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Tree Logo Design


This Tree Logo Design for a fictional company called Branch is suitable for a range of industries. It could be used for a nature website or tree conservation society if taken literally. Alternatively, it could represent growth, expansion and spreading (or branching) out. There is a lot of symbolism related to trees and nature that can be applied to the branch logo design, you just have to be creative with it.

Key themes that relate to the tree logo design include:

  • natural logo
  • branch logo design
  • organic company logo
  • green logo design
  • natural company branding


What do you get when you purchase the Tree Logo Design?


You get the knowledge your company has a 100% unique, professionally designed custom logo, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring me for a project. Once you’ve purchased, the item is no longer available in the store, retaining exclusivity to you alone. Many other ’stock’ logo stores sell the same templates to hundreds of other customers, making it hard for you to stand out.


Customisation to your specific needs are included FREE of charge. This generally consists of changing colours and the company name (and/or) tagline to that of your choosing.


You will receive all the original, editable files, to do with what you wish. These include:


     Adobe Illustrator original AI file (for editing)

     PDF versions (for professional prints)

     EPS (for printers)

     JPEG (for web and screen)

     PNG (for web and screen – transparent backgrounds)


Once payment has been made for the Tree Logo Design, I will contact you within 24 hours to assist with changes.


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