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Top 20 Web Research Services for Outsourcing

Top 20 Web Research Services for Outsourcing

Hiring a professional Web Research Company to conduct the process gives you the high-quality, accurate, and actionable data you need for your business. The company's professionals can dig deep into the web to search and find relevant data, even if it's hiding in a remote corner of the world wide web. 

The demand for web research is high and will continue to rise in the coming years. As a result, several web research agencies have sprung up to cater to this demand. However, this article is for you if you can not decide. You'll find the 20 online research service providers that can deliver on your web research project's expectations.

1 –

Location: Laguna Beach, CA, USA & Delhi, India

Total No. Of Employees: 250-999

Founding Year: 1999

Services: Data Support, IT Services, eCommerce Development, Business Services

A longstanding veteran of the industry, is a multi-service data management company based out of India, with a substantial presence in the US, UK, and Europe. This company is primarily focused on providing data entry and virtual assistance services to small businesses in the IT industry. It carries ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification and ISO 9001:2015 Certification and has helped over 7800 companies globally. 

The company has a team of subject matter experts and a diverse range of internet research services you can customise per client requirements. With high-quality results, it pushes its clients to cover more ground in the market. 

2 – SunTec India

Suntec India Web Research Services

Location: Laguna Beach, CA, USA & Delhi, India

Total No. Of Employees: 1500+

Founding Year: 1999

Services: Data Support, Web Research, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, eCommerce Development

SunTec India is a market leader among outsourcing companies, with an extensive and reputed client list from countries like the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, etc., and extensive experience in completing over 4000 projects of various types. 

This multi-process IT outsourcing company has ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification and ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Its operation industries are advertising & marketing, entertainment, music, art, automotive, business services, and consumer products. It serves a mix of small and medium businesses, with the former consuming 80% of the attention. The combination of experience and innovation makes this an excellent outsourcing company. 

At SunTec India, you can easily choose a dedicated resource or hire a team. Its web research services are also customisable and follow the best industry practices to ensure the best outcomes quickly. 

3 – Diligence Agency

Location: New York City, NY, USA & Singapore

Total No. Of Employees: 2-9

Founding Year: 2010

Services: Web Development, Web Designing, Admin Services, BPO Services, IT Services, Maintenance & Support

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Diligence agency started as a project from a residential flat in Maryland, USA. It has grown into a full-fledged company in NY, providing many webs, IT, and other business outsourcing services. It is a subsidiary of Boffin Creative Agency.

It has a history of successfully growing from small freelancing projects to working with prominent names like Mastercard. Backing that up is their ISO 9001:2008 certification and CMMI level 3 badge. It creates modern websites that use only the latest technologies by combining them with SEO, SMM, and other marketing features to boost revenue and brand visibility. 

Small and Medium businesses comprise much of the company's client pool, focusing on eCommerce, Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, Real estate, and retail industries. Online research services constitute about 50% of its platform, so you can rely on it having enough resources for your project regardless of scale. 

4 – Clarisco

Location: Madurai, India & Dallas, TX, USA

Total No. Of Employees: 10-49

Founding Year: 2014

Services: Web Development, Web Designing, Blockchain Technology, eCommerce development, Software development, Translation, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, etc.

With a tagline like “Let the Innovation Flow”, you know you've got yourself a company you can confidently outsource web research services to. And Clarisco has a rich history of growth and client satisfaction to back that belief up. The company has provided financial software and hardware to reputed clients worldwide, with its technology influencing people in 94 countries. 

Its talent pool performs Financial Engineering, High-frequency Trading, High-performance computing, AI Deep Learning, Predictive Analysis, Trading Platforms, and Exchange Design & Development. Its industry focus is also just as broad. It works with small businesses 50% of the time, with medium and large companies making up the remaining 30% and 20%, respectively.

Its claim to fame is its engineers developing computationally intense AI solutions that can make real-time decisions in less than 30 nanoseconds. Web and Internet Research makes up 50% of its platform. With multiple certifications like ISO 9001 and CMMI Levels 2-5, you can rely on Clarisco to deliver outstanding results at relatively low prices. 

5 – Hir Infotech Data Mining Solution

Web Scraping And Data Mining Services

Location: Gujrat, India

Total No. Of Employees: 10-49

Founding Year: 2013

Services: Web Development, Robotic Process Automation, IT Services, Direct Marketing, Software development, Big Data & BI, BPO services, Digital Marketing, etc.

You know you're knocking on the right door for your internet research services requirements when a company has a data mining solution in its name. But Hir Infotech is so much more than that, working on high-tech solutions catering to the robotics and automation industry. It is known for developing web crawlers, scrapers, spiders, harvesters, and bot crawlers that are vital to web research. 

Its talented engineers combine experiences from multiple streams to create high-quality project results quickly. Its clients include ATkearney, PayScale, and Diversified Robotics. It also has an ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3 Certification. 

The industries served are Hospitality, Real estate, Designing, eCommerce, Education, Advertising and Marketing, Gaming, Manufacturing, Media, IT, Healthcare and Medical, Business Services, Enterprise, Financial and Payments, and others. It focuses its efforts on small businesses (55%), with medium (30%) and large (15%) making up the rest. Web Research services are 80% of its platform.

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6 – Aide+

Location: Cordoba, Argentina

Total No. Of Employees: 2-9

Founding Year: 2022

Services: BPO Services, Admin Services, IT Services, Translation services, Web Designing (UI/UX)

Aide+ has built a business around literally serving society. While beginning in 2022, it has started on a solid foot by providing low-cost business support services to charities and NGOs working for numerous causes. 

This web research company offers many solutions in project management, program coordination, translation & interpretation, IT support, multi-industry recruitment, and virtual assistance. It works with small businesses for the most part. Web research makes up 50% of its platform and combined with its generously low rates; your NGO/Charity can conveniently meet its web data search needs. 

7 – Discus IT

Location: Gujrat, India

Total No. Of Employees: 250-999

Founding Year: 2009

Services: BPO Services, Admin Services, IT Services, Implementation Services, IoT Development, AR & VR Development, Maintenance & Support, Cloud Computing Services, etc.

Discus IT has dedicated itself to delivering the best possible IT Consulting and Software solutions to various industry niches, including Financial & Payments, Healthcare and Medical, eCommerce, and Advertising and Marketing. Since its inception in 2009, the company has grown to accommodate hundreds of experts across specialities besides web and internet research services. The company has carved out a niche by providing a complete range of SAP solutions onshore, offshore, and hybrid models. 

Besides that, it is also a certified AWS partner, supporting its clients' cloud computing requirements with expertise. The company works on a varied portfolio of high-tech services and focuses mainly on large businesses (40%). The remainder of its bandwidth is distributed equally between medium and small businesses. Web research forms 50% of its platform. 

8 – JSB Market Research Pvt. Ltd.

Global Market Research Report Company

Location: Mumbai, India

Total No. Of Employees: 10-49

Founding Year: 2011

Services: Admin Services, Implementation Services, etc.

JSB Market Research is another company founded to provide web research services to its global clientele. And it is due to this reason that web research services make up 100% of its platform. 

Since its founding in 2011, the company has gone on to include a host of clients from several sectors like Aerospace, Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Electronics, Energy, BFSI, Chemicals, Food and Beverages, Logistics, Travel and Tourism, Retail, eCommerce, and others. 

By working with such a wide array of clients and niches, its employees have gained much expertise across the talent spectrum. They use this advantage to provide their clients with customised web research. The company is also known for its cost-effectiveness and speedy delivery of results, regardless of the client's scale. 

Suppose you outsource web research services to them. In that case, you can also avail of SWOT analysis, energy intelligence reporting, company finance monitoring, strategy reviews, survey snapshot generation, project briefing, and customised reporting. 

9 – BDSD Technology Private Limited

Location: Noida, India

Total No. Of Employees: 10-49

Founding Year: 2016

Services: Admin Services, Maintenance & Support, Mobile app development, eCommerce development, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Software development, Web Designing & development, etc.

As the company puts it, BDSD Technology is a B2B IT outsourcing company engaged in conferring robust products and services to its clients globally. It has pursued this goal successfully since its establishment in 2016 and has established a reputation for excellence across sectors. It has a 100% online research services-oriented platform.

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They include IT, design, eCommerce, Real Estate, travel, lifestyle, etc. The focus is primarily on small businesses, with the rest equally shared between large and medium. These factors have earned it a CMMI level 2 rating. The company boasts of highly-skilled employees who meticulously examine intricate business problems. Post analysis, they provide “solutions through the merger of creativity and technology”, as the company describes it. 

10 – KR Laboratories

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Total No. Of Employees: 2-9

Founding Year: 2019

Services: Admin Services, Maintenance & Support, Digital Marketing, Software development, Web Designing and development, Cloud computing, IT, DevOps, Engineering Services, etc.

Located in the capital city of Ukraine, KR laboratories is a famed addition to the country's list of IT outsourcing companies. It provides a complete cycle of comprehensive IT services like Web development, IT consulting, outsourcing, Cybersecurity, Technical Support, SEO Optimisation and Promotion, and many more. To say the list of technologies it works on is exhaustive would be an understatement: it offers its internet research services, which comprise 50% of its platform, and others via any applicable technology you may need or use. It promises to “Create great, from the Heart“, as per its slogan, with every project that comes its way. 

The company is solely focused on serving small businesses. It covers education, Art, Entertainment & Music, Media, Government, Healthcare & Medical, Banking, Agriculture, Oil & Energy, Food & Beverages, Business & Industrial Services, etc. By constantly delivering high-quality, secure results across these sectors and various projects, it has earned the ISO 27001 certification. 

11 – Virtual Corporate

Virtual Assistant Services

Location: Noida, India; Ohio, USA; Brampton, On, Canada & St. Albans, Victoria, Australia

Total No. Of Employees: 50-249

Founding Year: 2017

Services: Admin Services, Mobile App Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Web Designing and development, Advertising, Business Services, etc.

With an overall global footprint, Virtual Corporate stays true to its name by offering quality web and internet research services remotely to a global clientele. But that's not all. Since its founding in 2017, it has spread its wings to cover various business necessities like data entry, digital marketing, web development, app development, real estate, etc. 

Its industry focus is just as vast, covering Designing, eCommerce, Enterprise, Real Estate, Social, Hospitality, NGOs, Industrial, IT, Media, Healthcare & Medical, Advertising & Marketing, and others. Its versatility and international presence have gained many global clientele like Fuller Real Estate, SLK Coffee Bucks, etc. 

Its team of nearly 250 employees continues to deliver on the expectations of every project, ensuring that the client list continues to grow along with their satisfaction. With their web research services taking up 50% of their platform, you don't have to worry about your project getting stuck for any issue. 

12 – Tech ICS

Location: London, UK & Dhaka, Bangladesh

Total No. Of Employees: 2-9

Founding Year: 2018

Services: Admin Services, Digital Marketing, Web Designing and development, Maintenance & Support, Testing, Cloud computing, Software development, etc.

Located in one of the world's biggest financial hubs, Tech ICS is a Digital IT speciality services provider that caters to the commercial field. The company started in 2018 and is young and enthusiastic about tackling projects of any type and scale. It has served many clients from the UK and Bangladesh and is looking to expand that list to a more diversified, global one. 

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Online research services make up 50% of its platform and are one of the multiple services that the firm performs. The focus is solely on small-scale businesses in the advertising and Marketing, Financial & Payments, Hospitality, and Manufacturing sectors. The company aims to scale by covering more sectors in the future. 

13 – Exerweb

Location: New York City, USA

Total No. Of Employees: 50-249

Founding Year: 2008

Services: Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development, Maintenance & Support, Direct Marketing, eCommerce Development, Business Services, etc.

Working to serve the needs of individuals and companies alike, Exerweb has garnered the attention of companies across industries. It has been going strong since its founding in 2008, growing to accommodate hundreds of employees. With a 50% share of its platform, this web research company works on related projects with its workforce's experience and talent. But those traits are not limited to that service alone. 

It has built what it calls Quality Configurations to maintain its high-quality output regardless of the project size or type. It relies on the excellence and integrity of its employees for it, so you can rest assured that your web research project gets the attention it needs. This enables better multitasking to help deliver results within deadlines despite a relatively modest employee count. Small businesses are its only draw. 

14 – SunTec Data

Outsource Data Processing And Support Services

Location: Laguna Beach, CA, USA & Delhi, India

Total No. Of Employees: 250-999

Founding Year: 1999

Services: Big Data & BI

SunTec Data has become a massive name in the B2B data service industry since its founding in 1999. Harnessing talent in both USA and India, it works to serve Big Data challenges like comprehensive web and internet research services. The company has no bar regarding the industry choice, size, and project scale. 

While small businesses are its forte, medium and large businesses also form a significant portion of the chunk. Its experienced and talented pool of over 1200 employees has worked on projects for over 3000 clients across 30 countries. Its goal of remaining innovative while delivering the best possible results always has kept it a favourite among its global clientele, including Honda, Pepsico, Deloitte, and Nielsen. 

15 – AppNexus Technology Pvt. Ltd

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Total No. Of Employees: 2-9

Founding Year: 2017

Services: Mobile App Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Web Designing and development, IT Services, eCommerce Development, Maintenance & Support, Software Development, etc.

AppNexus Technology touts itself as the complete IT solution company and has everything to back it up. You can confidently outsource web research services to it, as that process covers 50% of its platform. Also, while still in the early stages with single-digit employee strength and years of operation, it has leapfrogged to cover various services with quality. This has earned it an ISO 9001 certification. 

The industries it is oriented towards include Advertising & Marketing, Financial & Payments, Healthcare & Medical, IT, and Business Services. The company also only works with small and medium-sized businesses. Other than the services mentioned above, it does Custom CRM, ERP, HRM, MLM, and other types of software support.

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16 – InnovationMUK

Location: Surrey, UK

Total No. Of Employees: 50-249

Founding Year: 2010

Services: Mobile App Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Web Designing and Development, IT Services, eCommerce Development, Maintenance & Support, AR & VR Development, Animation & Multimedia, Admin Services, etc.

InnovationMUK targets customers seeking end-to-end technology solution development, primarily in the medium-sized business scale, with nearly equal large and significantly smaller small-scale businesses in the mix. It has a 59% platform dedicated to internet research services. 

It distributes its talented pool of employees between Medium, Large, and small businesses with decreasing share of focus. The industries covered are advertising & Marketing, Businesses Services, Financial & Payments, Healthcare & Medical, and IT. The company has worked with British Council, Oyo, and other such clients and has ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certifications. 

17 – Tridindia

Language Translation Services

Location: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Total No. Of Employees: 50-249

Founding Year: 2002

Services: Business Services, Translation Services, Writing Services, Admin Services

Tridindia has made significant inroads since its inception in 2002 due to its excellent translation services. It offers multilingual translation, interpretation, localisation, dubbing, voiceovers, transcription, sub-titling, and multilingual DTP. Serving primarily large businesses worldwide, its main industry focus is Business Services in the translation domain. It dedicates 50% of the platform to web research services and aims to retain its reputation as the epitome of perfection and brilliance. 

18 – Excent Solutions

Location: Zirakpur, Punjab, India

Total No. Of Employees: 10-49

Founding Year: 2020

Services: Mobile App Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Web Designing and Development, IT Services, eCommerce Development, Software development, BPO Services, Advertising, etc

Dabbling in IT consulting, custom software development, Graphic and Stationary designs, Web and App design, and many such services, Excent has been on a growth trajectory since its relatively recent start date. It primarily serves small businesses, with large and medium businesses trailing that share. 

The industry focus is vast, covering Advertising and Marketing, Healthcare, Media, Entertainment, IT, Retail, Government, etc. Online research services form 50% of its platform, and the company is looking to increase its global footprint with the same success in the future. 

19 – Quema OÜ

Location: Tallinn, Harju, Estonia

Total No. Of Employees: 10-49

Founding Year: Unknown

Services: Admin, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Engineering, IT

The tagline is a simple “Your DevOps provider”, and Quema sticks to such technical aspects of the industry. While web and internet research services comprise 50% of the company's platform, its industry focus is on Software development and IT consulting. It primarily serves the eCommerce, Banking, Healthcare, and Food sectors, focusing on medium businesses. The rest of the work is shared between large and small businesses equally. 

20 – Ask Datatech

Location: Chicago, USA; Ahmedabad, India; London, UK

Total No. Of Employees: 10-49

Founding Year: 2012

Services: Admin, Business, IT, etc.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad in Gujarat state, India, Ask Datatech is an ISO 9001-certified company in data management, SEO, and other back office services. It has successfully implemented over 1500 projects across the major countries using the latest technologies and a collaborative approach. 

The focus is on small businesses across Banking, eCommerce, Financial & Payments, IT, Insurance, Legal & Compliance, Retail, Transportation & Logistics, and other sectors. It is a 100% web research company in terms of platform dedication. 

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The web is an ever-expanding resource in terms of content quantity and importance. By gleaning the correct information, you gain critical insights. However, the best option to stay on track and ahead of the competition is to outsource web research services to any of the above-listed companies. It will bring you good ROI while keeping your brand value high. 

Author Bio: Gracie Ben is a data analyst currently working at, a leading company providing data entry & mining services & other data-related solutions. For more than ten years, she has actively contributed to the growth of many enterprises & businesses (startups, SMEs, and big companies) by guiding them to utilise their data assets. Having a keen interest in data science, Gracie keeps herself up-to-date on all the latest data trends and technologies shaping the industry and transforming businesses. She has written over 1600 articles and informative blogs covering various topics, including data entry, data management, data mining, web research, and more. 

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