Twitter Banter

Twitter Banter

Had some lovely Twitter banter with a self-proclaimed ‘positive viber’ this weekend and thought it may be of interest to you fine people.



I try to interact and reply to everyone on my twitter should they ask a question or just say ‘hi’. I think it’s important to be polite and recognise everyone, regardless of their intelligence or opinion, especially for brands who use Twitter regularly (which should be everyone).

Posted below is the conversation I had on Sunday with @ScarletGrenades which shows both sides of the discussion – he first of all thought investing $500 in a properly designed logo was ‘ignorant’ only to suggest a better, free alternative, commenting that I’m “just a FREELANCER” of which I’m not entirely sure of the accusation – although more directly a ‘rip-off’ and ‘scrub’ – hahaha.

Have a read through the great banter below and let me know who was in the wrong in the comments.


N.B. – my logo design prices are actually a bit higher than the quoted $500 with the basic, startup packages beginning around £850GBP


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Well done for fighting back. The only way we’re gonna survive as an industry is if we all demand a fair price for our work. A lot of clients seem to think that logo design just involves the designer drawing one quick logo for them and moving on. In reality it’s nothing like that. It’s often days of back and forth where they ask for repeated edits and reversions. The approach I take is if they want to pay me $100 for a logo then fine, I’ll do it, but for that money they’re getting a maximum 2 hours of… Read more »
William E Spicer

Like the old saying “you get what you pay for”. Question: what makes the “professor” an EXPERT in LOGO design??

Jaie Hart
I find that online, people behave rather poorly and this appears to be a case of “it’s easy to attack and behave poorly when I’m brave behind my computer screen” kind of thing. Perhaps even jealousy that you would dare to create something and charge a price for your gift. Good way to put it right back. You did not attack, the other did and that says more about them and the true space they hold. Sounds to me you are by far better off. I got off of twitter because I have a full-time job and kids I’m raising.… Read more »
Andy Leverenz

Well done on your replies. I can relate to this matter with design for web and applications as a freelancer myself. People will always want something for nothing and until they actually understand the value, like you were trying to educate, then the end result may be quick or cheap but not quality nor original. Again well done. It was both pleasing and sickening to read this. Would you pay an architect a cheaper rate because he’s an independent contractor or his designs were nice to look at but faulty? Highly unlikely.

Juan Olvera

I don’t want to sound like a dick, but what do you expect for someone looking for a logo for his “Clan”?

That probably I’m wrong and he is a professional gamer and he earn his live playing.

Anyway you did right, keep looking for good clients and avoid guys like that.


Ouch, Stuart, he sounds more like a vitriolic viper than a positive viber!

Git Pusher

Looks like @ScarletGrenades deleted their Twitter account after this… No worries, you can still find him under @OrionsOath 🙂


My favourite part is when he asks “What kind of “Professional”” you are because you were “Engaging people on social media?”. Forgetting completely that he was the one who reached out to you.

I have no idea why people have this assumption that freelancers are at the lower pool of our industry. I’d say it’s actually quite the opposite. Some of the best designers I’ve ever come across are freelancers. The funny thing is that the professor he seems to be referring to could be a freelancer as well.

Pathetic. Great job handling the situation though, I would have completely lost it!

Piggy-backing on the comment by Noureddine: Freelancers are awesome and as a freelancer or anyone in this day and age, it’s important to advertise for yourself. We have so much technology around communication and the internet is a huge part of it. Who does’t advertise on the internet these days? It’s the best method and it’s utilizing the tools at your disposal. You’d be crazy to discredit or disregard this as valid mode of communication and personal advertisement. I know that before I even chose to go into design for a living or even choose my major and college, I… Read more »
I agree with your general principles : valuing design and so forth. But you also have to be realistic. This person just wants something basic to put up. He doesn’t want (or need) professional design. Would a $1000 logo achieve more in this situation than a $20 one? Most likely not. Why? Because no one gives a shit. Hence the reason it wouldn’t be worth your time and energy anyway. I suppose design is only valuable if there is a need for it. If there is no need, there is no ROI from your offering. People often ask me to… Read more »