Useful Google APIs for a Freelance Graphic Designer

Useful Google APIs for a Freelance Graphic Designer

An API is an application programming interface and set of specifications that software programs can follow to communicate with each other.

A great freelance graphic designer is well aware that there are lots of APIs for doing almost anything you could imagine in design and developing. Some of them are better than others.

Below are the most useful APIs for every freelance graphic designer that we’ve found.

With the presented APIs, you can do everything from shortening a URL to offering a book preview on your website to connect it with your account in Twitter and all in between.

Useful Google APIs

Google Api Console

Google provides cheap web designers and developers APIs tools.

You can find such well-known programs such as Analytics and Gmail, and more specialised ones. You can use the majority of them for free.

The Feed API lets you download any public feed and mix them into mashups.

It makes the mashup process more straightforward through the usage of JavaScript rather than more complex server-side coding.

The Places API is a big directory of local businesses all around the world. With this API, you can access information and display it on your site and display check-ins by users.

A Geocoding API lets a freelance graphic designer convert any address into coordinates which can be used for placing markers on a map.

Task APIs provide endpoints to search, read, and update Tasks metadata and content.

An Analytics management API gives web designers access to their Analytics data and let them fine-tune their requests so that they can simply pull up information and report the needs for their applications.

The Blogger Data API allows you to publish new blog posts, edit, delete existing posts, and search for posts which are based on particular criteria.

The Books API is made for integrating book searches into an application, and embedding book previews on your site.

The Calendar API provides access to numerous standard web interface tools. You can search and view public calendar events without authentication.

With authentication, you can access private calendars with such options as editing, creating, and deleting calendars.

The Moderator API is a tool to collect ideas, questions, and different recommendations from audiences of any size. With this, your site can do the same.

The prediction API lets you create smarter apps that can predict future outcomes by analysing historical data.

You can use it for recommendation systems, spam detection, upsell opportunity analysis, and more.

The Picasa Web Albums Data API lets you make albums and upload, retrieve, comment on photos, and much more.

You can use it for everything you want from powering digital photo frames to full-featured mobile clients and more.

The Static Maps API helps you embed static Google Maps onto your website and include custom styled maps.

The Directions API helps users find directions from one point to another through the usage of the different travel modes from within your website. It does not need a Google Maps API Key.

YouTube APIs consist of the Data API and Player APIs.

The first one helps your app do many operations which are available on YouTube, like uploading videos, modifying user playlists, and so on. The second one presents an embedded player or a chromeless one that can be customised within Flash or HTML.

The Webmaster Tools API helps the client application use different Webmaster Tools functions like viewing, adding, removing sites and so on.

The Google Web Fonts API lets you add web fonts to your site easily. The application programming interface has a wide variety of fonts now.

OpenSocial is used to build social applications, make social app platforms, and share and access social data.

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Read more about using API’s here.

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