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9 Ways to Incorporate Video Email Marketing To Boost Conversions

9 Ways to Incorporate Video Email Marketing To Boost Conversions

Most marketers know email marketing has one of the highest ROIs of any marketing channel. But unfortunately, some marketers struggle to get any engagements, let alone conversions, from their email campaigns.

This article will give you one possible solution: video email marketing.

Did you know that 78% of video marketers say this content type has directly increased their sales? Videos are captivating and interactive. It's a no-brainer that they can boost sales. And their effectiveness extends well beyond social media, where they're commonly used. Videos can produce impressive results on other channels, including email.

Let's leverage video email marketing to boost your email engagement rates and conversions.

What is Video Email Marketing?

Video email marketing refers to including video content or GIFs in an email campaign to increase engagement and boost conversions. It lets you present your brand message and values visually and engagingly.

Video email marketing is a compelling marketing strategy to promote products, services, or ideas. Here is an excellent example from Readdle's Spark. The company uses video content in its email to showcase its latest features.

Introducing Email Delegation In Spark

Video in your email campaigns can boost email open rates and make your marketing strategy more effective. According to our recent study, video content can increase email open rates by up to 14%.

Not only that, but video emails are also a cost-effective way to boost click-through rates. This is because videos can catch viewers' attention and keep it longer than traditional text or image-based emails.

The benefits are endless, and we will discuss them next.

What are the Benefits of Video Emails?

Video emails are a powerful form of marketing that is becoming increasingly popular. They can help you stand out in a crowded inbox and effectively convey your message.

They also offer numerous benefits that can help improve engagement, increase brand awareness, and drive more conversions.

With video emails, you have the opportunity to personalise your content and reach out to potential customers in a unique way. You can make your message more engaging, allowing you to connect with your customers more personally and keep them engaged for longer.

Furthermore, since video emails are eye-catching and memorable, they can be a great way to build brand awareness and recognition. Creating compelling video content that resonates with your target audience can have a long-lasting and memorable effect.

Additionally, video emails are highly shareable, meaning your customers can easily share your video content with others, increasing your reach and exposure.

In addition, with the prevalence of smartphones and affordable video production equipment, it is easier than ever to create professional-quality videos without breaking the bank. This makes video emails a cost-effective way to communicate with your audience.

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Finally, you can demonstrate products or services directly, making it easier for potential customers to take action and become loyal clients.

Ecommerce stores can use videos to showcase the fine details of their products. Software companies leverage video marketing to show how the different features of their software work. All this leads to higher conversion rates and more sales.

Before we explore nine effective methods for integrating video content into your email marketing strategy, let's quickly look at how you can embed a video into your email.

How to embed video in email?

Embedding videos in emails is an effective way to create engaging content that captures your audience's attention. It can boost click-through rates, increase conversions, and enhance customer engagement.

The method for embedding a video will depend on your email marketing platform. The good news is that all the best email marketing service providers make this process simple for users. They also provide a step-by-step guide on how to add videos to your emails.

How To Embed A Youtube Video In Getresponse
Here's how you'd embed a YouTube video in GetResponse

Generally speaking, you must upload the video file to your website or online hosting services such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Then, you will need to get the embed code or link for the video. This can be done by clicking the “share” option and copying the provided code. When clicking “email,” as shown in the image, a new window will automatically open, providing the link.

Video Email Marketing Guide 2023 2024

If you copy the code, open your email editor and create a new message. Paste the embed code into your message where you want it to appear. Most commonly, this is done near the top of the message so that it will be seen at first glance.

When viewers open the email, they may see a preview image of your video and text to click on to play it. When clicked, the video should appear directly in the body of the email and will begin playing automatically. Once you've embedded your video, consider using video translation to make your content accessible to a global audience, increasing your email engagement rates and conversions.

9 Ways to Incorporate Video in Email Marketing

Videos can work for virtually all types of email marketing campaigns. All brands can also use them, from SaaS and eCommerce to agencies.

Here are ten effective ways to use them.

Share Your Company Story

Sharing your company's story is an effective method to promote your brand. It controls your brand's narrative and perception, making it easier to humanise your brand. It also lets you connect with your audience personally and effectively convey your message.

You can share the story behind your brand and the services you offer. The video can include details about your company's history, values, employees, and other valuable information not necessarily available on your website.

For instance, this email from Patagonia includes a video of a farm in Kentucky that grows hemp, narrating a story to the subscriber.

Patagonia Email Marketing With Video Example

You can also show your customers the behind-the-scenes operation of your business, such as your day-to-day routine. This can be instrumental in building a reputation for transparency and authenticity.

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To create a compelling story video, clearly understand what you want to convey before shooting. Decide on the type of story you want to tell, and think about the most effective way to communicate that story using visuals and music.

Choose the correct email campaign types to include these videos. For example, a welcome email might be a great option to share this type of video content.

Remember that your video should be well-produced, with high-quality imagery and sound, as this will help make a strong impression on your audience.

Lead Nurturing Through Customer Stories

Generally, not all subscribers are in the same stage of the sales funnel. There will be the need to convince some to purchase your products for the first time.

Additionally, you might also be doing outreach through cold emailing. This is common in the B2B industry, where marketers use email finder tools to identify leads and launch outreach campaigns.

In both cases, you'll need to nurture your leads strategically to make them see the need and value of investing in your product. One of the best ways to achieve this is by sharing customer stories.

Instead of being the only one to do the talking, include customer story videos in the marketing emails you send to your leads. Let your happy customers do some of the talking on your behalf.

When presented with real-life examples of how your product or service has helped others, prospects will feel more confident investing in your company.

These stories show that other consumers have found your products or services helpful and why they'd recommend you to another consumer. This can ultimately lead to winning new customers.

To create customer story videos, consider making a list of your most loyal customers. Then, approach them with a pitch to create a testimonial video. You can incentivise them with a discount. Most of them will jump on the opportunity since it also gives their brands exposure.

Here's an example of a customer story from Trunk Club:

Trunkclub Email Video Marketing Example

The customers you select must have interacted with your brand for a reasonable time while being satisfied with your service.

For the best results, we'll advise you to create multiple customer stories of your different types of customers. This is important if you have different customer segments. Then, use the other stories to target relevant audience segments in your email list.

That will increase the conversions of your emails since the videos will resonate with each recipient.

Promote Your Local Events

Video emails are a great way to spread the word when promoting local events. They can create hype for upcoming events or provide information on past events that people may have missed. With videos, you can showcase your event's exciting aspects, such as special guests, speakers, entertainment, and more.

You can include footage from the previous edition or testimonials from previous attendees to give people an idea of what happens at the event. You can also promote your partnership and collaboration with another brand. This helps raise awareness about your brand, which is crucial to generating conversions.

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Video emails are also a great way to create urgency by counting the days until the event and highlighting exclusive offers and discounts.

For example, this email from HubSpot includes a promotion of their annual marketing and sales conference.

Hubspot Email Marketing Example

In the video, you can also provide a phone line for business inquiries or ticket reservations, giving subscribers a direct and convenient way to engage with you regarding the event.

Creating an event video is easy. You only need to shoot a short clip of your event or upload one from an existing library. Then, you can edit it with any software of your choice. You can add text and other graphics to make it eye-catching and unique. Then, add it to your email and send it out.

Tap Into Tutorial Videos

Tutorials are the perfect bridge between you and your customers, giving them valuable information about making the most of your product or service. By sending tutorial videos in emails, you can add a personal touch to your communications and give customers exact instructions on achieving their desired results.

Your subscribers can view a step-by-step process of how your products or services work. Video tutorials are practical, including footage of the product or item being addressed. That explains why training and tutorial videos are vital in SaaS video marketing.

For example, an email marketing tool can create videos showing users how to create automated email campaigns.

Instead of just reading about your products, subscribers can follow the clip to finish the job. This makes for highly educational content your email subscribers will find helpful. It also builds rapport. Your subscribers will always be looking forward to your following email.

Check this out. Shopify creates a step-by-step tutorial on setting up a Shopify store and shares the video with their new clients via email.

Shopify Email Marketing Examples

Tutorial videos are instrumental in helping users get started with your products. They can differentiate between a user sticking around and leaving you for a competitor.

To tap into this resource, start by creating a list of topics that might be helpful for email recipients. Consider customers' issues, such as “How to get started with your product” or “What are the features of your service?”. Once you have a list of topics, start researching and creating videos.

You can also look through customer support queries for potential topic ideas for your next email video tutorial campaign.

Create Video Email Newsletters

Creating video email newsletters is an innovative and effective way to keep your audience engaged and informed about your latest updates, news, and offers. They help to build trust while adding personality to your brand.

To create compelling video email newsletters, identify the key messages you want to convey and segment your audience to ensure your content is relevant and valuable to them.

Then, choose a suitable format and style for your videos, depending on the type of content you want to share. For instance, a demo video may be more appealing than a product description if you're announcing a new product launch. Similarly, a simple interview-style video may work better than a high-production piece if you share a customer testimonial.

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A video newsletter can also contain information about special offers or tips and tricks. Here's an example of a video email newsletter from Alex and Ani:

Example Of Video In Email Marketing

Keep your videos brief and engaging. Your audience's time is valuable, and they will likely watch your videos if they are short and to the point. Also, add clear calls to action in your videos to guide your audience towards desired actions, such as visiting your website.

You can create different types of videos, such as animated content or live-action videos. Also, to ensure continuity, you can create a video newsletter series. This will influence prospects and customers to look forward to your following email, which can lead to more newsletter engagement and conversions.

With video newsletters, potential customers will be more motivated to interact with the email and watch your video. This boosts engagements, allowing your readers to go through the email and click your CTAs.

Send customised video messages of appreciation to clients

Your current clients are essential to your business. Businesses can only achieve next-level growth with high customer retention. Therefore, sending customers personalised video messages expressing gratitude can go a long way.

Whether you want to thank them for their loyalty or celebrate a specific milestone, custom video messages can significantly improve customer retention and satisfaction. Plus, it's a fantastic way to showcase your brand's personality and convey the human aspect behind your products or services.

To create customised video messages, first, you need to gather information about your recipients' preferences, interests, key milestones, and purchasing behaviours. This information can help you personalise your videos and tailor them to each customer's needs and desires. You can gather this data through brand surveys, feedback forms, and other customer engagement channels.

Next, decide on the message you want to convey in your video. It is best to keep it brief and focused on expressing your appreciation for the customer's ongoing support. You can also add value by offering a discount or special offer as a token of gratitude.

In this email, the brand mentioned the recipient's name and provided relevant content, the tutorial, and the features needed.

How To Embed Videos In Emails

This can show your clients that you value their business and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Display new products or services.

The beauty of a product release video is that it allows you to showcase your product in action. Rather than simply telling your audience about your latest product, you can show them what it looks like, how it works, and what makes it unique.

This will help your audience understand your product's benefits and increase their interest.

The video should showcase the new product or service's unique features and use cases. You can use animated graphics, voice-overs, and text overlays to highlight these features.

Monday, for example, created a video using screenshots to demonstrate their latest updates.

Monday Email Marketing Example

To maximise the impact of your product release video, include a clear CTA (call-to-action) that prompts viewers to take action, such as visiting your website or contacting your sales team. You should also share a QR code with your e-business card within the video. The barcodes can be easily generated via QR code creator and e-cards designed by online designing tools.

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Use the word “video” in the email subject lines.

The word “video” is one of the most potent words a marketer can use in an email subject line. This simple word can potentially increase your email marketing campaigns' open rates, engagement, and overall conversions.

According to a study by SuperOffice, adding the word ‘video' to your email subject lines increases your open rates by 6%. By telling your subscribers about the multimedia content, you pique their curiosity and encourage them to explore your message further.

However, using “video” in a subject line must be done strategically. To make it effective, be specific and descriptive about the content of the video.

Avoid using a generic subject line like “Watch our video” and opt for something that describes the topic of the video. For instance, you could use “Discover our new product in this video demonstration” or “Learn how to improve your golf swing with this video tutorial.”

You can also add a few words that hint at the content of the video, such as “Watch this amazing story” or “Take a look inside our new product.”

Provide beginner-friendly content

If you're targeting a segment of your email subscribers that might be new to your industry, provide video content that simplifies complex concepts or illustrates step-by-step instructions.

Beginner-friendly content must be easy to understand. The same applies to videos. Keep it short, concise, and straightforward in a way that conveys the message without complicating things.

Try to weave a story around your message that captures your customers' attention and holds it throughout the video. People often engage well with videos that are personal and relatable.

Your videos also should include compelling visuals to help illustrate your message and keep viewers engaged. Use appropriate graphics, images, and animations that complement your message without overwhelming your viewers.

For example, this email from Dovetail demonstrates the new features by showcasing them in action and providing clear illustrations in colour with relevant examples.

Best Video Email Marketing Examples

If you're teaching or providing a tutorial, use screenshot demonstrations to guide viewers. Adding annotations can offer additional context and assist in reinforcing your message.

It's also essential to ensure your video is added in a responsive or mobile-friendly email design. This means it should be optimised for small screens and load quickly, so your audience can watch it on the go.

By presenting knowledge and information in an easily digestible format, your audience will appreciate your efforts to educate them and be more compelled to engage with your brand and its offerings.

Start Exploring this Engaging Medium

Email marketing is a popular marketing strategy many brands use to build stronger customer relationships and boost conversions. Marketers can leverage video content to increase user engagement, making your email marketing strategy more effective.

We have discussed nine brilliant video email marketing ideas in this article. You can create promotional videos to share your company's story, nurture leads, promote local events, and share step-by-step tutorials.

You can also create a video email newsletter to breathe life into a stale campaign. There are plenty of ideas when using video in email marketing.

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Does your brand have a video marketing strategy for Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok? If so, you can boost the ROI of your video marketing campaigns even further by adding videos to your email campaigns. Why don't you start repurposing some of those clips for your email newsletters?

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