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After reading this book you will know how to:
Spec the Right Paper, Know How to Choose the Right Printer for Your Project
Understand How Design Decisions Affect the Environment, Know How to Work Best with your Printer

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Designing for Print Book – the Art and Science, Graphic Design and Print Production Strategies for Success on Press


An indispensable guide to designing for print written in an easy to Take into account format even as not skimping on knowledge.

From an educator: “There is no better book on graphic design print production in the market.”

About the Book: This book is a 208-page celebration of print! The pages are printed on eight different papers! The cover is laminated for durability.

The book is printed in eight different ink colours to showcase a variety of printing techniques, including cutting-edge digital foil and digital UV printing! 84 photographs 116 illustrations and charts.

After reading this designing for print book you'll know how to:

  • Spec the Right Paper, Know How to Make a choice the Right Printer for Your Project
  • Take into account How Design Decisions Have an effect on the Environment, Know How to Work Best with your Printer
  • Know Which Printing Method is Most Cost-Effective.
  • Maintain a Press-Check Like a Pro!


What people are saying about “Designing for Print the Art & Science”

“Great information and I love the tone. It’s like talking to a friend instead of reading an instruction manual.”    –Ashley Maydak, Brand Marketing Manager, Customer & Brand Marketing, Domtar

“I needed a better book to use to teach production. The best thing about the book is its fantastic grasp of the material. There’s no better book on graphic design print production out there.”    –Patrick Foster, Professor of Graphic Design, Vancouver Island University

“Completely floored by your designing for print book!  It’s like finding a unicorn!  There hasn’t been anything new and exciting published for designers, or for our industry, in more than a decade.  This is such an incredible resource – 208 pages of print and design reality.  I’m placing orders today!”     –Cindy Woods, Editor, CMO, and Print Industry Professional

“All the actual print techniques in the book (especially the white ink on black paper) really great to help clients understand. Perfect print bible for me as I am only three years into working in the print production arena and I cannot compete with the people who have been around for decades. But this book certainly gives me a step up. I’m hoping to be part of the new generation of print producers.”    –Anonymous

“This designing for print book has a ton of useful information, all packed in an easy-to-read, well-designed format that gets right to the point with no fluff. It’s an amazing resource that will become heavily dog-eared and bookmarked.”    –Richard Van Le, Graphic Designer

“What a delightful and ambitious work. Handsome design, excellent use of colour, illustrations and photography. I use the word ‘ambitious’ respectfully in that we both know this is an enormous topic, to begin with, and taking someone’s hand and leading them down a circuitous route is daunting. One has to start by taking in a really deep breath and preparing the reader for an adventure- which this book truly is. Congratulations on an excellent product that must have taken years of experience, blood, sweat & tears, and a true love and dedication to the graphic arts to bring to fruition.”   –Daniel Dejan, ETC Print/Creative Manager, Sappi North America

“I was a Kickstarter supporter and received your book. It’s so beautiful! I love it. … It really is great. We had nothing like this in school and I have always felt ill-prepared for dealing with printers. I think this will be a wonderful resource.”     –Megan Vaughan

I’m really enjoying and learning from Designing for Print.  This is an essential resource for today’s and tomorrow’s print and marketing professionals.     –Paul Bobak, Direct Mail Consultant

I am thrilled with this designing for print book. It’s gorgeous! So much useful information, and the digital foil inside — wow! Nice touch. I haven’t had a chance to fully dive in yet, but I’m looking forward to reading it from cover to cover. Thank you for imparting your knowledge and expertise to the entire design community. Great job!    –Kim Senn


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