Top 10 Design Blogs to Follow in 2020 for Creative Inspiration

Top 10 Design Blogs to Follow in 2020 for Creative Inspiration

Are you a creative enthusiast who is looking for some exciting ideas to turn your passions into actions? 

If you are good at something, you can find ways to indulge your passions into something beneficial and productive. 

For example, if you have a photography hobby that you are passionate about in your life, you can create a photography blog. 

Creating a blog of your own requires essential design tools to make it match your site. 

The best place to find the right tools for your site is the internet. You can find inspiration online for new ideas to create your website. 

Having the right tools for your website will not only make your site look more professional, but it will also attract visitors to your site as well.

You can find inspiration from anywhere on the internet. But, finding the right kind can be a difficult task. 

You have to identify the blogs you need and have to scour a vast range of websites on the internet. 

This would require a significant amount of time and energy. 

Ideas come and go, which is why you need to keep yourself updated with your work and never stop looking for inspiration. 

Graphic Design Inspiration

Most creative designers get inspired by music. They come up with new ideas and get their work done after listening to their favourite songs. Most of them keep a long playlist on Spotify to listen. 

Others get inspired by activities, such as walks in a park, exercises, meditation, etc. 

However, this article is for those who are using the internet as their source of inspiration and motivation. 

You may be able to find many ideas for your new projects regardless of the field you are in. Get inspired to get your job done! 

To find out, check out the following top 10 Design Blogs for your creative needs. 

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If you are a creative designer or someone interested in creating design tools, you can get the best design ideas out of these blogs. 

There is an innumerable number of design blogs you can check out to find new ideas and inspiration according to your needs and requirements.

1 – Eye On Design

Aiga Eye On Design Blog

It is a not for profit graphic design company based in the US that provides the required tools for all your design needs. 

If you are looking for design tools for your website, you can check out their homepage to find templates that suit your needs and requirements. 

Eye on design has all the solutions to your design problems. 

If you are a person who is inclined to arts and aesthetics, you can visit this blog and make the most use of the vast contents. 

They also have numerous articles and design ideas that you can get for your creative activity.

2 – Design Trends

Design Trends Blog

At Designtrends, you will find countless design trends ideas in Architectural designs, graphic designs, fashion, and product. 

Get inspired by this website. You will find quality news and features from around the world. 

You can not only in any way you want but also create your template designs, whether you need ideas for invitations or business cards for your business

You can find all sorts of inspirations and ideas at Designtrends.

3 – Inkbot Design Blog

Inkbot Design Blog

Inkbot Design is a graphic design company based in Belfast, UK. The company deals with graphic design blogs that focus on logos, branding, marketing, freelancing tips and ideas, web design inspirations for creative designers and for those who are running their business. 

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At Inkbot Design, you can get help with the best design solutions starting from the first step of your business venture to the last stage of making finalisations for your business. 

It has all the creative experts you need for your business. 

Create your graphic design portfolios, such as logo design, strategy, marketing, web design, and brand identity. 

Inkbot Design will guide you in achieving your business goals by providing all your graphic design needs and requirements in no time. 

Get inspirations and grow your business by checking out today.

4 – Graphic Design Junction

Graphic Design Junction

Graphic Design Junction is a place for graphic designers and developers. 

On this site, you will find exciting web design news and design downloads. 

It provides graphic design services for WordPress, Photoshop, jQuery, Web Design, Inspiration ideas, Photography, Freebies, Typography, and Vector Resources. 

You can find design tools and inspirations for all your needs. Graphic Design Junction is a place for all your creative solutions. 

You are bound to find inspiration and get the most graphic design benefits at Graphic Design Junction. 

You can check out the design, and inspiration showcases to develop websites for your personal use or your business. Graphic Design Junction has all the solutions for your graphic needs.

5 – This is Mirador

This Is Mirador Blog

This is Mirador provides graphic images for arts, fashion, and creative projects. 

It is an image hunting space for Say what Studio. 

It deals with the work of art direction, editorial design, web design work, and branding sites. 

If you are a person who is inclined towards art, you can check out these graphic design blogs. 

It has all kinds of creative solutions for art and innovation. 

You can never run out of ideas and inspirations to create something that you are passionate about. So, check out this blog and get your art design solutions right away. 

6 – Abduzeedo Blog

Abduzeedo Blog

Abduzeedo is widely known for creative solutions for your design blogs, or business. 

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On this site, you will find articles about design, photography, and UX. 

Fabio Sasso founded the website in 2006 as a personal blog, and it later became a popular website with writers from all over the world working independently. 

You can follow this website to find design inspiration for your business and blog. 

At Abduzeedo, you are sure to find incentives for all your graphic needs. You will find services such as:

  • Advertising services through an agency, or a direct advertiser for your service business
  • Get ideas for photoshop tutorials, digital art ideas, daily design inspirations, interior design ideas, etc. 
  • Abduzeedo has got plenty of ideas for books, branding, design, editorial designs, illustration, interviews, office, tutorials, and UI/UX.

7 – Design Week

Top 10 Design Week Blog

At Design Week, you can find your design inspiration for designs related to branding, editorial, education, exhibition, furniture, graphics, interactives, interiors, legal, packaging, politics, print, product, recruitment, and retail. Follow the website for more! 

Design Week is also involved in one of the most significant design industry works, providing interviews, articles, reviews, opinion sections, and design reviews. 

You can have new ideas and inspirations from these reads and formulate new ideas for your work.  

8 – Adobe Create Blog

Adobe Create Blog

Create is an online magazine from Adobe

It deals with craft, culture, and career for creative people around the world. 

You can follow Create from Adobe for inspiration and tutorials on graphic design, photography, illustration, UX design, video, 3D, AR/VR, and more. 

Adobe has got all your design needs. 

If you are someone interested in photography, you will get inspired by the creative service provided by Adobe. 

Photo editing is made more fun and easy at Adobe. You can play with all kinds of design ideas and tools that are handy to use and with extraordinary results. Visit the website to find out more. 

9 – Creative Review

Creative Review Blog

If you are someone who is inclined to creative works and inspiration, Creative Review is the right place for you. 

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This website brings the creative community together. 

Founded in 1980, it is a platform for artistic people who are in the creative industry. 

It is for everyone looking for original insight and inspiration across all disciplines to make things happen in the industry. 

You can find out more about the creative industry by staying updated with what is going on around the creative world. 

So, you can visit the website to learn more about creative design. 

It serves as a safe space for all the creative communities around the world. Get innovative inspirations and get inspired!

10 – The Dieline

Dieline Design Blogs

The Dieline is a creative website that deals with the packaging community. It is a platform for the package design industry. 

The site started as a community platform to share design innovation, editorial content, and reader-submitted projects. 

Later, it expanded its platform to Dieline Awards, its global package design competition, and Dieline Conference, their annual package design event. 

The website has many design ideas that may be of great help. It has got public board sections, and design projects contributed by the Dieline community. 

You can also post your projects at The Dieline. It deals with the following sectors:

  • Beauty and Health
  • Beer and Malt Beverage 
  • Beverage
  • Books and Media
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Home and Garden
  • Kids and Baby
  • Office and Arts supply
  • Pets
  • Promotional
  • Spirits and Liquor
  • Students and Concepts
  • Technology
  • Tobacco and Cannabis
  • Toys and Games
  • Wine and Champagne

Check out this website for more details about the community.

These ten blogs and websites provide essential graphic designs and tools that are needed to create your site. 

You will find the inspiration you need by going through all of them. Visit them and get inspired!

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