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8 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Critical for Your Business

8 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Critical for Your Business

We just released a visual to illustrate the future of video. The future, however, is already here. This year has been the year of the video revolution for marketers. According to Wyzowl, 63% of companies already use video content marketing. Eighty-two per cent of those organisations consider video marketing an integral aspect of their strategy. The future of video is bright, and its pinnacle is closer than we realise. For one, studies have shown that 83% of organisations have a positive return on investment from video marketing (ROI).

These days, videos are one of the most cutting-edge methods of advertising your company or a step-by-step guide. Your scepticism may still be present. In what ways might you benefit from using videos to promote your company? Can you afford to create and promote online videos?

To put it briefly, yes, it's worth it. There's a reason why video marketing is so successful online: it's effective and efficient. For these eight reasons, it's time to use videos in your marketing strategy.

1 – Video boosts revenue and conversions

Video Marketing Statistics 2023
Source: Promo

Which one occurs first? The video market is a lucrative one. Including a video showcasing your wares on the homepage can boost sales by as much as 80%. The Tree Podia crew has ensured that all videos operate effectively on their platform regardless of category.

In addition, video can result in immediate business gains. Studies show that 74% of individuals who watch an explainer video on a product or service purchase that. Thus, it would be best if you immediately began creating interesting product films.

It's hardly shocking that the video is compelling when you think about it. In the end, vision is our primary sense. The human brain relies heavily on the sense of sight for processing information. Think of the potential benefits of using animation in your business if you consider the power of still images to pique curiosity.

2 – Video has a high ROI

More encouraging is that 83% of organisations report a positive ROI from video. Creating movies is a challenging task, but it yields huge dividends. And the quality and affordability of internet video editing tools are rising. Moreover, even a smartphone now records acceptable video.

Your video content doesn't have to be flawless, which is also a plus. What matters is the substance behind the exterior. According to recent studies, people are turned off by promotional videos that need to explain the product or service being advertised clearly. Whether the product needed better quality or was poorly designed didn't matter as much. Therefore, it is safe to claim that even subpar video is, like subpar pizza, still pretty excellent.

Thank Epic Meal Time for teaching me everything I know about online advertising.

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What you read in the title is correct. Epic Meal Time was the first channel that gave me a real insight into YouTube advertising. They were slightly intoxicated and confused. They had to start from the ground up, like every other popular YouTube channel. Neither a broadcasting company nor an executive producer could provide guidance or instruction. No one with any experience was there either.

3 – Video promotes credibility

Conversions and purchases might occur because of trust. But gaining people's trust ought to be an end in itself. Content marketing aims to establish a reliable connection with the audience. Put down the sales pitch and draw customers in by providing valuable content. Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions Mark Schaefer put it better than I could have:

Ignition, not just content, trust, traffic, and the top people in your audience sharing and pushing your material are what matter in the modern era.

It's all in the video. Video is more likely to capture our interest and elicit an emotional response. And if you want to get your message over to the people with the most sway over your target demographic, YouTubers are now the ones to turn to more than any other social media personality. As a result, video production should be a top priority for any content marketing campaign.

A trusting audience is another benefit of using promotional videos. Some people are still wary of making purchases online due to worries about identity theft and other forms of fraud. However, the most effective promotional videos discuss the goods in question in a conversational tone. Because of this personalised approach, 57% of viewers feel more comfortable purchasing online after watching a product video.

4 – Google Loves Videos

Including videos on your website can encourage viewers to spend more time there. Spending more time online is a great way to show search engines that your site is reliable and contains helpful content. Moovly provides some staggering figures: Websites with embedded videos are 53 times more likely to appear first in search engine results. Since Google acquired YouTube, videos have had a far more significant impact on how high you appear in search results.

Ensure that your videos on YouTube are optimised for search engines. Create engaging and entertaining titles and summaries. Include a clickable link to your company's website, offerings, etc. Make it clear to potential buyers what they should do next. If you want even more people to take action, you should investigate the world of interactive videos.

In addition, given that Google now owns YouTube, the company frequently ranks its website highly for various search terms. Our evaluation of the Masterclass is nearing completion. We should do better than other sites in the search results, yet a YouTube carousel occupies the first three slots. Put another way, if we don't produce a video, our content won't appear on the first page.

5 – A video is recommended for mobile users to watch

Successful Mobile App Ideas

Mobile phones and video are a great combination. Videos are seen on mobile devices by 90% of the population. The video views on mobile devices have increased by more than 233% since Q3 of 2013. YouTube reports that year-over-year growth in mobile video consumption of 100%. Due to the increasing smartphone penetration rate and the popularity of mobile video consumption, the number of individuals viewing your films will likely increase with time.

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Also, according to Google, smartphone users who watch videos or advertisements on their devices are 1.4 times more likely to feel a personal connection to the advertised brands than desktop users and twice as likely as TV viewers.

6 – Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

As video consumption on mobile devices grows, companies must study consumer behaviour. You could provide customers with a wider variety of video playback options.

Sixthly, using videos can clarify any topic. Do you wish to market a fresh commodity? Produce a quick video demonstration of the process. According to surveys, nearly 100% of users have watched an explainer film to learn more about a service or product. This is why 45% of video marketing companies say their home page features an explainer video. These companies have explainer videos on their home pages, and 83% say they are effective.

Do you have a concept that needs some explanation? Produce cartoony videos with animation and include a transcript of the video content. Instead of text or live video, try using animation to bring your ideas to life. Further, more is needed to differentiate oneself by using dull talking heads. Fun, nostalgic, and easy to understand, animated videos are an excellent medium for all three. It's also practical.

7 – Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

Video Marketing Trends 2023
Source: Oberlo

Always go for the tried-and-true approach. Start your video out on the right foot by following these 20 guidelines. Learn the most effective practices for creating product demonstration videos from the experts.

Motivates and Involved Audiences The most disinterested shoppers

Videos are a fantastic teaching tool since they are both informative and entertaining. Nobody has time to learn everything there is to know about a service or product of manual wheelchairs these days. Nowadays, it's important to show customers exactly how your product operates. In content marketing, one of the most compelling arguments for using video is that viewers enjoy watching them.

8 – Video Encourages Social Shares

Video marketing has the potential to reach a broad audience and be effective on multiple fronts—even the most sluggish of people. Please focus on the customer's hearing and sight—your market advantage doubles.

Having a video available makes viewers more likely to share it on social media.

Sixty per cent of social media marketers used video content in 2015, and seventy-three per cent of all respondents intended to use it in 2016, according to Michael Stelzner's 8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report. They did.

More and more people can upload and share movies thanks to the improvements made to social media platforms. With the introduction of 3600 Video, Live Video, and Life stage, Facebook has expanded its video offerings (A Video-Centric App for Teenagers). Instagram now features Instagram Stories and 60-second videos, while Twitter has Periscope. YouTube is the second most popular social media platform.

However, video marketers should remember that individuals share emotions, not facts, on social media. Seventy-six per cent of viewers would tell their friends about a funny commercial if they saw one. The best way to get people to share your videos online is to make them laugh. Although feelings aren't precisely an ROI, social sharing might increase traffic to your site. You'll be able to make your next move based on that information.

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First and foremost, take advantage of video advertisements.

1.84 per cent of those who watch a video ad end up clicking on it. That click-through rate (CTR) is higher than any other form of digital advertisement. In addition, 92% of viewers will watch an unskippable 15-second YouTube video ad. For videos that you can skip, the rate is 9%.

The same holds for video advertisements on social media platforms. Facebook partnered with Nielsen to determine the worth of video ads on the social media platform. They found that the most exciting part of an advertisement is the opening in 10 seconds. So, consider generating video advertising instead of banner ads.

Extra Tip #2: 

Videos are making a significant impact on email marketing.

Please use your existing video production capabilities by using them in your email marketing efforts. A click-through rate boost of 96% is seen when a video is incorporated into an introduction email. That's a fantastic method of getting noticed by your target audience.

Biggest Video Marketing Trends This Year

First, watching videos is much more popular than reading. Video marketing will skyrocket as people increasingly favour watching material in this format. More and more sales pitches and lead generation strategies will incorporate video. Despite having purchasing potential, many consumers refrain from engaging with salespeople. Video can impact sales in the last phases of the buying process. You'll need to use video advertisements, explanations, etc., as part of your marketing strategy to make sales.

  • More video material should be at the top of the funnel because it is widely consumed. In business-to-consumer transactions, everything is simple. However, B2B clients are still people. When watching videos, people are less likely to employ system two thinking and more inclined to remain in their comfort zones. The “autopilot” mindset of System 1 should result in less critical thinking, less conflict, and more sales.
  • While content and production quality are crucial, the latter is less so. Good production and technical chops are required, but nothing spectacular. Higher levels of trust are associated with higher-quality output, but that isn't enough to make up for empty promises. High-quality videos like Facebook Live broadcasts and recorded webinars will suffice if the content is engaging.
  • A great deal of real-time video material will be created on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on if a certain minimum standard of production quality is met.
  • This will get companies thinking about how to implement video strategically. The mutually beneficial potential of various video distribution systems and file types. It makes actual video content that can be sliced, diced, and pieced together with other media—making the most of their videos' potential applications.
  • Storytelling will be more vital than ever. Lists of facts or steps are fine for reading in an article but will cause viewers to click away from your video. The success or failure of a video is determined by how it engages the audience emotionally and how smoothly it plays.
  • Use testing to determine which videos perform best in marketing. It's not possible to lay down any concrete guidelines for video production. The best way for brands to learn how to use video is to experiment with various approaches. There are longer and shorter variations available at various points. There is the voice acting, CGI, animated characters, and talking heads. How to introduce the video's topic, grab viewers' attention, and ultimately ask them to take action.
  • You must optimise video for various platforms and purposes. In some cases, like when we have to watch videos without sound. If you don't have the sound on, the on-screen text will explain what's happening. According to studies, commercials with captions in the same language help viewers retain more of the ad's information.
  • There will be a significant increase in live video broadcasts as number eight. It is in its raw, unrehearsed form, and then the recorded stuff is promoted afterwards. Live events, live Q&A sessions, and interviews with notable people are extraordinary approaches to getting people engaged and increasing brand exposure.
  • To watch a video, go to YouTube. Facebook plans to compete with YouTube by producing its original video content. Brands and content creators can find a large and engaged audience on YouTube. YouTube provides a more obvious path to financial success than Facebook. Facebook needs to determine how to attract influential users from the video-sharing platform.
  • Additionally, you will use videos in direct one-on-one interactions to sell and assist customers. You can accomplish this in one of two ways. First, it's possible to employ pre-recorded clips with support and sales teams because they're easier to scale. A second choice is to record brief messages tailored to individual requirements and make them available to (possible) consumers at their leisure.
  • The amount of money that can be made using video advertising. Like blog posts, video content at the top of the sales funnel can be difficult to assess, but as the sale process progresses, more and more films will be employed. As a result of watching a video, you will compel consumers to take immediate action, reducing the length of sales cycles.
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The cost of producing and distributing video commercials is decreasing. The proliferation of video can be attributed to the improving quality of available technology and the ease with which you can disseminate such content globally. You'll need imagination and empathy to succeed at making marketing videos for your company. You can create advertising miracles on a shoestring budget by combining these strategies.

Innovative commercial videos that touch viewers' hearts and go viral online can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Indeed, this is the essence of video advertising: only the imaginative thrives.

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