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15+ Best Lightroom Presets for Photographers

15+ Best Lightroom Presets for Photographers

Lightroom presets are like magic wands for editing photos. With just one click, you can apply a preset and transform your images from dull and lacklustre to dynamic works of art. As a photographer, presets are an invaluable tool that can shave hours off your editing time and help you cultivate your unique visual style.

This comprehensive guide will explore over 15 of the best Lightroom presets to take your photos to the next level. Whether you primarily shoot portraits, landscapes, still life, or various genres, these presets provide quick solutions for everyday tasks like adding vivid colour, boosting contrast, and creating dramatic moods.

We'll cover versatile presets from leading designers like Kathi and Chris at VSCO, Sven Malojlo, and Matt Kloskowski. Many of these presets are available for free or at a low cost, making them accessible for any photographer's budget. Given their sophisticated editing capabilities, we'll highlight some premium paid options worth the investment.

With the correct Lightroom presets, you can stylise your images with just a few clicks. This guide will introduce you to presets tailored for vibrant colour grading, moody black-and-white conversions, hazy matte effects, film emulation, and much more. Whether you're editing portraits, landscapes, still lifes, or a wide range of subjects, these presets will amplify your images while streamlining your workflow. Discover the go-to Lightroom presets that will supercharge your editing process!

15+ Best Lightroom Presets to Download


Editorial / Magazine Lightroom Presets

If you're a passionate photographer or a graphic designer looking to take your images to the next level, our Editorial & Magazine Lightroom Presets collection is tailor-made. Comprising a meticulously crafted set of 30 professional Lightroom Presets, this toolkit is designed to transform your photographs into stunning works of art.

What sets our presets apart is the precision of calibration adjustments and the clean arrangement, all carefully implemented to breathe life into your visuals. By applying these presets, you can effortlessly achieve that silky smooth, polished magazine-style aesthetic that's so sought after in photography.

One of the key advantages of our presets is their 100% non-destructive nature. With just a single click, you can reset your image to its original state, ensuring the safety of your precious Raw files. This flexibility allows you to experiment freely while preserving the integrity of your original work.

Inside this comprehensive package, you'll discover a diverse selection of 30 unique presets, each designed to infuse your photos with a vibrant burst of colour. Whether you aim to enhance a landscape's natural beauty, capture the essence of a portrait, or add an artistic flair to your images, our presets have you covered.

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With Editorial & Magazine Lightroom Presets at your fingertips, your creative journey becomes smoother and more inspiring. Elevate your photography and design projects to new heights, and watch your visuals come alive in the most captivating and vibrant ways.
Take a closer look at our collection and unlock the potential to transform your work:


Night Sky Lightroom Presets

Introducing the Night Sky Lightroom Presets Collection – an essential toolkit for astrophotographers and stargazers alike. This meticulously crafted set includes 11 distinct presets, each designed to elevate your night sky photography to new heights, transforming your celestial snapshots into mesmerising masterpieces.
Let's take a closer look at each of these enchanting presets:
“”Baseline””: This serves as your foundation, providing an exceptional starting point for processing your night sky photos. It ensures that your images start with a solid, well-balanced base.
“”Boost Shadows””: When the foreground in your night photos appears underexposed, this preset comes to the rescue. It expertly enhances shadow details, revealing the beauty hidden in the darkness.
“”Cool a Warm Milky Way””: Sometimes, you may want to infuse cooler tones into your starry scenes. This preset imparts a refreshing coolness to your Milky Way shots, adding a touch of tranquillity to the cosmic display.
“”High Contrast””: If you want to create a dramatic night sky photo that genuinely pops, look no further. The “”High Contrast”” preset intensifies the dynamic range, resulting in a visually stunning image that commands attention.
“”Raise Highlights””: Darker night photos often struggle to showcase the splendour of the Milky Way. This preset addresses the issue by enhancing the highlights, allowing the Milky Way to shine brilliantly against the cosmic backdrop.
“”Reduce Light Pollution””: Light pollution can be a persistent problem for night photographers. This preset helps mitigate the effects, ensuring your starry vistas remain untainted by intrusive artificial lighting.
“”Sharp Black and White””: When you desire a touch of timeless elegance, this preset transforms your night sky photo into a striking black and white masterpiece, emphasising the pinpoint stars against a velvety backdrop.
“”Smooth Dream””: Dreamy and ethereal, this preset imparts a wispy quality to your night sky photos, creating an otherworldly aura that transports viewers to a celestial realm.
“”Vibrant Milky Way””: Inject vibrant colours into your Milky Way captures. This preset accentuates the cosmic hues, making your photos eye-catching and memorable.
“”Warm a Cold Milky Way””: Sometimes, a warmer touch is needed to infuse cosiness into your night scenes. This preset bathes your Milky Way in a comforting warmth, enhancing the overall mood of your photo.
“”Washed Out””: Seeking to evoke a sense of nostalgia or antiquity in your night sky photography? The “”Washed Out”” preset lends your images a vintage, time-worn appearance reminiscent of yesteryear photographs.
Incorporating these Night Sky Lightroom Presets into your workflow will streamline your post-processing and unlock endless creative possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned astrophotographer or a novice exploring the wonders of the night sky, these presets will undoubtedly enhance your celestial photography and help you capture the magic of the cosmos in every frame.


Blacktone Black & White Lightroom Presets

The Blacktone Collection presents a cutting-edge selection of black-and-white conversion presets meticulously designed for Adobe Lightroom. Elevate your portrait photography workflow and expedite your post-processing tasks with our carefully curated set of ten presets, each imbued with distinctive styles that guarantee editorial-grade results.

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In an era where visual storytelling is paramount, the Blacktone Collection emerges as a powerful tool for photographers seeking to make a profound impact through monochromatic imagery. Let's delve deeper into the key features and benefits of our Blacktone Collection:
Advanced Black and White Conversion: Our presets employ advanced algorithms to convert your colour photographs into stunning black and white masterpieces. They go beyond simple desaturation, ensuring that each preset maintains the delicate nuances and details, resulting in visually captivating images.
Diverse Styles: With ten distinct presets, you have a broad spectrum of creative options. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless look or a more contemporary, high-contrast style, the Blacktone Collection has presets to suit your artistic vision.
Efficiency and Workflow: Time is of the essence in the photography world, and our presets are designed to streamline your post-processing workflow. By applying a preset, you can instantly transform your photos, reducing the need for extensive manual adjustments.
Editorial Quality: Our presets are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality you'd find in professional editorial photography. They are optimized to produce images that meet the highest standards, making them perfect for portfolios, galleries, or any project where visual excellence is paramount.
Portrait Enhancement: While the Blacktone Collection is versatile, it enhances portrait photography. It can add depth, character, and emotion to your subjects, turning ordinary portraits into extraordinary works of art.
User-Friendly: We understand that not everyone is a Lightroom expert, so our presets are user-friendly, ensuring that even beginners can quickly achieve outstanding results. We also provide comprehensive documentation to guide you through the installation and usage of the presets.
In summary, the Blacktone Collection isn't just a set of presets; it's a creative powerhouse that empowers photographers to transcend the limitations of colour and delve into the timeless realm of black and white photography. Elevate your craft, save time, and achieve editorial-quality results with our meticulously crafted presets.


The Editorial Collection v2

Introducing this collection of meticulously crafted Lightroom presets, designed with the utmost care to help you transform your ordinary photos into stunning works of art. These presets are not just easy to use; they are a passport to giving your photographs the polished and captivating look that would make them worthy of gracing the front pages of the world's most renowned editorial magazines, think Vogue, think GQ.
Editorial Lightroom Presets are the go-to tools for photographers of all backgrounds and expertise. Whether you're a seasoned professional, a dedicated student of photography, a prolific blogger, or even an in-house photographer for Vogue, these presets are your secret sauce to creating captivating visuals that demand attention.
This exclusive collection comprises 13 distinct presets, each meticulously crafted to provide a unique and breathtaking transformation for your images. From enhancing the vibrancy of colours to refining the subtleties of shadows and highlights, these presets offer a wide range of options to suit your creative vision.
But that's not all; they've ensured our presets are compatible with a broad spectrum of Lightroom versions, spanning from Lightroom 4 to the latest CC edition. This means that no matter your preferred version, you can seamlessly integrate these presets into your workflow.
Additionally, the presets are designed to work harmoniously with JPEGs and RAW files, ensuring your images retain exceptional quality and detail. Whether you're a Mac aficionado or a PC enthusiast, these presets are versatile enough to function seamlessly on both platforms.

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Vintage HDR – Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets

AlviArt is a collective of seasoned professionals, talented photographers, meticulous retouchers, and innovative designers. This cohesive team has seamlessly pooled their expertise and rich experiences, driven by a shared passion for the art of photography. Their primary mission? To capture stunning images and craft invaluable tools that save precious time for fellow photographers.

Their meticulously crafted Lightroom Presets and actions are at the heart of AlviArt's offerings. These tools are not merely designed for photo enhancement; they are meticulously engineered to streamline and expedite the entire photo editing process.

These presets and actions shine brightest across a diverse array of photography genres. Whether it's the art of capturing soulful portraits, the vibrancy of lifestyle photography, the wanderlust-inspiring travel shots, the essence of urban landscapes, or the candid beauty of street photography, AlviArt's creations cater to all.

Furthermore, their versatility extends to indoor and outdoor fashion photography, seamlessly adapting to diverse shooting conditions. The result? Your photos can effortlessly embody the coveted Instagram style, giving them that irresistible visual charm.

In a world where every click of the shutter competes for attention, AlviArt's Lightroom Presets and actions are indispensable for photographers, transforming their vision into visual masterpieces with unmatched efficiency and finesse. So, if you're looking to elevate your photography game and make your images truly pop, seize the opportunity with AlviArt's remarkable offerings.


30 Automotive Lightroom Presets

When you obtain this package, you will gain access to a collection of 30 meticulously crafted Automotive Lightroom Presets. These presets are perfect for maintaining a consistent and visually stunning Instagram feed. Their modern colour schemes and stylish design make them ideal for travel enthusiasts, photographers, fashionistas, lifestyle bloggers, and anyone seeking to elevate the quality of their photos.

In moments, you can transform your ordinary images into truly unique and inspiring works of art. Whether you're looking to enhance your Instagram feed, revamp your blog, or curate a personal aesthetic portfolio, these presets serve as an excellent foundation to take your photography to the next level.

One of the standout features of this preset pack is its unwavering commitment to premium quality and creativity. Each preset has been expertly crafted to ensure they function seamlessly, providing consistent and professional results with every use. You can trust that these presets won't distort or degrade your photos; instead, they enhance and elevate them.

Compatibility is a non-issue with these presets. They are designed to work effortlessly with any photo, allowing you to maintain a clean and professional retouching process. The raw filter presets are fully editable, allowing you to fine-tune your images to perfection.

These presets support various file formats commonly used in digital cameras, including DNG, TIFF, and JPEG. Applying these presets to your photos is a breeze – a single click is all it takes to instantly add captivating effects that enhance the overall appeal of your images.

One of the most significant advantages of using these presets is their efficiency. They streamline your editing process, saving you valuable time and money. No longer will you need to spend hours perfecting your photos; these presets do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring a consistent and polished look across your entire portfolio.

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Bright Vibrant FUJIFILM Lightroom Presets

The Fujifilm preset pack represents a remarkable collection that immerses users' photos in vivid, lively colours and captivating, nostalgic tones reminiscent of classic film photography. Crafted with versatility in mind, these presets possess the magic to revive even the darkest and most underexposed images with just a simple click.

Whether a professional photographer or hobbyist, the Fujifilm presets are the ultimate tool for enhancing a wide array of photography genres. From capturing the essence of special moments at weddings to creating captivating studio headshots, from infusing life into everyday lifestyle images to adding charm to travel blog snapshots, and even giving adorable pets the spotlight they deserve, these presets offer versatile capabilities.

The commitment to user-friendliness ensures that beginners and seasoned photographers can effortlessly integrate these presets into their workflow. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials are provided to guide users through the installation process and help them extract the maximum potential from each preset. Photo editing becomes a breeze, allowing photographers to focus more on their creative vision and less on technicalities.

What sets the Fujifilm preset pack apart is its compatibility. It has been designed to seamlessly integrate into desktop and mobile environments, allowing users to edit their photos anywhere and anytime. Whether individuals are at home, working on their computers, or the move with their smartphones or tablets, these presets remain reliable companions, always ready to enhance images and bring out their true potential, regardless of where their photography journey takes them.


50 Premium Food Photography Lightroom Presets

Are you a creative photographer or a graphic designer looking to make your food photos stand out? Look no further! We present BeArt's “”50 Premium Food Lightroom Presets,”” a robust toolkit designed to take your food photography to the next level.

This collection is meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning tastes of photographers and designers passionate about food photography. Whether capturing culinary delights for a restaurant menu, showcasing your culinary creations on a blog, or immortalising food memories at a wedding, these Lightroom presets are your secret weapon.

We understand that time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of photography. With this Lightroom Presets collection, you can quickly streamline your workflow and achieve professional results. Say goodbye to hours of manual editing – our presets offer a quick and easy way to enhance your food images.

In conclusion, the “”50 Premium Food Photography Lightroom Presets”” Collection by BeArt is a must-have for anyone passionate about food photography. Elevate your images, captivate your audience, and unlock your creative potential with this exceptional preset suite. It's time to let your food photos speak volumes and leave a lasting impression.


Monocrom B/W Lightroom Presets

Meticulously curated and calibrated to perfection, these effects have been expertly crafted to breathe life into images through powerful tools and professional-grade techniques.

This exceptional assortment of Lightroom Effects is the ideal companion for photographers and graphic designers seeking to elevate their creative projects to new heights. Each effect within the collection has undergone a rigorous calibration process, ensuring that it meets the exacting standards of industry professionals.

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Photographers will find in these effects a toolbox that enhances the intricacies of their images. From achieving perfect colour balance to accentuating contrast and texture, the Premium Lightroom Effects cover a broad spectrum of enhancements, allowing photographers to realise their artistic vision.

Graphic designers, too, will appreciate the versatility of these effects in their creative endeavours. Whether designing for web, branding, or digital marketing, the Premium Lightroom Effects provide the added sophistication needed to make designs stand out in a competitive landscape.


Amber – Actions & Presets

The Amber preset pack is a must-have tool for individuals across various creative fields, including bloggers, photographers, and anyone striving to establish a captivating and harmonious Instagram feed!

Tailored with Instagram Influencers, travel bloggers, and creative enthusiasts in mind, these presets are designed to elevate your photography with just a single click, offering simplicity and incredible effectiveness.

This versatile collection is ideally suited for infusing your images with a warm, golden glow, enhancing the natural beauty of your subjects. Whether you're capturing moments indoors or outdoors or curating your summer and travel snapshots, these presets are your ticket to achieving stunning results.

What's particularly remarkable about these presets is their compatibility. They seamlessly transform photos taken with professional cameras into captivating works of art. Still, they're equally adept at enhancing the visual appeal of images captured on everyday devices like iPhones or Android smartphones. So, regardless of your choice of equipment, the Amber preset pack ensures that your photos radiate a consistent and alluring aesthetic, making your Instagram feed stand out.


15 Street Cinematic Lightroom Presets

Street Cinematic, crafted meticulously by the talented team at Rockboys Studio, represents the epitome of Clean Minimal Product Lightroom presets. These presets have been perfectly tailored, making them the ideal choice for various photography genres, including street cinematic, urban photography, blogging, interior photography, and lifestyle photography.

The importance of clear and clean colours cannot be overstated in product photography. These presets have been designed with utmost precision to meet the specific demands of Product Preview images. Let's delve deeper into how Street Cinematic presets can elevate your photography to the next level.

In essence, Street Cinematic presets by Rockboys Studio are a versatile toolkit for photographers and content creators. They empower you to transform ordinary photographs into captivating visual stories that resonate with your audience. Whether you're aiming to showcase products, convey a lifestyle, or explore the beauty of urban life, these presets are your creative companion on this visual journey.


ARTA Contrast Preset For Mobile and Desktop

These presets are ideal for maintaining a consistent and visually appealing Instagram feed. They are designed with a contemporary colour palette and cater to various creative niches, including travel, photography, fashion, and lifestyle blogging. Whether you're an aspiring influencer or looking to enhance your photos' quality, these presets a valuable resource.

Each preset within this collection has been meticulously crafted to serve as a solid foundation for transforming your images into stunning works of art. With these presets you can elevate your photography to the next level, ensuring that your Instagram grid exudes a professional and cohesive aesthetic.

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One of the outstanding features of these presets is their versatility. They've been rigorously tested with photos captured using smartphones and high-end DSLR cameras. This comprehensive testing process ensures that you can achieve outstanding results with these presets no matter what device you use to capture your moments.


Stavanger Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Stavanger Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets are your ultimate tool for enhancing your photography effortlessly. These meticulously designed filters are here to infuse your photos with a delightful blend of natural tones and vibrant colours while simultaneously illuminating them with just a few simple clicks.

The team at Stavanger has poured their creative expertise into crafting presets that are not just filters; they are a gateway to unlocking the exact look and ambience you desire in your photography, making every moment immortal.

This preset collection is a versatile gem suited for various photography settings. Whether you're capturing the timeless beauty of a wedding, the dynamic energy of an urban landscape, the intimacy of portraits, the bold statements of fashion, the wanderlust of travel photography, the promise of engagements, the majesty of landscapes, the love stories of weddings, the architectural marvels, the essence of lifestyle shots, or anything in between, Stavanger's presets have got you covered.


12 Modern Tones Ligtroom Presets + Mobile

These professional presets are meticulously crafted to enhance your photo processing and editing workflow, offering a contemporary, minimalist, and on-trend aesthetic with a distinct mood.

This collection is essential for photographers, designers, and bloggers alike. Each preset has undergone rigorous testing on a diverse range of photos, delivering exceptional results. The adjustments are intelligent and impeccably clean, ensuring seamless compatibility from Lightroom 3 to CC, with consistent and stunning effects across the board. These presets are remarkably versatile and can be applied to any photograph, making them an accurate multipurpose tool in your creative arsenal.

These professional presets offer a powerful solution to elevate your creative work. They enhance your workflow and bring a contemporary, minimalist, and trendy aesthetic to your photos, making them a valuable resource for photographers, designers, and bloggers. With their versatility and consistent performance across Lightroom versions, these presets are a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their visual storytelling.


Albion Dark Fantasy Lightroom Presets

The Albion Collection offers a meticulously crafted set of 48 toning presets, each meticulously designed to elevate your photography to editorial quality standards. These presets are invaluable for infusing your images with a captivating and immersive ambience characterised by rich, dark, and moody tones.

Primarily tailored for natural light portraits, the Albion presets enhance your subjects' essence and beauty. They are adept at adding depth and a sense of drama to your photographs, making them ideal for creating emotive and striking portraits that tell compelling stories through imagery.

However, the versatility of the Albion Collection knows no bounds. While their primary focus may be on portrait photography, these presets transcend their initial purpose and can be seamlessly integrated into various photographic genres. Whether you're working on beauty photography, capturing the latest fashion trends, or venturing into the vast landscapes of nature, the Albion presets are up to the task.

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For beauty photography, these presets can accentuate the subtle nuances of skin tones and makeup, enhancing the overall allure of your subjects. In fashion photography, they can infuse your shots with a sense of sophistication and style, creating visuals that command attention and admiration. Even in landscape photography, the Albion presets can bring a unique and captivating mood to your scenic shots, transforming ordinary landscapes into breathtaking vistas.


10 Cinematic Urban Lightroom Presets

You will receive a collection of 10 Cinematic Urban Lightroom Presets designed to elevate the quality of your photos and maintain a consistent style for your Instagram feed, whether you're a travel enthusiast, photographer, fashion aficionado, or lifestyle blogger. These presets enable you to effortlessly enhance your images with modern, vibrant colours. They offer a quick and convenient way to create distinctive and inspiring visuals for your Instagram feed, blog, or personal aesthetic portfolio.

Our presets have been meticulously crafted to serve as a solid foundation for enhancing your photos to the next level. This pack consists of premium-quality and creatively designed Lightroom presets, each functioning seamlessly. You won't find presets that distort or ruin your images in this collection. These presets are versatile and work effectively with a wide range of photos.

What sets our presets apart is their ability to deliver clean and professional retouching, coupled with the flexibility of raw filter presets that are fully editable. You can easily fine-tune the settings to match your preferences and achieve professional-grade results.
Supported file formats include DNG, TIFF, and JPEG, the primary digital camera formats.

Applying these presets is as simple as a single click, instantly imparting captivating effects to your photos. They are designed for ease of use and won't introduce any destructive results to your images, ensuring that your precious time and resources are saved in the photo editing process. Elevate your photography effortlessly with our Cinematic Urban Lightroom Presets.


In conclusion, the world of photography is constantly evolving, and Lightroom presets have emerged as indispensable tools for photographers of all levels. In this article, we've explored a diverse selection of 15+ best Lightroom presets, each offering its unique artistic touch and enhancing the creative potential of your photographs.

As photographers, our journey is marked by our dedication to capturing moments, emotions, and the essence of the world around us. Lightroom presets are our trusted companions, helping us transform our vision into stunning visual stories. Whether you're a professional photographer seeking to streamline your workflow or an aspiring enthusiast looking to add a professional touch to your images, these presets can be a game-changer.

From dramatic landscapes to vibrant portraits, these presets offer many possibilities, allowing you to express your unique style and vision. They empower you to experiment, learn, and grow as a photographer, all while saving valuable time in post-processing.

Remember that presets are just the beginning of your creative journey. They provide a foundation for building and refining your artistic voice. So, as you embark on your photographic adventures, don't hesitate to explore these presets, adapt them to your needs, and use them as stepping stones towards creating genuinely remarkable images.

In the ever-evolving world of photography, embracing new tools and techniques is essential for staying ahead. Lightroom presets are about convenience and unlocking your potential as a visual storyteller. So, experiment and let your creativity soar as the world eagerly awaits the stories you'll tell through your lens.

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