Have a Boring Website: 10 Things to Look Out For

Have a Boring Website: 10 Things to Look Out For


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As per research conducted by the Internet World Statistics, the total population of the world in 2017, as estimated, is approximately 7 billion.

The population that uses the Internet sums up to nearly 3 billion as of March 31st, 2017.

This data suggests a total of 49.7% population of the world to be users of the Internet.

The increasing drift into the digital world has called for the need of marketing through the portal of the Internet.

Companies that are not active online tend to get whipped out from the market sooner than before.

Therefore, an Internet presence is a vital element to be considered by companies when it comes to building awareness and achieving sales related goals.

In this regard, a firm's website is a significant tool to invest in.

A company's website proves to present it with credibility and reliability that act as drivers for the customers to opt for their products or services.

A site that is clean and user-friendly is often the one that steals the show.

On the other hand, an intricate and boring website can cause a reverse impact to occur on the target audience, causing them to drift away from the company.

It is pretty easy to identify if your website is a well-built portal or a dreary tool that scares your clients away.

If the latter is true, it is advised that you change your site as soon as possible.

If you find the identification part to be difficult, here are a few NOs that serve as an indication for your site to be boring.


1 – It is not user-friendly


A user-friendly site is twice as likely to gain attention than a complex one.

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Customers these days prefer ease over everything else which is why an easy to access website is a catch in the digital market.

The term user-friendly calls for the layout of the site to be clear, its navigation to be easy, while call to action icons to be present in viewable locations.

Ignoring these basic yet necessary features could lead your site to lose its current and potential viewers while discarding the opportunity of cashing from the most potential medium of profits.


2 – It is not mobile-friendly




Mobile users are claimed to be making 50% of the web traffic these days.

Since using a smartphone is considered to be more convenient, surfing the Internet using a handheld device is a common trend observed in this current era of digitisation.

Companies, therefore, to match the demand of the mobile users, need to have a website that is mobile friendly.


By mobile friendly, we mean that the site should be responsive enough to be easily navigated using a mobile device.

If that is not the case with your site, you better hire a developer at the earliest opportunity.


3 – There are no Social Media icons


Social media is a powerful networking portal that brings together people possessing the same interests and concerns.

Keeping the target audience engaged through this medium could prove to be beneficial.

The awareness of a company's social media site is best to be delivered through their website.

Social media icons are an added feature for a site that enhances its image of being a site that promotes connectivity and engagement.

It helps direct traffic to the company's official social media pages while at the same time allowing social media users to visit the site, using the link built between the two.

No social media icons are proportional to the site being boring.


4 – There is no Blog or Updates




Blogs sure are good at driving traffic to the website and are a necessary feature as well.

People searching for information often tend to end up on sites of different companies, via these blogs.

Also, these blogs help regarding marketing a firm's offering as well which again proves to be worthy.

These blogs also give the site a very knowledgeable image which makes the portal a less boring and more informative place to visit.

Most importantly, blogs are easy to write and require less investment as compared to design and development of a site, making it a preferable option for the site owners to pursue.


5 – There is no customer support


It is a basic need of an individual to be heard, understood, and attended when required.

For a website as well, it is vital for it to possess a contact support for the sake of smooth functioning and satisfaction of the target audience.

A site that lacks support can be a boring place for the people, visiting the domain, since they realise that it would support a one-way exchange of information only.

Customers are more interested in exchanges that take place at both ends – customer support is therefore required for most businesses.

The customer support also helps in engaging the audience while convincing them to stay on the website for longer, since they realise that the site support will handle any of their queries.


6 – It takes forever to load




Nothing can be more frustrating than a loading icon appearing on a website.

Customers these days are short of time and patience and do not enjoy wasting their time on sites that take forever to load.

Also, if a client is made to wait before the site is viewed, the perception of delayed services and negligence would reflect the nature of the business.

Sites that take long to load usually experience the highest bounce rates, since waiting is an activity desired by no one.


7 – There are no visuals or images


Images stimulate the interest of people, be it a child or an adult.

Boring websites with few images can fail to attract an audience for the fact that they appear plain and dull.

Images help a site back up its information via explaining their idea through visuals.

This proves to be extremely useful as technical details such as product functions, methods of work, types of products, etc. can better be described using images rather than text.


8 – Information is outdated




A site that provides out-of-date information is as annoying as a site with no information at all.

A regularly updated site is a requirement when it comes to attracting the right target audience.

People prefer visiting a site for the sake of acquiring the newest information and details regarding the business.

If outdated information is shown to the customer, they may shift from the idea of opting for their business.

Also, the company may also have lots of exciting announcements for the customers, however; not updating it on the site would cause them to fail in informing the audience regarding company decisions that may act as a driver for them.


9 – The site is unfurnished


A site that is not updated as per the recent trends of the industry tends to gain less or no attention at all.

It is necessary for a site to remain up to date for the sake of high engagement and low bounce rates for which regular checks of the site are required.

Also, recent web design trends of the industry are also to be taken into consideration which should later become a part of the website.

A new and fresh look will always lead the target audience to get attracted to the site while increasing their visits.


10 – There is no SEO




Your target audience will not coincidentally type your address in the domain while ending up on your landing page.

Your site link needs to appear on different blogs and Google for the sake of attracting the right amount of traffic.

A site that does not consider Search Engine Optimisation probably follows a backwards approach and approves of being a dull medium simultaneously.

Hence, to increase the site's visibility and presence, it needs to perform SEO carefully.




A boring website should always be avoided; new forever remains in the limelight.

The signs that are discussed above are all factors that lead a website to appear dull and monotonous.

Leaving it that way could make a company lose its traffic while giving up on a huge chunk of sales which could have given them profits of extraordinary value.

Also, a boring website can simultaneously create a negative impression of your brand while forming a perception of it being dry and dull.

Hence, taking immediate action in this regards is the most important task.

If you can relate to a few or all of these signs, then your site sure needs a makeover.

It is advised that you hire a web designer and developer as soon as possible, discuss your concerns with them, brainstorm ideas for improving your site, and implement the findings promptly.

This way you will have a brand new site to the access of your target followed by enhanced engagement and profits for the business.


Author Bio: Atarah James is a professional graphic designer working for Brands Design for the past two years. Before joining the company, Atarah used to work as a freelancer on projects related to logo design and web design. She has immense knowledge when it comes to graphic designing and hence, has been writing blogs for the sake of spreading her insight to the newbies.

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Have A Boring Website 10 Things To Look Out For
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