How Stock Music Can Grow your Creative Agency

How Stock Music Can Grow your Creative Agency

When it comes to online content, marketers are increasingly turning to video to help feed audience demand.

As video becomes the driving force on the most prominent social media networks of today, it’s more important than ever for content creators to improve their workflows and keep up to speed with video production.

Freelance creatives and marketing agencies alike can benefit from using royalty-free stock music to create professional quality videos, increase their output, avoid costly licensing fees, and grow their business overall.

As audiences embrace video as the dominant online format, it’s only set to grow from here.

To keep up with audience demand, brands are turning to their creative agencies for video production capabilities.

Save Time in Your Post-Production Workflows

Audio Branding

Although visuals and story are a huge part of what makes a branded video successful, they’re not the only part.

Using high-quality stock music is just as important when bringing professional video content to life.

Unfortunately, the music industry can be a quagmire of confusing genres and licensing fees.

Dealing with labels and composers directly can make it very difficult for video producers to work quickly and efficiently, and not having the correct rights for your project can be a potentially costly mistake.

An alternative is working with royalty free music, like Motion Array’s music library for creative agencies.

Essentially, a music library has done most of the hard work for you.

Instead of searching for and liaising with composers and labels, a producer just needs to focus on searching within one location.

Tracks are broken down into genres, styles, beats per minute, and most modern libraries have a fairly advanced recommendation algorithm based on similar tracks.

Avoid Costly Stock Music Licensing Fees

Stock Music Costs

When you don’t have to deal with complicated licensing fees, this makes finding the right kind of music a hundred times easier, and quicker.

However, the most significant advantage is the ease of the licensing system.

Most libraries have a pretty straightforward system of just selecting the correct use for your track (online, TV, radio, etc.), the price will adjust accordingly, and the composer will be paid appropriately by the library.

Easy one-time payments for high-quality music tracks allow video producers, content creators, and creative agencies to focus more on the output of their work and less on all of the behind the scenes production that slows them down.

It means videos can be created quicker, cheaper, and with a clear record of licensing use in case of a dispute later on.

All of this adds up to faster growth for the business.

Create High-Quality Content… Quickly

Digital Video Marketing Trends

It doesn’t matter whether it is a freelance creative, a fledgeling startup with a handful of employees, a boutique or larger agency – the royalty-free music library model will benefit every type of content creator and speed up the production workflow massively.

Music is all about emotion.

Creators need content to convey a certain kind of feeling in the audience, and the music is a vital key to help them do that.

Think about your own projects.

Is the branded video you are creating educational? Inspiring? Emotional? Or hilarious?

Whatever the outcome, you need the perfect music track to fit that.

As well as keeping a huge range of tracks in one place, plenty of music libraries will also be happy to make suggestions for your projects too. It’s in their interests.

Grow Your Business

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Many libraries offer a one-time payment system for single tracks, but some such as Motion Array also provide a subscription model for those creatives outputting a larger than usual amount of video content.

It makes searching for and using music more affordable, easy, and efficient.

So the next time a client comes to you with video production needs, don’t waste time searching through individual composers or negotiating rates with multiple labels.

Stick to one or two reliable stock music libraries and cut down your post-production time hugely.

That means a quicker turnaround on projects, a higher profit margin, and increased growth for your business.

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