The Future of Logo Design & Branding

The Future of Logo Design & Branding

A creative business owner always thinks about bringing innovation in the company to improve the connection with the ever-changing behaviour of the target audience.

These days, its very popular to outsource web design and development, as this way even a small business or a startup can get its own website and start promoting online.

When a user visits a website, the first thing that an eye catches is the logo.

Not any designer can tell you how to design a logo that represents the business and creates the brand value for the company.

In the light of changing business landscapes, the technology arena, peoples’ lifestyle and the past trends, it will not be difficult to predict how the future logo designs will look like in 10 years.

This article will help you understand the art of logo design, present market status, the future logo designs trends, and the significant factors that can impact the logo designs in the next ten years to come!


Logo Designs in Web Development


Logo Design Web Browsers


The modern web development is profoundly influenced by the graphic design services, which are also used for the logo design purposes in the majority of the cases in the present day marketplace.

According to the IBIS World research report, the graphic design market size of the USA only stands at about $13 billion, with over $3 billion associated with the logo design domain.

It is growing at about over 1.7% consistently.

The scope of logo design in the developing countries like India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, and other Asian, African and Latin American will become huge the ten years to come.

Both online advertisement and digital marketing help your business to reach out to the targeted audience, but a good impact and an emotional connection can only be achieved through excellent user experience, meaningful logo, and quality content.

A meaningful logo develops a strong brand identity, emotional connection and customer loyalty.

The logo should adequately depict what your brand is and how it works to create value for the customers.

It should be simple, unique, memorable, and recognisable.


Importance of Logo Design


Future Of Apple Logo Design


The logo design plays a critical role in the modern businesses powered by the websites and social media pages.

There are hundreds of thousands of websites and online businesses that you have to compete and stand out from.

A meaningful logo can help you in achieving those objectives.

Conceiving a business idea, converting it into a business entity, devising a marketing strategy to reach out to the targeted audience are such costly and cumbersome processes.

A bad logo design can result in all those efforts being in vain.

A good logo design leaves the following desirable impacts on your advertisement campaigns.

  • Brings excellent competitive edge over competitors
  • Develops consistency among multiple marketing channels
  • Improves the branding value of your product/service
  • Improves public recognition and promotes brand loyalty
  • Attracts new prospective customers
  • Produces a good company character
  • Conveys creative message visually
  • Strengthens marketing strategy

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX)


Keep Brand Guidelines Design 1


UI and UX are two significant concepts in web development that help improve the web content, outlook and the effectiveness of the website.

The UX design is a broader concept that involves the concepts of psychology, sociology, and creativity.

In the logo design perspective, all those aspects should be incorporated into the logo to create an excellent user experience.

The UI is another web designing term commonly used for choosing the right interface elements of a website.

The user interface designing in the logo creation should also make sure that the image, text, and location of the logo are adequately designed to create a pleasant and long-lasting impression.


How Will Logo Designs Look Like in Next 10 Years?


Bmw Logo Design History


The logos have evolved from its beginning to today by changing their faces and styles.

This tradition of continual change persists and will remain for the entire future to come.

Let’s project the trends about how the logos may look like in next ten years.

1 – Returning to Roots

“History repeats itself” is a well-known proverb that we hear in our daily lives.

It has proven in many ways like we saw old fashions returning after an extended period.

This is a nostalgic phenomenon that people like to return to their old days.

So maybe, we see the old vintage logos in 10 years from now.

2 – Multi-Dimensional Logos

The advent of 3D printers is expected to bring about a new revolution in our lives.

The typical 2D logos may vanish soon, and we may see the 3D logo designs in the marketplace.

Sooner or later the adoption of 3D and 4D designs may appear as standard.

3 – Animation in Image

Images, videos, and animated content are becoming the primary source of information circulation, and the power of the text is dwindling slowly and gradually.

This trend may lead to an animated logo design ten years from now, describing all aspects of a memorable and effective logo design.

4 – Interactive Style

People are establishing a relationship with technology and technical products rather than human beings very aggressively.

If we extrapolate this trend, we may not be correct in having every internet product and service, including the interactive logo designs more interactive.

5 – Even More Responsive

We are already in an era of responsive graphic design, but this trend has just begun.

We may see more responsiveness in the design of every web service, content and even logos in the future to fit in all aspects, gadgets, and technologies.


What Are Major Factors Likely to Impact Logo Designs in Future?


Shell Logo Design History


The significant factors that are likely to impact the logo design in the future will fundamentally remain the same that affect the logo designs even today, but with substantial changes in their processes.

For instance, creativity is one of the fundamental factors that directly impact the logo design in the present; it will also impact the logo designs in the future with a different process of creative thinking.


Intuition is the fundamental factor that brings about creative ideas.

Often, creativity comes all of a sudden, intuitively.

The intuition will be a significant factor that is going to impact the future logo designs in the coming ten years.

Creativity is always born by the influence of surrounding issues, environments, problems and the desire to search for the right solutions.


Whether it is the present day logo designs or the future logo designing, the trends of the time will remain one of the significant factors to influence the logo creation.

The trends of future logo designing will be influenced by the market type and public behaviour at that time.

Usually, the patterns change regularly.



The change in technology is the primary driver for a change of landscapes of all knowledge-based businesses and their processes.

The information technology changes much faster than ever before.

It is expected to maintain its pace for tens of years to come.

So, it will be a significant factor that will also affect the logo designs in the future.


Customer Behaviour

Every business, as well as industry, is always meant for the customer.

The behaviour of the customer is the most influential factor for the changes in trends, technology, environment and the business processes.

So, the customer behaviour will always remain the dominant factor while designing any IT based solution in the future including the designs of web logos.

Business Environment

A few decades back before the arrival of electronic media, it was only the physical and manual ways of marketing for reaching out to the target audience.

The business environment demanded physical billboards, newspaper ads and radio commercials for their marketing strategies, so the impact of designing a great logo was not that important.

With the advent of electronic media and the internet, the importance of logo design increased multifold.

The influence of the business environment after ten years will play a significant role in the development of the right designs of the company logos for a better product or service branding.


The competition every business is increasing rapidly, and it is expected to become even fiercer in the next ten years.

The success ratio of new businesses and startups will drastically go down.

The average life of a company will also decrease substantially in the future.

So, the competition will put heavy pressure on the businesses to develop future logo designs to cope with the cutthroat competition.


Twitter Logo Design History


Final Takeaway!


After having discussed the multiple aspects of future logo designs and extrapolating the designing factors for the future ten years, we come to conclude that:

  • The global market size of logo designing will become huge in the future
  • The importance of logo designs will become comparatively very high in the future
  • Technology, customer behaviour, the trends of the time, creativity and competition will remain an influential factor affecting the future logo designs
  • Multidimensional logos, animation, responsiveness, interactivity, returning to the roots trends will define the outlook of the logo designs in the future
  • The role of UI and UX developers will become more pervasive and critical in the domain of web development and graphic design


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