as part of any marketing strategy. 

You don't need a million-dollar Hollywood budget to shoot an amazingly creative video for your brand. 

With the right tools and direction, you can produce quality digital content while staying within your brand's financial means. 

Pre-Plan Every Detail

Plan A Creative Video Shoot

To stay on budget, you need to make a plan and stick with it. 

Going off in a different direction when you have everything set up is the easiest way to incur additional expenses. 

Develop your concept, purpose, and script. Even a simple guide can help keep you going in the right direction.

Keep it Simple

If you don't have experience with creating innovative videos, keep the filming simple. 

The one way to guarantee a great production is not to go overboard with techniques you've found on YouTube. 

Most of those professionals have years of experience producing content. 

Leave the camera on the tripod until you feel comfortable moving around and keep a steady hand freely. 

Stick with simple backgrounds and don't go overboard with the script. 

Choose a Professional-Looking Background

If you're not filming outside, you need a background that doesn't take away from your production. 

There are many canvas backdrops you can buy to fit any budget. 

Most of these options roll up for safe storage when not in use. 

For times when you can't purchase a background, you can improvise. 

The most important aspect is to make sure your video's scene doesn't distract viewers. 

Great options include neat, organised bookshelves or a wall with awards or other simple images.

Use a Tripod

A tripod is a necessary expense for any video. 

Even if you have an image stabiliser or feel confident you can keep the filming steady throughout, a tripod is a valuable tool to keep the video stable while you handle other tasks. 

You can pick up an inexpensive tripod at several locations that'll keep your digital equipment safe. 

In a pinch, or if it's not in your budget, you can use a shelf or another sturdy piece of furniture to secure the camera. 

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Buy a Quality Microphone

Another essential tool is a separate, quality microphone for professional audio. Put this at the top of your list. 

A large slice of your budget might go to this expense. 

You can shoot the perfect creative video, but it will ruin the entire production if the audio's off. 

For a low budget, some options work with your Android or iOS-based mobile device. 

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Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is as important as the microphone. 

If you're filming outside, you want a sunny day. 

Shadows can cause problems and are hard to edit. 

The same goes for the time of day. Stick to early morning or late afternoon for filming. The noon sun is harsh and produces heavy shadowing. 

If you are shooting inside, you'll want quality lighting that provides a professional appearance. 

There are several options. For a small budget with a limited filming area, consider a photo umbrella. 

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For more information on how a professional production company can help with creative video production on a budget, contact Rhoda Pond Productions.

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How To Produce A Creative Video Budget
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