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Twitter Banter

Twitter Banter

Had some lovely Twitter banter with a self-proclaimed ‘positive viber’ this weekend and thought it may be of interest to you fine people.



I try to interact and reply to everyone on my twitter should they ask a question or just say ‘hi’. I think it’s important to be polite and recognise everyone, regardless of their intelligence or opinion, especially for brands who use Twitter regularly (which should be everyone).

Posted below is the conversation I had on Sunday with @ScarletGrenades which shows both sides of the discussion – he first of all thought investing $500 in a properly designed logo was ‘ignorant’ only to suggest a better, free alternative, commenting that I’m “just a FREELANCER” of which I’m not entirely sure of the accusation – although more directly a ‘rip-off’ and ‘scrub’ – hahaha.

Have a read through the great banter below and let me know who was in the wrong in the comments.


N.B. – my logo design prices are actually a bit higher than the quoted $500 with the basic, startup packages beginning around £850GBP


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