Web Design Trends That Will Rule In 2015

Web Design Trends That Will Rule In 2015

So, are you among the curious kind who often look forward to master the web design trends of tomorrow and stay ahead of time? Wish to know what’s in and out in website designs this year? If you’re nodding your head in yes, brace yourself to say hello to the web design trends of tomorrow! Culled from popular sites like Web Designer Depot, Designhill.com and Inkbotdesign.com, read on to get acquainted to the major web design trends that are set to rule the roost in 2015.

Innovative Scrolling


Do you believe your site is not that visually appealing and appears to be rather humdrum? Why not give it a little movement and some space to breathe this year? Confused? Don’t be. We’re talking about the innovative scrolling! A recent study has revealed that most visitors appreciate the up and down scroll design, particularly in articles that span a number of web pages. So, if you’re planning to delight your website visitors, do well to incorporate the innovative scrolling feature to make it easy for your visitors to navigate from one page to another without having to waste too much time clicking from one page to another. Better yet! Go options such as scroll by colour. Well, the idea here is to make the web experience incredibly convenient, fun and spot-on for your visitors.

Header and Page Parallax Motion


Header and Page Parallax Motion


From cinema to printing, 3D effect is getting incredibly popular, day by day! So, why not use the 3-dimensional magic to your advantage and lease a new life to your otherwise hum-drum website? Design your website in a fashion that your visitors see the header and page parallax motion every time they move their mouse. If you’re able to nail it down, this effect can add that killer sense of personality and creativity to your website. It’ll help you easily present your message to your visitors, be it about your company, what it stands for, or your core values and vision. But remember, excess of anything is bad, so don’t overdo it. Just a little bit of it will create a perfect visual story to make your visitors fall in love with your website.

Flat Design


Now, this is something that’s been there for years and is still going strong. It’s perhaps the most popular web design technique, today. No wonder, it’s everywhere, from popular crowdsourcing platforms such as Designhill, to websites of the most iconic brands in the world. This is because flat design works well for both big and small scale elements. It works well for illustrations and menus to icons on the page. In addition, it is scaleable, which means it’s quite easy to create and manage. Well, now when you know how useful it is, you wouldn’t be surprised that hordes of web designers, from amateurs starting out to professionals, swear by flat designs when it comes to designing amazing and useful websites.

Flat Design with Extras


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But with ever-changing trends, flat designs aren’t as flat as they used to be! Now, designers add a little extra to the icons, the menus, the illustrations, in order to bring the site pages alive. With subtle gradients, textures and even images, flat design with all its extras is all set to become the ‘ Next Big Ticket Draw’ in the world of creative web designs.

Outside the Box


Well, this is perhaps one rule that most successful designers live by. Given that rectangle-shaped monitors imply rectangle page layouts for a website design. But there’s often a conscious effort, on the part of designers, to come up with layout designs that make that rectangle—the box—disappear. Menus done up in a cluster of circles, rhombuses and even hexagons is one effective way to make that rectangle box disappear from your site. The skewed horizon, along with out of kilter elements, is another. The box, or rectangular, also doesn’t matter as much to visitors if you put in an image that suggests vast, infinite space like the skies or the universe, depending on whether the image fits your company’s brand and personality or not.

Full-Screen Layouts


Full-Screen Layouts


How about covering the entire screen with a single image and few words? Doesn’t that sound interesting? Well, full-screen layout is yet another web design trend that is set to take the world by storm in 2015 is full-screen layout. No wonder, a fair share of designers, both professional and amateur, are taking to this concept like ducks to water. This effect has two unique types: the Cinematic and the Book Cover. Dubbed to be influenced by films and books, the full-screen layout is dramatic to the extreme and exciting nonetheless. It gives your visitors that full-on effect as soon as they click onto your page. But what’s more exciting is that coding for this concept is simple and multi-device use isn’t an issue.

Interactive Storytelling


What do the new-age, discerning netizens love the most? Well, it’s visual story-telling! Quite expectedly, most designers aim to use different elements on the web page as a narrative device to create an interactive, powerful and creative visual story to engage and delight viewers.  So this year, do well to put together elements your fonts, your layouts, your icons and illustrations to drive your visual the story forward. By deploying this technique, not a single web page element is wasted and the website seems to be taken straight out of a fairytale.

Fewer Pages


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Less is more! This is nowhere more apparent than in terms of web pages. With more and more people now surfing the web via mobile devices, it’s easy to understand why one-page designs have now become more popular than ever. So if you still have that page heavy website, make sure you redesign your site into a simple one-page design with creative, informative and unique elements.

Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG has long been a popular phenomenon. Thanks to the XML-based vector image format that lends a new personality to 2D graphics with interactive and animation aptitude. Bu that’s not all that makes it so special!  It packs all essential web elements together with design elements to fit well to all screen sizes adding glitters to the overall appeal and usability of your site. With such a staggering list of qualities, it’s no wonder why most designers believe that SVG is all set to rule the world of creative web design in 2015.

Responsive Web Design

Mobify.com reveals that over 1.2 billion people access the web from their mobile devices and no one screen size has more than 20% of the market share. Around 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. Quite expectedly, you need to have a site that aptly fits the changing screen sizes and provides an optimal viewing experience. Github cites Jeffrey Veen as saying, “Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.” So if you haven’t already started making a transition to the responsive, get on it before your consumers decide that it’s way too much effort to view what your website has to offer.


Big and Bold Fonts



Site typography is no longer just a mean to display text. The ever-changing Internet landscape has changed the game for designers. Typography plays a great role in enhancing a site’s usability, functionality and overall appeal and delight the user at the same time. Industry experts believe that big and bold fonts will mark a solid presence in the world of web designs in the year 2015. But when talking about typography, it’s really difficult not to talk about responsive typography that provides a better reading experience. Along with big and bold fonts, responsive typography will dominate in the year 2015. 

Ghost Buttons



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Ghost button is yet another trend that will rule the roost in 2015. Often dubbed as empty of hollow buttons, Ghost buttons are minimal and stylish interface feature. Site points describes that ghost buttons can immediately grab the users’ gaze — almost in the way a ghost story can transfix your gaze. Ghost buttons are best suited to websites that have minimalist or flat user interface or those which use large-scale photo background. One of the prominent signatures styles of 2014, the rise of the so-called ‘Ghost Button’ is likely to linger on in the year 2015.

Dynamic Backgrounds


Another staple of 2014 which is likely to continue to be a big hit is the dynamic background. With three dimensional designs dotting the world of movies, prints, books, etc., users now expect 3D in cutting-edge web designs. Consider the battle half won, if you’re able to balance well the intricacies of three-dimensional graphics in your web design. HD quality video background is another trend that you can expect to see this year.

Split Screens


Split-screen layout that divides the web page into two or more parts is yet another trend that will be on the rise in the year 2015. If you offer two valuable products, services, or angles and are looking forward to promote them simultaneously on your website, there’s nothing better than the split screen layout. It helps you give prominence to multiple items on your website and in turn makes it easy for your visitors to see and compare your valuable offerings, at the same time. It’s increasing in popularity among web designers and businesses and is sure to make a mark in the year 2015.



Much like interactive storytelling, web graphics are all set to rule the world of web design for long. This fun and interesting design trend allows you to offer large amounts of at-your-face information and still get all the praises from your visitors for being innovative. Web graphics allow users to physically interact with the information available on your website. Web graphics are likely to rise in popularity and become a major component of modern web design in 2015.

Equipped with this big list of creative web design trends of tomorrow, you can stay ahead of time and encourage visitors to stay longer and keep coming back.

Author bio: Jyoti Bhandari a blogger and in my spare time, I generally write on topics concerning design, E-commerce, startups. When not writing, I love spending my time playing video games and watching cartoon movies! 


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