TV Characters Logos

TV Characters Logos

I’m not particularly a fan of ‘fictional logos’ designed just for fun, but these TV characters logo designs by Pablo Cánepa are an interesting take on some well-known personal brands. It’s still a goal of mine to have a logo appear on TV, be it in a show, movie or even advertised – Pablo seems to have gone direct to the source.


Walter White TV Logo Design

Walter White (Breaking Bad) plays nicely into the ever popular ‘negative space logos'.


One reason I’m not a fan of this ‘pretend’ work, in general, is summed up by Dario Calonaci, as he pointed out on the Logoholic blog last year:


How sad are logos done without a client, without express request and requirements, without a much-needed brief and so based purely upon thin air. Just for the sake of chauvinism.


Pablo has some great work on his Behance, but these TV character logos lead me to question how much of are real-world projects, and how much has been created ‘for’ the portfolio? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.


Rick Grimes Walking Dead TV Show Logos

Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead) is pretty obvious, being a Sheriff 😉


Dribbble is one of the worst offenders with designers creating conceptually-shallow, pretty visuals, many of which would not stand to real world scrutiny. Dribbble is a popularity contest whether we like it or not, and will continue to be. The whole Hipster-logos fiasco is a prime example where the concept didn’t matter as much as the look or style.


Ryan Hamrick in “Dribbble is Ruining Design (For Me)


But now, thanks to Dribbble, any schmuck can become a successful designer. You don’t even need to show up with a following, you can just “build one” with frequent, “quality posts” and being “active in the community”. *eyeroll*

I can’t even set up a meeting with an agency or client to present my printed portfolio without them patronizing me with a, “Cool, do you have a Dribbble profile we could look at, first?”


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The other way of looking at it is that creating logos without a functioning purpose allows for greater freedom and flexibility in design. How often as designers have we tweaked concepts for demanding clients, when the final result feels weaker than the initial design? It takes experience to be able to stand up to the customer and be honest – many young designers will revise and hack their designs just to please the person paying the invoice, even if it means the client will ultimately have something that’s no longer exceptional.


TV Characters Logos

Joey Tribbiani (Friends) is one of the more interesting ones, presumably based on the theatrical comedy/tragedy masks.


If you’re a young designer, with no real world work to include in a portfolio, instead of inventing brands why not offer your design services for free? There are a lot of charities and non-profits that could really do with great design but lack the budget to pay designers. Alternatively, word of mouth can grab you a few pro-bono projects from friends and family. It’s how I started, and I can honestly say the learning experience was worth the lack of financial reimbursement. Dealing with real people, trying to understand (read minds) is half the battle of a real-world design project.


However, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of light entertainment in the world of graphic design.


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