15 Things You Should Know Before Blogging in 2020

15 Things You Should Know Before Blogging in 2020

The modern world of blogging, here in 2020, requires a bit of perspective. 

It’s an industry with an immense level of saturation, but an equally enormous level of consumption. 

It can be disheartening to see one side of the coin without the other.

Fact: WordPress blogs account for over 70 million new blog posts every single month. 

That’s an incredible pile of new content available every minute of every day, and that’s just one of the many blogging platforms out there.

And yet, that content isn’t all just being thrown into the void to die. 

Sure, many posts never see search relevance, never have more than a handful of visitors. 

Yet there’s more than enough traffic to go around. 

How much? WordPress blogs see over 21.1 billion-with-a-B views every month. 

Wordpress Publishing Content

There are also over 77 million new comments on WordPress in that same amount of time, and that doesn’t count all the spam comments that never see the light of day.

It’s not all just marketers talking to marketers, either. 

Sure, people who sell content and marketing services have a vested interest in getting more businesses to want to blog. 

Still, marketers can’t account for billions of views every month. 

Normal every-day internet users read blogs too; 80% say they read blog posts regularly.

Blogging in 2020 is about more than just the views, the comments, and the traffic. 

Blogging is about credibility. 

Google agrees; they’ve recently been focusing on a metric they call EAT; the expertise, authority, and trust metric. 

Sites with better EAT scores have better ranks, and EAT comes almost entirely from the behaviour of users.

Regular consumers care about EAT too, though they don’t think of it in the same terms. 

Instead, approximately 70% of internet users believe that a blog adds credibility to a website. 

Google Analytics Startup Service

Any business looking to establish authority, trust, and expertise in their subject matter will generally find that a blog is the easiest way to go about it.

After all, anyone can create a page claiming to be an expert, but without the proof to back it up, what good does it do? 

People don’t want to be told that the person in front of them knows what they’re doing; they want to see it in action. 

That’s why one in three consumers consider a blog to be the number one most important factor in a website’s credibility. 

It’s hard to fake expertise when you have to do it for thousands of words every week.

65% of marketers plan to increase their blogging efforts in 2020. 

For some, that means taking a blog they already focus on and dedicating a little more time to it. 

For many, that means taking a long-neglected blog and making it a primary focus for the year. 

For some, it even means creating a blog where none existed before. 

After all, only 25% of websites have a blog.

Blogging is more important than ever before, and will likely remain so as long as the written word is the primary mode of communication online. 

Where are your blogging efforts going to be in 2020 and beyond?

Source – https://www.contentpowered.com/blog/infographic-blogging-in-2020/

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