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This DJ Logo Design Template is suitable for anyone working in the music industry – from DJ's to Record Producers, Radio Hosts to Vinyl Stores.

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This DJ Logo Design Template is suitable for anyone working in the music industry – from DJ's to Record Producers, Radio Hosts to Vinyl Stores. Alternatively it could relate to mp3 related websites, music publications or Dj websites looking for a memorable logo for the site. The bottom half is the vinyl, acting as the music itself, with the top part being formed from the musical equaliser bars involved with the recording process.

It works best in two colours, so one primary brand colour (in this case the magenta) alongside black or white to contrast, although it does work well in one tone if needed.



Whether your aim would be to perform weddings, bar mitzvahs, favourite night spots or establish yourself with a local station, your biggest challenge as a DJ is always to build name recognition among nightclub owners, event planners, reserving agents and the public. To succeed in this project, it’s essential to cultivate a rendering of your business name that targets your distinguishing features – expressly, the traits that make you unique when compared to the heaps of other DJs competing for the same limited number of available jobs.

With individuals attempting to prevent booking fees by utilising automated DJs like Radiologik, DJ robot and related software options that run in conjunction with the Itunes platform, it’s more significant than ever before to own a particular and very defined personality for the DJ company. One of the easiest methods to begin cultivating that picture is with a stylish DJ logo design. It's amazing how many disc jockeys are nevertheless attempting to develop a business name exclusively around their title.

But this works to your benefit.

Even though personal branding within the DJ industry is quickly beginning to remove, there is nevertheless a significant percentage of hobbyists and individuals who don't own a DJ logomark. Therefore right aside, it is possible to set yourself quickly and easily apart from the people by making one. Plus, it establishes you as an expert, automatically leading others to take you more seriously.


What do you get when you purchase the DJ Logo Design?

You get the knowledge your company has a 100% unique, professionally designed custom logo, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring me for a project. Once you’ve purchased, the item is no longer available in the store, retaining exclusivity to you alone. Many other ’stock’ logo stores sell the same templates to hundreds of other customers, making it hard for you to stand out.

Customisation to your specific needs are included FREE of charge. This generally consists of changing colours and the company name (and/or) tagline to that of your choosing.

You will receive all the original, editable files, to do with what you wish. These include:

     Adobe Illustrator original AI file (for editing)

     PDF versions (for professional prints)

     EPS (for printers)

     JPEG (for web and screen)

     PNG (for web and screen – transparent backgrounds)

Once payment has been made for the DJ Logo Design, I will contact you within 24 hours to assist with changes.


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